Charleston Shooter Is Actor — US Marine Crisis Actor As Jade Helm Stipulates (Video)

Monday, June 22, 2015 13:24

There’s been tons of speculation in regards to the Charleston shooting rampage.

Was this another False Flag to distract and terrorize the masses?

What would be gained from such an event?

In this video you are about to watch, you will see hard core evidence that the shooter is really 33 year old John Christian Graas, Hollywood child actor and US Marine aviator as of 2010 and on US Marine register as at 2013.

After the wrong date and wrong time of the  footage of the Church CCTV Camera image, the details on the child actor who was also premiered as returning actor for “STAR TREK” is now 33 years old.

Detailed photos in the links below for your examination.

The Authorities now have some serious explanations to give the US citizens concerning this False Flag event.


1) Wikimedia commons images – Charleston Church shooting (Thumbnail image “Dylann Roof”)…

2) IMDB – “Kindergarten Cop” full cast & crew (Mentions John Christian Graas)…

3)IMDB – John Christian Graas – actor

4) Kindergarten Cop, 1990 – Wikipedia (Image)…

5) Star Trek: The Next Generation (Images )…


7) John Christian Graas…

8) Marines – The Official Site of the United States marine Corps.…

9) Jade Helm logo – Wikimedia commons images – US Dept of Defense.…

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6 Responses to Charleston Shooter Is Actor — US Marine Crisis Actor As Jade Helm Stipulates (Video)

  1. Ri-chard says:

    I think we need to pay much attention to what the news media doesn’t present to the public. Who were all the dead by name and address? What hospital were they taken to and declared dead? Who was it that declared them dead? Who signed the death certificates? Were there any autopsies and who performed them giving descriptions of the fatal wounds? who interviewed the coroner for his report? What funeral parlors and for what victims are being used? What cemeteries were the victims buried at? Where is the news footage at the crime seen? What company is performing the bio/hazmat cleanup due to all the blood and etc?

    I’m trying to remember Sandy Hook for what happened and didn’t happen to see if any dots may be connected.

  2. e says:

    words don’t count as much as pictures would, in this case–why not show photos of him from these movies?

  3. Deborah says:

    Charleston Shooting Hoax: Police DASHCAM Video Shows Arrest of Dylann Roof (Redsilverj)

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