Darkest Side of CERN- Destruction of Souls – Critical!!!!

Published on Apr 3, 2015
Thanks to J.

CERN is already powering up in the Middle East in their (Open) SESAME site. . You MUST know the effects. The vid slides are private locutions posted for our discernment years ago on SpiritDaily.com I knew the earliest part referred to genetic experiments, (not posted here) and I believed the later referred to CERN. This is the first time I have been able to locate an inside scientist talk about both the science in layman’s terms & the spiritual issues. My discernment tells me the locutions are deadly accurate, and with 3 power-ups this year, we may well be facing the horror of the worst prophecies given through the history of the church. Q – will Our Lord reveal to these people heaven’s fundamental alarm BEFORE further damage occurs? May God be with all of you.

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8 Responses to Darkest Side of CERN- Destruction of Souls – Critical!!!!

  1. Tracy says:

    Talk about synchronicity – I was just looking at this article when I came back here to find your post.
    Why Are They Hosting a Weird Occultic Dance Opera Inside CERN?
    Posted on July 24, 2015 by Melissa Dykes ~

  2. harri says:

    Warning By Dolores Cannon Regarding Con-CERN !

    ”During a hypnotherapy session, a woman went back to Atlantis and was telling me the prime reason for Atlantis being destroyed. I was told that there were scientists at the time of Atlantis. There were others who were fooling around with what they called Dark Matter. I was told that this is the same thing scientists are doing now when they are fooling around with what we call Anti-Matter. They said we have to know this, because the scientists are doing the same thing now.
    The Large Hadron Collider experiment in Switzerland is the same thing. They are messing around with Anti-Matter. The scientists who are now fooling around with the Collider experiment don’t have any idea what they are really doing, and it’s very dangerous.
    If those experiments had continued at that time in Atlantis, it would have broken down the grid of the planet, causing an implosion of the Earth, and it would have reverberated to the point where it would have broken the grids down of the entire Universe. But they stopped it before it got to that point, but destruction took place.”


    Caravan To Midnight – Episode 268 CERN, The Super-Collider with Anthony Patch – MUST SEE!!!

    Urgent: ”Anthony Patch, can no longer be reached after his encounter with the

    EmojiEmojiEmoji infamous M.I.B. (Men in Black). He posted about his encounter on his Facebook page on June 21st and said he would no longer be dealing with the subject of the Hadron Collider or other CERN related topics! Since then, nobody can reach him and his Facebook and Youtube accounts are gone! ”


  3. Linda says:

    This Cern story is all wrong… Just More FEAR

  4. Captain says:

    From: Before It’s News …

    Jim Fetzer finds a new angle regarding Jade Helm’s primary purpose. The reference information explains Jade Helm’s primary purpose which may be the protocol involving a Hoover Dam aftermath if destroyed. Jade Helm has stepped up activities with new reports such as Lake Mead’s Department of Reclamation adding additional military personel and ammunition. On June 12th, Freightliner disclosed publicly that Hoover Dam is home to CERN’s particle accelerator techonology (Hadron Collider), and the prediction by many that the month of September has significance as to when something extra ordinary occurs. Real Deal Interview video July 25,
    Youutbe: The Real Deal Ep # 82 Is JADE HELM Targeting Boulder Dam?

  5. YouMa says:

    How do we wish to proceed? As part of the problem OR part of the solution? First, is there a problem and if there is, does it require a solution for ORDER to be present, rather than CHAOS?

    What feels good to me? What do I want? What do I believe is possible? These questions are vitally important in considering a potential problem, such as this material about CERN infers.

    Where do I place the majority of my focus? Is the law of attraction real?

    As soon as I identify a situation which is not to my liking, I either consciously or even unconsciously, have the ability to launch a better desire which makes me happy. This stuff sounds simple, yet to actually put into practice in our lives moment by moment requires familiarity and practice IF we do not understand what it means to be DELIBERATE and very CLEAR in our thinking/feeling/emotion.

    This material about CERN has no power in itself in my understanding. It is our own personal interpretation which gives it energy. If we know what we want, what feels good, we move on to pretending, imagining and feeling as if what we want has ALREADY HAPPENED. And who knows, perhaps it has in some aspect of life, it’s already real. WE ARE THE POWER, we have the power with our intentions for what we want. Let’s use our choice of thoughts wisely.

    FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS on what we want, not on what we do not want. And let’s do it NOW, and NOW, and keep doing it in every NOW MOMENT as we perceive time/space on this planet.

    🙂 and unfathomable LOVE, LIGHT and ORDER to everyone, everywhere

    You, aka YouMa

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