Published on Jul 11, 2015

After being denied due process (defenses to eviction) I am making a stand and fulfilling my oath to defend this country against all enemies, foreign and domestic as an American Patriot.

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  1. magentaangelic says:

    You are a brave and righteous man and an example to many ! Have strength and make this public so other people can back you up , you’re not standing alone against this power and domination system controlled by greedy and mercyless psychopates ! This is the way to tell them we, the people, aren’t taking this anymore ! With respect…

  2. Captain says:

    Thanks for this. Just when I was thinking of moving back to the old CMU ( Mt Pleasant, MI) area, this comes up. Sounds like the local level cops and judges are just as corrupt and in contempt of the public as they are in Ulster Co. NY. Sent this guys original site to other sites.

  3. Mike Hutchinson says:

    good for this man standing his ground! Hopefully this video will give the authorities “pause to consider” before they act, as the video would be a very compelling piece of media if he were SWATed or invaded

  4. Nancy says:

    I am SO sad for this poor man. Of course I don’t know the details of how he came to be in such desperate circumstances. Probably he attempted to “assert his constitutional rights” in the statutory world of commerce, and did not pay mortgage payments or taxes to the municipality…. this happens frequently with the patriot groups who honestly believe that they DO have rights not to be cheated, ripped off, or exploited by the “state”.
    All that aside, he clearly believes that he will be shot dead for resisting the confiscation of his property. And worse, he is mentally adjusted to that eventuality.

    How sad.

    He is an able man, he is a young man.. (I know he seems to think he is old, but at my age he looks very young and vital… and he obviously built the structure that he stood in as he made the video, so there are many productive years left for him if he chooses to use them.)

    “The Law” and the congress of the United States have created an environment in which “the STATE” owns everything, and the U.S. citizen / person / taxpayer / resident owns absolutely nothing. “The State even OWNS the “product of the contract/marriage which are the children as well as personal and real property.
    The supreme court has ruled, and the “law” reflects the ruling.. “All property resides in the State”…. so, bottom line is: that he believes that he bought the property, he built the improvements ON the property, and consequently he OWNS the property… and nothing could be further from the truth.

    He does not know “what the problem is”, and so he would not know where to begin to FIX the problem, if it were not past the stage where it could be fixed. The current situation warrants reflecting on the old C&W song.. in which the lyrics were “You have to know when to hold ‘am, and you have to know when to fold ’em”…. He needs to WALK…… just pack it and walk. He is in far too deep to “fix it” now.

    The “presumption of law” is that he and just about every other warm body that “resides” within the United States corporate jurisdiction, is a voluntary party to a binding “contract / agreement / pledge” that effectively grants all powers to the state and makes the individual a slave.

    A reminder: “Slaves have NO rights”!

    Even though the effort would be futile.. probably, ….
    …. I have an urge to speak to this man…. tell him to pack his stuff and come stay with me for a few weeks, and then travel to Nicaragua to the beautiful 43 acres of mountain land I have there….. and start over in a land where actual personal freedom exists .. as well as great opportunity for someone with skills that is willing to work.
    He could build a business.. there is a great need for practical skills, he could grow organic food, he could teach carpentry…. there is SO much that he could be doing instead of being a martyr to prove a point that does NOT even exist in this US world that the 1% created for the slaves.

  5. Ilex says:

    He can contact his County Coordinator for the NLA, National Liberty Alliance and they will help him. His CC is: Theodore @ 989-954-2814. I can’t post this on the YT video, so if somebody can?

  6. Alex says:

    Don’t die. Yes there a comes a time for that, but not now. We need you Ted. Alive and kicking. The reason is that there can be no end to Tyranny when you are inside a pine box. What we fight for we must fight together. That time will come, but there needs to be an awakening first. Don’t die while hot blood and a passion for freedom pumps through your veins. All dirty dogs have their day! You MUST live to see this. If you go down in a cascade of lead, we have one less patriot to fight for ALL of us. THEY are like terrorists taking the cowards way out and choosing to explode in a rain of death taking innocents with them. Do not choose this way. If we must die, then let it be fighting. But choose the battle, let it be OUR finest hour not yours…. alone.

    • Alex says:

      I contacted and sent them the link to this video. Maybe, some exposure could help this guy. I don’t know the details, but if there is corruption them throwing it into the light and exposing it is the best way to fight.

      • Jean says:

        Thanks, Alex, and hugs, ~Jean 🙂

      • Tracy says:

        Thanks very much & bless you Alex, I’ve been “stewing” about this article ever since reading it this morning. My heart aches for this man & his family and I certainly don’t want him to perish by his own frustration. Certainly if Alex Jones, Oath Keepers and others would help (by sharing this information to post on many blogs/etc.) it will flood the wicked dark [Isabella County Sheriff’s Dept.] with the true light of love & justice for all; that those perpetrators would choose to do what is right & just to remedy this crime by their own participation.
        Perhaps someone knows how to contact this man to let him know there are many who stand behind him, we “withdraw our consent” to these criminal, evil deeds done by those who “pose” as authority to uphold the law. But instead they are nothing more than rogue officials who take pleasure in the opinion that to uphold the law “doesn’t apply to them”. I hope that with enough publicity the people of Isabella County and surrounding Michigan will step forward and “COMMAND” justice be done for this man Ted Visner and his family.

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