VATICAN NEWS: United Nations, Pope Francis I “Jesuit Order” 666 “ANTICHRIST”

Published on Apr 3, 2015
Thanks to J.


In the 1970s, Father Jorge Bergoglio faced a moment of truth: Would he stand up to Argentina’s military neo-Nazis “disappearing” thousands including priests, or keep his mouth shut and his career on track? Like many other Church leaders, Pope Francis took the safe route, Robert Parry reports.

The election of Argentine Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio as Pope Francis brings back into focus the troubling role of the Catholic hierarchy in blessing much of the brutal repression that swept Latin America in the 1970s and 1980s, killing and torturing tens of thousands of people including priests and nuns accused of sympathizing with leftists.

The Vatican’s fiercely defensive reaction to the reemergence of these questions as they relate to the new Pope also is reminiscent of the pattern of deceptive denials that became another hallmark of that era when propaganda was viewed as an integral part of the “anticommunist” struggles, which were often supported financially and militarily by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Image: Pope John Paul II reprimanding Father Ernesto Cardenal at Managua Airport for Cardenal’s support of “liberation theology” and his work with the Sandinista government.

It appears that Bergoglio, who was head of the Jesuit order in Buenos Aires during Argentina’s grim “dirty war,” mostly tended to his bureaucratic rise within the Church as Argentine security forces “disappeared” some 30,000 people for torture and murder from 1976 to 1983, including 150 Catholic priests suspected of believing in “liberation theology.”

Much as Pope Pius XII didn’t directly challenge the Nazis during the Holocaust, Father Bergoglio avoided any direct confrontation with the neo-Nazis who were terrorizing Argentina. Pope Francis’s defenders today, like apologists for Pope Pius, claim he did intervene quietly to save some individuals. But no one asserts that Bergoglio stood up publicly against the “anticommunist” terror, as some other Church leaders did in Latin America, most notably El Salvador’s Archbishop Oscar Romero who then became a victim of right-wing assassins in 1980.

Indeed, the predominant role of the Church hierarchy — from the Vatican to the bishops in the individual countries — was to give political cover to the slaughter and to offer little protection to the priests and nuns who advocated “liberation theology,” i.e. the belief that Jesus did not just favor charity to the poor but wanted a just society that shared wealth and power with the poor.


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23 Responses to VATICAN NEWS: United Nations, Pope Francis I “Jesuit Order” 666 “ANTICHRIST”

  1. Nancy says:

    A lot of people recognized that “pope rat” was an evil man…………..
    This fraudulent, baby kissing, beggar hugging, JESUIT in white and gold robes… makes Rat look like a back alley punk in LA……

  2. Captain says:

    “666 means ‘a tally of gold,’ which equals ‘Goldman’ (Sachs)” — as per Ramtha explaining JZ Knight’s insight into old prophecies. (from the late 1990’s)

  3. Captain says:

    btw: as for people ‘not challenging the Nazis’ –
    Henry Ford supported Hitler. Prescott Bush – Senior’s Daddy – supported Hitler.
    Prescott and Seniors last name is actually Shref(f) – German -see Veterans Today.)
    Arnold Swarzenagger’s father was a Brownshirt for Hitler.
    Recent Queen Elizabeth video and reports say that her Dad supported Hitler. ( They are actually a German family lineage, not English.)
    And the list goes on.
    And as for that, I never heard of any Israeli or Jewish sponsored forces fighting in WW2. The rest of the world had that burden, as in most past and current wars.

    • symorg says:

      “Cween Liz’s” family are a of German descent ? Well, the paper work may indicate that but, Greg Hallett says otherwise.
      The “Cween” is said to have been the daughter of Winston Churchill and, an “Irish” female. The surname of her “official” mother is Bowes-Lyon however, Greg Hallett says a Bowes-Lyon PROXY was appointed, to marry the future “king”, in place of the Bowes-Lyon female.
      Bill Clinton’s father was also said to have been fathered by Churchill, making him the half brother of “cween” liz !
      Also, Churchill was said to be a Rothschild, as was Hitler ?

