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I’m back tonight for a huge, positive public announcement!


(Note from ~Jean: I will try to maintain contact as long as I am allowed, but I will do so only at my old site, jhaines6.wordpress.com called 2012 What is the ‘real’ truth?I can’t tell you how delighted I am to be publishing this 🙂 after so many, many tough years for all of us!  Hugs, ~Jean)


Renowned State Dept. psychological warfare expert exposes attempted Clinton takeover 

Former spy chief Dr. Steve Pieczenik, appearing on camera for the first time in years, also breaks down the Clinton takeover of the United States in a last ditch effort to stop their corruption.

Alex Jones reveals how the system has finally begun to break with Hillary Clinton as light is shed on her countless scandals.

 – Via Alex Jones at Infowars – 


– Also, a video I picked up earlier today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=os4S–dRB-U&feature=youtu.be

Now, take the time to explore these pages, and what you will read is quite sickening, but we all need to dip into it at least a little. We need to know what was so cleverly done to us, so it embeds itself in our consciousness and never happens again, ever!

– http://www.abeldanger.net/2016/11/an-explanation-for-why-fbi-re-opened.html

– http://www.abeldanger.net

– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jt1n6Iexgnw


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Please note . . . ~Jean

They are now attacking me at night even for the few comments/links I have left in response to your comments.

I’m sorry, but I’d like to survive this . . . and I will be back, I promise you, but not for a while.

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Protect Your Family from EMF Pollution – How to Use a Computer Safely

As I’ve written, because I’m extremely sensitive energetically, I’m having trouble with my fingers hurting, particularly when using my iPad, but also when using my computer. I’ve had various suggestions, but none felt right to me, mainly because my ‘history’ has made me extremely sensitive to energy.

Finally, this morning I wrote to Josh at TakeBackYourPower.net, whose latest video was what clued me into what was happening: Gestapo in the USA.  He just sent me to what looks to be an incredible website with many practical suggestions, none of which I was aware of, and most of which I believe I can implement.

I would like to share it with everyone: Protect Your Family from EMF Pollution: How to Use a Computer Safely.

For instance, concerning a laptop computer, which happens to be my main concern:

How a laptop computer can be used more safely. Utilizing these methods, headaches and fatigue should diminish and you can be on the computer much longer without negative health effects:

  • A wired external keyboard and mouse allow the user to not touch the computer. Here is an ultra-low-EMF mouse.
  • A wired ethernet connection is used for internet applications (reduces microwave radiation). I recommend Cat-7 ethernet cables as they are better shielded (good for performance and lessening electric fields). Here is a 25′ cable and a 50′ cable.
  • Use a Router Guard if you absolutely must be in a situation where a WiFi router is on in your home or at work. This Netgear WiFi router has an easy On/Off switch.
  • The “Airport” or wireless functions are turned off so that the computer is not sending out bursts of microwave radiation to search for a wireless router (usually every 10-15 seconds).
  • The computer is running on battery power – not plugged in (much lower electric field is created).
  • The computer is grounded (not necessarily the user). Note that electric fields in the room should be checked before grounding is implemented. It is usually best to ground the computer itself using USB printer cables and a gator clip to outlet cable. This USB Ground Cord is ideal.
  • A Defender Pad is placed over the computer, which shields many different frequencies.
  • With an external keyboard and mouse, you can place your laptop on some books or a stand so that you have proper ergonomics as well (not looking down all day).
  • The actual computer is farther away from your body, which reduces the amount of EMF pollution that your body/brain is exposed to. Distance is your friend (see pic below):
  • If you are EHS, then utilize some of the advanced steps listed in this article.

By taking a few inexpensive and simple steps, you can utilize all the benefits of technology while also keeping your health for many years to come.

* * *

While you may not be having problems like I have, or your lack of sensitivity may hinder your awareness of these problems, it seems to me that everyone should still take a look at this info – before you get into my situation.

My thanks to Josh for all his work with TakeBackYourPower.net and for this swift response to my question.



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The plateau Uluru in Australia, the spiritual center of Australia. . . thanks to a reader!

Enjoy the accompanying time lapse videos! Hugs, ~Jean

images-2 images-1
The plateau Uluru in Australia
 – located in the center of the continental country, Uluru is the spiritual center of Australia. Legends say that the plateau itself is hollow and it is an energy source, which they call Tiukurpa (Dreamtime). Ancient tribes surrounding the plateau have left many stories from the “Dreamtime” painted in some of the caves in the area. In the tribes has remained the belief that when a person goes around the plateau, he gets spiritual visions.

Above info from http://energyfanatics.com/2016/08/03/top-10-spiritual-places-with-strongest-energy-field/

. . . Thanks to Kate 🙂

The Ancients: At Australia’s spiritual heart

Uluru from day to night

Embers : The night sky and Uluru time lapse video 4k

 * * * 

Julian Assange special: Do Wikileaks have the email that will put Hillary Clinton in prison? (E376)



Send out the Clowns! https://www.youtube.com/embed/osYZ1uZasN8

Clinton Body Count +5 in Just 6 Weeks


Greg Hunter – DNC Panic


David Icke – Saturn Isn’t What You Think It Is Either


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Something positive we can all do – NOW! from ~Jean

My blog/s are closed, but it’s time to make an exception! I hope all my readers will take this info and run with it. We WILL have a positive effect!~J

Will this be the final straw that we have all been awaiting? What will your choice be? Will you make it so?

Newsbud Demands Public Retraction from NBC for Unethical False Reporting, June 21, 2016


Newsbud Breaking News: Turkey’s Coup Plotters are Members of NATO’s Rapid Deployable Corps, June 25, 2016


As I publish this, the news is moving extremely fast on SOTT.net 

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I’m sure there will be more news on this tomorrow. I’m not sure I will be posting it, but I feel certain it will be available to everyone. ~J 

Time Zone Converter – Time Difference 

CET is eight hours ahead of Pacific Daylight time . . . if this helps.


Tuesday July 26th, 2016, at 10 AM CET

The Keshe Foundation Space Ship Institute will release information about a major breakthrough in the world of science and spaceship technology.

The event will be broadcast live on the internet via Live Stream, YouTube and Zoom platforms.

It is essential that you participate in the broadcast and even more importantly – share this knowledge to as many others as possible!

In this way we can stop any attempts at suppression of this humanity changing information!

Live Stream link:

YouTube Streaming channel:

Zoom link:

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