Contracts to stop vaccines, surveillance, fluoride, chemtrails, and more – from Ebolagate

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April 14, 2015

Contracts to stop vaccines, surveillance, fluoride, chemtrails, and more

The Cabal is contract crazy.  One has only to see Monsanto’s contracts with farmers to understand this.  But less well-known is the Cabal own slavishness to  contracts.

Perhaps people know that if a real estate lawyer serves you or barring being able to, posts in a local paper that their client wants to do such and so to your property, and you don’t respond, you have legally consented.

That appears to be what mankind has done about vaccines, chemtrails, fluoridation, radiation, smart meters, etc.  Screaming about them or protesting doesn’t count.  There must be a legal response to the offer of an implied contract.

Human rights, justice, civil rights, Bill of Rights, deaths, etc., are meaningless.  Only business contracts count in their world.

People are now posting  NO CONSENT contracts.  They are meant to counter unseen contracts by the Cabal, no matter how strange they could possibly be (and trying to figure what psychopaths have included is no small task.)  These contracts work at a different level from the contracts we are familiar with but may be important since those attacking humanity are occult and, oddly, they operate very strictly by contracts.  So, understanding these refusals to consent begins to open up possibilities for thinking how to deal with the Cabal around quite specific things as well.

Here is one such non-consent contract.  As you will see, it covers things at the deepest level and includes penalties for not abiding by the contract..

Cabal Works By Contracts – If You Are Silent About Their Harm To You, You Consent

Now, keeping that in mind, let us think about contracts in relation to vaccines.

All the vaccines now GMO, that is, they are PATENTED.  Because of that one can deal with them separate from any vaccine injuries  and in real courts, not bogus vaccine “courts.”  Why?  Becauese those giving the vaccines, those behind them, those mandating them, are injecting patented intellectual property into people with no contract.  What’s more people’s priceless IP is being wrecked by the insertion of insect, pig, viral and other DNA.

Those are contract violations and that puts people into real courts with facts that are incontrovertible.  It changes the whole landscape around hospitals requiring vaccines of nurses and others because while hospitals can’t be sued for “health” issues, they more than likely can be sued around IP and contract violations.  Those are coerced, undisclosed contracts nurses have been subjected to, never mind not receiving huge compensation for the wrecking of their IP.

There is a leading patent lawyer who represented organic farmers against Monsanto.  Perhaps he could be helpful or point people toward those who might be.  For from this angle, there is now the possibility of a massive class action lawsuit by anyone or by parents for IP and contract violations in not disclosing what the implied contract contained – quite literally, genetically engineering anyone taking them. 

What of the legal implications not delineated?   Those would include but are far from limited to who owns the blood, organs, bones, or future children of anyone who had patented corporate DNA injected into them?  What are the legal implications around anyone being so injected, wanting to mate with others also so injected, especially since, in sharing the same patented corporate DNA from mass vaccinations, and that DNA (potentially insect, pig, viral, synthetic) now being there alongside DNA from parents, making each recipient of the same vaccines, siblings.  Under law, are millions of “vaccine siblings,” even allowed to mate?  What is the value of their unique genetic heritage under IP law and what are the financial consequences to their priceless IP of people being now related to bugs?

Those are contract issues that must be disclosed legally and those who don’t are liable for not doing so.

What’s more, for those who have not had their or their children’s IP raped by pigs or corporations (yes, a joke, and unfair to innocent pigs) so have not become related to other species, they can construct hard and fast contracts (see the one above) to protect their intellectual property, contracts that list immense penalties (billions of pounds of gold, for instance) for violating the contract.


Are there IP issues as well with smart meters?  Their machines are patented.   Is what they stealing from people’s homes via forced surveillance, potentially also IP as well, such as conversations around ideas, for example.  Are they damaging DNA (intellectual property) with the radiation from it?  I wonder if contracts about smart meters might include this and people declare in a formal way that what goes on in their homes or on their phones or computers is their IP and erect a legal wall around it just as corporations do with every email they send out, every bit of their websites and information.  There may be some standard declaration of such material being protected as IP (as one sees at the end of lawyers’ and corporations’ emails) and not usable by anyone without a contract.  THAT may be a whole additional level of contract protection.


Contract or IP law may be a powerful, unseen argument against all surveillance.