      • Di, Cerrillos,NM says:

        The original name of the ‘Royal’ family was Saxe-Coburg-Gotha but they changed it to sound more British. The royals(Victoria) began to notice that their offspring were exhibiting evidence of corruption of their blood due to inbreeding. Diana wasn’t really of ‘royal’ blood. Her family(Victoria again) was gifted for loyal service of an estate, title and financial support. But down several generations, this was forgotten and she emerged as a ‘suitable’ mate for a Prince. The crown would be assured that her offspring would not be retarded.
        Bill Clinton is more likely to have been fathered by Governor Rockefeller of Arkansas. I haven’t seen any evidence that his mother ever went to England. However, most of the US presidents, maybe all of them, are related to royalty. I say that given that many of the early settlers of the US came from northern Europe, they could have had some royal blood.
        The royals are the ones who seemed to religiously keep track of lineage, peasants didn’t have much to pass on to their kids. The royals kept their holdings and power in the family.

        • symorg says:

          If, you have time to take a look at the Greg Hallett reports, you might acquire a totally different opinion of “Royal” family “lines”.
          As to the records/family tree …it seems there has been a considerable amount of “nest-hopping” which renders the records….UNRELIABLE ?

  4. melbrake says:

    Reblogged this on melbrake and commented:
    Pope Francis may represent the 666 (The Anti-Christ). Pope Francis is the last Pope (266), the Malachy Prophecy- The Black Pope or the False Prophet.

    • Di, Cerrillos,NM says:

      The Black Pope when Bergoglio was elected was Adolfo Nicholas Pachon. He is a Spaniard. The Black Pope is the head Jesuit and gives orders to whoever the Pope is. Pachon resigned last spring. I don’t know if the leadership reverted to the previous Black Pope or not. I think his name is Nicholas Von Klovenbach(close?) who is Dutch. IMHO, the reason for ‘Black’ is it means hidden.

  5. Law of Attraction Talk Radio says:

    ok… there is no back up documentation to even suggest that its credible information. It comes from a site that is drawing people to it for the purposes of making money on advertising clicks. The more incredulous the video, the faster it will draw people. Jean, at a time that we need to change the vibration of world collectively, this kind of information continues to lower the frequency back to the 3rd dimension. Even though I know you truly want to bring vital information to the world, sometimes the fear is really overboard and works for the dark side. Can you bring the level back to where there is consistent hope and perseverance of the human spirit? Enough of the darkness, enough of the doom and gloom. There are too many of us working to shift the planet to move forward… join us… we need you to uplift right now.

    • Jean says:

      Please, do some research! By now, much of this is a given. It’s all over the Internet. Hugs, ~Jean

    • Winter Hawk says:

      You need to shine a light on the darkness if you CARE to eradicate it.. Do not back up Jean and those of you who sit on the fence are guilty of Ignorance,, Wake Up and put the Wizards out of business or go to hell. Its just that simple.. Wake Up …

  6. Law of Attraction Talk Radio says:

    No thanks… I’d rather keep my vibration high and this info only serves to lower humanity. My thanks to your desire to help.

    • Jean says:

      That is absolutely your choice. 🙂 Remember, though, we are supposed to be able to keep our vibration high – even though we look at and confront the dark side, and there are many good reasons that this is said. 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • symorg says:

        PLEASE keep the info coming Jean.
        My vibration is “in a good place”.
        If, an article is beyond, my “vibrationally” good frequency….I can choose whether to (1) not read it or, (2) read it “bit by bit” as and when the mood takes me.
        I love this site and, its diverse subject matter……something for everyone !
        FINALLY when I hear “voices” suggesting INFORMATION, should not be disseminated, my SUSPICIOUS ANTENNAE activates.
        It is up to individuals to choose what they believe or, what they choose to “retain”, as a possible truth. It is by reading, thinking, mental computation etc that one is given an opportunity to get to the TRUTH……….however unpleasant !
        Our chance of prevailing over the “enemy” has a greater likely hood of success if, WE are ARMED with the TRUTH.

      • Dear Jean,

        I have to agree with “Law of Attraction Talk Radio.”

