This Is Huge CERN Is Bringing In Demons Proof In Pictures

Published on Apr 30, 2015

This is a major update in the latest events, CERN is such a demonic force and here is proof a demon face is staring us right in the face as they get ready to breach our world.

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15 Responses to This Is Huge CERN Is Bringing In Demons Proof In Pictures

  1. Captain says:

    Some tampering going on in the skies too. ( I’ve always been of the optionion that no electronic devices should be used on an airline.) Here’s one arugement for that.

  2. paleohippy says:

    This could be pixels… or not. It could be a small mixing with a dimension close to ours in frequency. Man will tinker with doom while he should be home taking care of his family. That’s who we are… with some exceptions.

    • Jean says:

      Well, they could be lots of things, but I do think they are real. . . please see my response to Sinelari. . . . 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  3. Marion says:

    I am confused why these are deemed demonic. Could they not be souls of the departed aiming at stopping this thing?

  4. Sinelari says:

    pretty silly. I run random generation of black and white and even multicolor pixels quite often and faces are so common in simply random data one would think there is an error in the PRNG, however, as it turns out *most* people see “faces” in practically any pattern simply because it is a natural habit of our brains; more than likely a defense mechanism. Heck, even our bodies have two teats, and a naval, etc.. see a face? most artists do. And the face in the expanded neck of a cobra is quite often referred to as well, so what are the odds that a “face” in 2D data which is a rendering rather than the 3D actuality at CERN would show the same thing even once in awhile? Quite high, and anyone can test that. And had the camera been at an off-angle at CERN then that face would more than likely had the shape of the rest, just random. Too many people are over-concerned with superstitions from nearly 2000 years of propaganda by the church. But hey, maybe that horse in the clouds up in the chem-trails ( that are real ) is one of the three-horsemen of Armageddon, right? mmm hmmm.

    • Jean says:

      I think you haven’t done enough research. . . CERN is an attempt to open a portal . . . and when you do, you get — not demons, which is what the CHURCH has taught us — but entities coming through, even though they may not want to. This happened back in Atlantis with the accident there, and the Bermuda Triangle was opened. We still have entities. When we make the shift and the dimensions open, we will see such beings, and we are taught not to be afraid, since this will kick us back into 3D. I have a photograph taken on a digital camera in a sacred spot in the Canyon Lands by a woman with whom I was traveling that very clearly shows an entity sitting on a rock. I do not have her permission to post it, but if I did you can be assured I would do so for educational purposes.

      The larger question to my mind is, “Why are they (the cabal) trying to open this portal?”

      Any ideas, but no guessing . . . do some research 🙂


      • Sinelari says:

        Respectfully, i do quite a bit of research, and i am very strict in regards to what is fact, provable, probable, plausible, and always ask the question, “is it true?” rather than make a presumption otherwise. I am the first to jump at a chance to agree when i error, or when some possibility exists beyond what i had surmised. Be that as it may be, consider the evidence of the photograph you brought up. The photograph is only evidence of a single point in space/time light traveling from that spot to a film. Let’s in good faith presume that there was a being sitting on that rock at some time. What is to say that the energy thereof is persisting for whatever environmental reason of the camera that day? What is to say that it could also be a reflection in time rather than space since our planet moves constantly? What is to say that the rock itself ( consult Jesus for this one ) was so moved by the thoughts of that being sitting there long ago, that it has commemorated it in the presence of the photographer of its own accord? You see, all of these things are actually plausible, so what is to say that what your conjecture is any more factual than any of those reasons?

        Regarding the article, the author uses the word “proof” and yet only provides evidence of some visual data. Was there any communication with this 2D set of pixels? Any reason to believe it was sentient? Any reason to believe it was a “being” or “entity” of any sort at all?
        If there was indeed some “portal” then what is to say that this “thing” being “pulled through” the portal was anything other than a mannequin from a Wal-Mart in Japan? The problem with this article, (and only this article) is that the author demonstrates their own philosophy regarding “fact” when they abused the word “proof” in the first place. I think evidence from simply “browsing the internet” is sufficient for practically anyone to agree that this author is looking more for a sensational post to attract attention rather than providing any factual dots or linking them together with reasonable inference. Consider his own words as his evidence; it was a question rather than a statement of fact as he asked, “What does that look like to you?” Well honestly, it looked like random data to me, but since you shared a little about your photograph, consider the fact that i, myself, have seen some “real entities” that are sentient and communicate which were certainly much more to the likeness of a “demon” than a bunch of dots. Be that as it may be, only i know what i saw and had that communication, so scientifically speaking, my own personal experience is useless as fact. There could be literally 100’s of reasons that i experienced what i did that day, just ask any psychiatrist, like i did. So you see, i do perform research and use the simple rule of thumb that unless there is an objective 3rd party observation of anything whatsoever, data is moot in regard to proving anything at all ( see the Observer effect: ).