We feel invaded and see surveillance as a privacy issue or a violation of the Bill of Right, but if we get more specific about what they are doing, they are taking everything to do with us that we create (our conversations that may contain ideas or endless information only we possess) and everything to do with us that is original and unique to us biologically.  That last includes facial recognition, fingerprints, DNA, voice recognition, etcThere are no contracts for that taking, no compensation.   With contracts created, they will be dealing with law they depend on themselves to keep everyone away from them and their businesses and even plots, secret.  This is law they understand and that still exist.


The same idea applies.  This is not about injury or proving it, it is about an undisclosed, unsigned contract with each person or with a community, making details known, allowing for non consent.


The same idea applies.


The same idea applies.


The same idea applies.


The same idea applies.  All possible technology and violations must be listed.


The same idea applies.


The same idea applies.


The same idea applies.


The same idea applies.


The same idea applies.


The same idea applies.


The same idea applies.


Until one looks carefully at the first link containing a contract and begins to understand enough law to understand that we have by our silence and according to how they operate, consented to everything they are doing.  In contract law and only in contract law, not on the streets, would people be directly addressing their violations of us and the planet.

This is the ultimate peaceful response to what is happening to humanity now.

This is a time for as many people as possible who are skilled in contract, IP, or common law and who understand the immense violations against humankind, to begin crafting contracts which millions and perhaps billions could sign and post publicly.  Or we could join in a class action effort in vast numbers

Saying WE DO NOT CONSENT in a legally formal and public way is vital. 

Defining WHAT THEY MAY NOT DO and listing the UNFATHOMABLE PENALTIES  that come with their violations of the contracts the people establish, is also vital.

The Cabal is planning a coup in the US. 

This must be delineated in detail and contractually and publicly, with CONSENT REFUSED.  Penalties must be commensurate with what is planned.

The first article gives some indication of how much they have gotten away with.  We believed propaganda that terrified the country and from there, we let millions be infected with cancer viruses, welcomed forced human experimentation on children under the aegis of protecting them with “the greatest miracle of modern medicine” (vaccines) and did not refuse consent.

Today, we, again controlled by fear, we are allowing the genetic destruction of humanity and have not yet contractually refused our consent.  

Here is what we consented to.  What we lost can not be calculated.  But what we can do now for the benefit of humanity is equally without measure.

The next articles indicateswhat is planned that needs our public refusal of consent and explicit limiting contracts.

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9 Responses to Contracts to stop vaccines, surveillance, fluoride, chemtrails, and more – from Ebolagate

  1. Debbie says:


    I understand what they are doing, I understand that mass depopulation of the USA is very much in progress right now. I have tried to discuss this with friends and relatives, many of them seemingly intelligent people and I get met with nothing but disbelief and anger. My brother told me that he didn’t want to hear about or read any of this information as it is too frightening and bad for his mental health. It doesn’t do me any good to try and point out that being sprayed with ebola/rabies virus wouldn’t be very good for him either. He gets his flu vaccine every year. The brainwashing is complete and sadly I realize that my friends and family will die at the hands of the cabal, refusing to believe their evilness.
    I do what I can to save myself and my husband who does believe they are indeed THAT EVIL. We avoid fluoride, GMOs, packaged food, High Fructose Corn Syrup and sugar in general. We will never agree to being vaccinated and in fact, we believe the medical complex is basically a merciless greedy pit of death and destruction. We avoid it as much as possible.
    I have taken up the morbid habit of reading the obits everyday and I can tell you it is chilling to read about the deaths of so many relatively young people in their 40s,50s, & 60s…..mostly from all kinds of weird cancers that you used to almost never hear about. They really are dropping like flies. And yet the old evil reptiles like George Bush Sr., Kissinger, Sorors, McCain, Brezinski…. they will likely live forever, thriving on the death and destruction they bring on mankind.
    Sadly, I don’t believe anymore that there is any chance of a mass awakening and people confronting this evil. Evidently, as far as the masses go, the dumbing down efforts have been successful. Americans are going to continue to drink the fluoride, eat the GMOs, take the vaccines and go out and vote for Devil Jinn GOP, or DEVIL JINN Democrat….and never figure out that it doesn’t matter which one wins, both are the same and both are simply pimping you and your freedom and your health and your wealth are forfeited for their prosperity.
    In the finale analysis mankind is just not smart enough to recognize and fight this kind of evil. Sure, a handful of us know we are under attack, but most people really are just easily duped.
    The only win is when you recognize what they are doing, avoid the traps wherever you can and find peace and pleasure where you can, love the earth, love the sunsets and sunrises and the animals and the people you can……………be joyful in spite of them, be loving and grateful because this is what they hate most about us! They might have all the money and all the control….but you know they are loveless and ugly souls…………….