        All of us that are making any attempt to “co-create” a world imbued with positive potentiality really have to stop avidly processing all of this disparaging information in terms of our individual focus. It’s one thing to keep one’s “Self” informed, knowledge protects—as the Cassiopeians repeatedly advised Laura Knight-Jadczyk and she dutifully represented that cognition throughout her work. But, immersing one’s “Self” in a broth of negative, service-to-self blather virulently corrupted by malicious disinformation and “mis-direction” is quite another thing! If continually consumed as a daily dose of information that stuff will poison one’s mind, re-directing one’s thought process toward hating “the other” and such emotions will consume one’s human capacity for expressing unconditional love, harmony, and fairness. You can’t create a new paradigm governed by unconditional love—that will alter the suffering so characteristic of our present human condition—by developing an emerging animosity toward those of our species so clearly destined to either repeat the Third Density or be returned to the First Density to “…start over” as Elder CHANI has said in his dialogues with the Acolyte.

        Law of Attraction Talk Radio is correct in their complaint. It isn’t that we need to know what our malevolent detractors are up to and engaged in at the present time so much as we need to understand our own thirst for the “Truth and Wisdom” of The One Infinite Creator who never wanted any of us to experience our existence beneath the subjugation of such deplorable conditions. As much of what the planetary ruling elite tell us is conceived in a shroud of deceit and secrecy, the intent of which is to steer us off the pathways of enlightenment, knowledge, and understanding, we shouldn’t be redirecting all of our human energy at their shenanigans. We should be discussing the more positive changes afoot that are so much a part of the transition toward a positive potentiality.

        That there are evil people in our world performing evil acts is a given but it is not our place to punish them or to declare a season of war upon them to stop them. It is our responsibility to look within ourselves and see what can be improved as a function of our own evolving enlightenment and not castigate “the other” for what they are and what they do. The present paradigm is what it is and it is not another thing. It can’t be “improved” and it can’t be “changed;” it can only be replaced.

        Now then, the question we must therefore ask one another is: With what paradigm would we like to replace it? What have we constructed in our minds—discussed in our dialogues, and exhibited in our actions through the mechanism of our thought threads—that we could call an alternative and more preferable way of life? How in the world can anyone expect our “Higher Density” companions to lend a hand in its manifestation if we don’t even know what it is or what it might be? I would first “seek” to understand the nature of our Cosmology which none of this “news” can even suggest. I would then try my best to understand what Alex Collier meant when he said to a brother: “I have always existed and so have you!” These are the profound considerations that many of us have not given our thoughts to in adequate proportion and we will not see the “change” we thirst for until we do.

        Love and Light,

  7. Debbie says:

    We know the Pope is coming to pimp the Global Warming Hoax for the enslavement of all mankind through carbon taxes paid to run NWO-UN…….and bring about Agenda 21 which will mean no property or wealth to be held by the common man….this story from yesterday…seems NOAA is cooking the books on global warming ahead of big push for Un Agenda:

    Please make this go viral – let everyone know of this massive scam against mankind!

  8. Hi Jean..
    What an eye opener this video put forth thanks so much.. it has history from day one how humanity was hood-winked , and even today they are doing the same . Yet there plans will fail earth is on a different time line and many millions of humanity will be shifting while all of the one’s who want world order to play in there hands will see the wrath come onto them and there church…….. The best is coming and they will not be apart of the 7 th Golden age indeed ; WOWHOOOOOOOO Love & Light to all of Humanity who can see and feel in there core Heart with in there body’s that they have nothing to fear , as the days draw near and there house of cards fall into ashes………………..meaning everyone who is supporting and funding War crimes from Obama to yes Harper …….. many Hugs to you from us Lightworkers worldwide Jean…

  9. Ilex says:


    I have to agree with you on this one. I do think that we can create a blind future all day long, however, the time is short upon us to where we are going to need every drop of information whether it be good, bad or indifferent to protect the flock so to speak.

    If we learn now how THEY tried or almost succeeded in destroying us, we will never let this happen again. If, on the other hand we have no idea how they tried/ destroyed us then we are doomed to repeat it. In this case, ignorance is not bliss.

    It’s all about staying centered now.

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