        And so, i submit to you the following and for your consideration, the fact that an enormous amount of money and an enormous amount of collective scientific effort has been applied only to “prove” that a “theory” is actually true; that being the “standard model”. You see, even the people at CERN refuse to believe that even though they have 99.99999% proven the standard model to be fact, until they can verify the same by actually measuring a physical distinction, they will still only call that model a “theory”. In other words, according to CERN, the “theory” that allowed that photo you described in the first place is still only conjecture. Please find the following suitable for your research:

        • Jean says:

          You are entitled to your opinion, but there is a whole other area you have apparently not looked at concerning timelines, etc.. I’m sorry, but it sounds from what you say like you are still living totally by your intellect, and you are the only one who can change it. There is a whole other world out there that cannot be accessed through your mind, and I can’t prove that to you. It is not something to argue about; you’ve either experienced it. Or you haven’t. . .we are all entitled to our views, but I can tell you the indigenous would likely not agree with your take on this 🙂 . . . And that’s okay:) ‘Nuff said, higs, ~Jean

  5. Sidd says:

    Is this supposed to be a joke? A demonic face? This guy is clearly not playing with a full deck. It’s complete nonsense like this which makes truthers seem like a bunch of nutters. Why do you give irrational people like this a voice on your blog? It only serves to hider our cause. This is a bad as someone finding jesus in a water stain on a shed or something. People are nuts.

    • Jean says:

      Sidd, first of all, I ask you to see my response to Sinelari.

      Secondly, my blog is not about currying favor with anyone. Frankly, I don’t care if people read it or not, although they are most welcome here. MY blog is about being open and seeking the truth.

      Frankly, I think you need to dig much deeper, because your response may not be as negative as it appears to be. . . you just haven’t cracked the surface of the info that is out there . . . Be careful who you call ‘nuts’ here. . . not on my blog . . . at the very least, everyone is shown respect here 🙂


  6. The image said to be that of demons is too pixelated to conclude that what is shown are the faces of demons. So, we could say the maker of the video presents his ‘hypothesis’. My own eyes and experience with electron microscopy/optics lead me to reserve such judgment about what we are seeing.

    Surely, if such bringing of demons is part of the CERN agenda, more compelling proofs will be revealed to support the video maker’s hypothesis that CERN is a portal for demonic entities to enter our universe.

    I’ve found that the scientific method has great usefulness–and has yet to develop universally recognized theories for such things as orbs, demons, an

    As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is insult more often taken than it is intended. Sinelari’s “science speak” can be intimidating to believers as he introduces considerations that are at least on equal footing to the interpretation (hypothesis) of the images being those of demons. I find comfortand can identify withi Sinelari’s wanderings outside of present-day science to realms of spiritually–having reported seeing “real entities”, and do not conclude that he(she) operates totally from intellect.

    The above are my respectful “opinions”. I trust they are taken as such–and not taken as intention to insult or demean.

    When my mother died at the age of 10, sleepless in bed and with tears in my eyes I looked out the bedroom window at the moon and my tears rendered the moon into a white cross. I took this as a sign. When I squinted at clouds, I could sometimes see my mother’s face. I love the Moody Blues lyrics, Through The Eyes of a Child.

    The rational and logical combine with the intuitive to make us better human beings. Both elements are essential to survival and progress, IN MY OPINION.

    Jean, you have my permission–my request–to share my email address with Sinelari.

    • Jean says:

      Ed,I’ll let Sinelari ask me for your address. I have zero problem Shari g it. As far as your opinion, I’m delighted to haveyouexpress it here. We are all entitled to them!

      You may well be correct about the pixels, but since I know something about how these entities get in here, I tend to think that is what is going on. Let me add, that I have learned these are NOT demons. Only our religions say they are, perhaps to create fear in us. They are entities from another dimension, and they really are quite lost and do not want to be here. Provide them a way home, as I have seen Drunvalo do, and they go – gladly.


  7. Rebecca says:

    They……..the Cabal are never up to anything good.
    The fact that they have Shiva god of destruction is more than sus.
    And the opening ceremony and the youtube pro vid. Weird and sick!
    I have always thought they are bringing demons/archons through.
    I also think they cannot live in this dimension………as they are from another realm.
    So what they are doing is allowing them to reside in their massive computers. There are three big ones associated with CERN in different countries in the EU. They are supposedly to go through the data of CERN and the nano second after the big bang which they say they are trying to recreate.
    Why would they want to do this when there is so many problems on earth? They are pouring billions into this.
    Rubbish I say! But I have come to a level with all of this that I dont believe a thing the say!

  8. rosiegirl3 says:

    Hi Jean, Check out steve quayle .com he has biblical answers to what is going on. Finally, it is making sense to me, based on what he and others have discovered.

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