    • Jean says:

      Debbie, I can’t tell you how many times I have read your comment: it is accurate, so telling, and at the same time so heart-breaking. It demands a long answer, and I just don’t have the time to give it to you now . . . except to say we must simply TRUST the universe, TRUST that we are loved, TRUST that we are being cared for – and that the Universe is giving us all ample opportunity to look at the truth of our reality . . . how bad will it have to get? I’m afraid it will continue to worsen until the world can move forward safely to cleanse itself from these criminals . . . and in the meantime, we are all learning a lot of patience 🙂

      Love and hugs,

  2. Rance says:

    I certainly agree that it is convenient for us to BELIEVE that we are under contract by our failure to state our objections to imposed conditions (tacit agreement, used against us in laws created for our manipulation?), and also there is a spiritual component whereby will must be applied if one is to maintain one’s integrity.

    But there is a difference between consent that would have a lawful imperative attached to it through full disclosure, due consideration, well defined terms and conditions, and clear intent on the part of participants (i.e. elements of a binding contract). In the legal system as it now exists, there are more (statuory) laws than you can shake a stick at, virtually NONE of which have even been seen or reviewed by the vast majority of us, including those legislators who are responsible for them. I don’t think it is reasonable to say that we have given consent to these. You would have to make a career of reading law just to keep up with all of the new legislation we are responsible for obeying.

    Fascism has progressed by stages due in large part to our apathy, and in that sense we are complicit in our own condition. But at the current time, law is more about the subtlties of coercion than about consent. [How can one say that consent is implied when at the same time a gun is also implied as enforcement?]

    Anna Reitz is an Alaskan judge (I believe) who makes a distinction between informed consent and disinformation.
    This letter is a passionate rebuttal to an issue related to this topic, well worth the read. She raises a few issues that have bothered me with respect to this whole consent thing.

    My current opinion is that the treatment of the law that gives legal authority or contract status to ignorance or apathy or other forms of non- participation may be taken as licence by the “legal authorities”, but we as a people might just as easily take as OUR position that, if we did not give you written explicit consent, then you may assume that you do not have it. Period. [Current treatments such as implied consent works for the convenience and advantage of the courts, not the people. That’s a major difference between statutory law and common law, imo.]

    After all, where permission for ANYTHING is concerned, doesn’t it make sense that the agreement is EXPLICIT rather than IMPLICIT?

    I doubt very much that, under common law, we would be having conversations about IMPLIED consent.

    [Glad to have you back, Jean.]


    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Rance, as I am sure you are aware I’ve published a couple very important statements by Anna, but how do you get people who are determined not to list – to listen?

      From the news I felt forced to publish this morning, it looks more and more like we will have to have a Maiden Event in this country – and even then I wonder if people will wake up . . . or will they just get willingly on the trains to the FEMA camps?

      We’ve tried so hard to give them good info, but they want none of it. Ascension is looming in perhaps a year-or-so . . . and then the ballgame is over . . . for both the good and bad guys . . .


  3. Silence is permission for toxic leaders to erode more human rights and freedom, paid for by tax payers who ask few to no questions.

  4. When a critical mass of humans cooperate to ‘remedy’ extreme assault on us and natural systems all life depend on for survival, non-consent and un-consent become mute points. Until then, taking action to express non-consent is vital.

    As I see it, ‘remedy’ requires facts, ‘unified’ intention, critical mass focused attention, and peaceful corrective action world-wide. I propose that truth speakers, truth seekers, and new world activists, resolve all differences and cooperate to lead the way [while still following your passion like ending chemtrails, Fukushima cover-up, etc.]

    Judge Anna von Reitz documented the ‘great fraud’ for Americans to take action. Instructions at

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