Concerning: CRITICAL ALERT!!!!! FROM ANONYMOUS 2 . . . and other disinfo!


I took the time to thoroughly read this entire post, and I wish I could believe it were true,  because I think many of our troops do actually feel this way, but I think it is only wishful thinking. We are in a time right now where disinfo is going to be HUGE, and those without discernment will be condemned to twisting in the breeze in their efforts to know what is truth and what is not. 

To me, the last sentence is the tipoff that this is total garbage:


Now, from all you know of how Putin is trying desperately not to be goaded into WWIII, do you actually believe he would have RUSSIAN SPETSNAZ TROOPS working secretly here in the USA? What a perfect way to start WWIII!!!

Discernment doesn’t just magically come from within. It comes from having studied the subject. I’d stake my life on this being disinfo and an effort to create WWIII, and those who publish it haven’t got a clue!

Foolish Americans may well cooperate in starting a war — if they don’t do their homework!


My thanks to this Comment from a reader, S:

Jean, there is so much disinformation out there about this, that and the other thing. One has to use discernment in everything we see and hear.
I found the recent post (Forum post #1422) from [GoodETxSG/Corey] very relevant when he said:

“We are entering a new time period that I have been briefed on that will be considered a very confusing “Disinformation War” to control the narrative and also manipulate the very powerful tool of humanities joint consciousness and its co-creative abilities. There are also some groups that are trapped here, who’s “Custodian gods” have abandoned them or put them up as a pawn to barter their own freedom with who are now in total panic and turning on one another.
Now that they know they will be trapped here for the “Events” and many unsettling disclosures they are putting everything they have into their massive disinfo campaigns to control the narrative as much as possible. Their heads are literally on the line and they are highly motivated.

“This briefing has indicated that most of these agents have either been in place for some time not knowing of their role or have recently come on the scene with a carefully planned out agenda and PsyOp/Disinfo campaign that has started to trickle but is set to turn into a flood. Those with poor discernment or easily jump from topic to topic based on what is new or intellectually interesting are going to have a very hard time of it. Those few with well developed discernment are going to have to stand fast.

“These are going to be very cleverly designed operations that use long established belief systems along with some very new and highly deceptive disinformation to sway as many as possible. It will confuse many and will get some attention off of them for the short term. However when the full disclosure of their crimes against humanity are revealed they will just have to stand there slack jawed and take what comes their way by the angry masses who have been deceived for so long.
I was not encouraged by the latest briefing about this new disinfo campaign but not shocked by it either. Put on your seat belts… It’s going to be real mind musher of a time in the coming weeks and months ahead. TY, G”

We are in interesting times indeed, Jean!

Yes, indeed, we are living in interesting times!

Earlier today I received an email describing the worst situation imaginable in the Continental USA. If I had published it, panic might have ensued. I didn’t have the ability to vet it, but I had someone who could and did . . . the tipoff to me was the use of some military speak.  . . ‘listen up’.  Further investigation of the statements showed they weren’t true.

Please be very careful about what you read and post!  We will find that we are our own worst enemies, with no one to blame but ourselves should tragedy occur. 



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11 Responses to Concerning: CRITICAL ALERT!!!!! FROM ANONYMOUS 2 . . . and other disinfo!

  1. Ri-chard says:

    Jean, you indeed are correct, many do feel this way ever since the Lieutenant Colonel Terry Lakin court marshal.

    • Jean says:

      Ri-chard, what that post was about was so darned subtle – most of it was so GOOD and, yes, I believe it is true, . . . and that on which I commented was tagged onto the end of it. . . different print, etc. I think it was deliberately ‘added on’ there. . . a real set up!!! Such things make me so angry.

      I’m getting ready to make another post about a similar situation. . . that I think is even more subtle and very dark . . .

      Hugs, ~Jean

  2. p says:

    Agree Jean about the large amount of disinfo out there. I’ve stopped posting anything where was these days. I’ve received an opportunity to do something that have been wanting to do for a long time and am taking that opened door. And the next one following it. Don’t know where it’s going to take me, but will go with the flow.

  3. megan says:

    The above post has been somewhat rejigged and is pretty much identical to the information from “Corey” posted on Bradley’s blog yesterday! Me thinks there is some shenanigans going on eh?


    • Jean says:

      Megan, did you read it carefully? The comment actually quotes Corey! Simon Parkes seem to feel Cory is legit 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • megan says:

        Yes, I watched the interview with Simon Parkes when he was asked about Corey. He said that he had knowledge of the blue avians as well, but didn’t elaborate on it. Just re- read the above and yes I had misread the post, was reading in a hurry very early this morning! Must slow down a bit!


        • Jean says:

          Megan, I’m trying my best to suggest that people be very selective about what they choose to read, and then take the time to focus on it so they come away with something of real value. Otherwise, we will all be lost in the onslaught of info/disinfo, which I think is the cabal’s intention.

          Yes, I’m glad you will try to slow down a bit . . . and remember to breathe! 🙂 It is our breath that connects us to life 😉 Hugs, ~Jean

  4. Reblogged this on Our New World and commented:
    Thanks, Jean!

    Bottom line: People need to be more discerning about where they focus their energies. Is freaking-out about this new Bogeyman called JADE HELM 15 really worthy of your energy? -LW

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  6. Marilyn says:

    Jean are you back with us? I received an e-mail on your old site wanted to check to make sure its not someone posing as you. Take care -hugs to you Please let me know! If you really are back that is wonderful!

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