How does ISIS earn $3 million a day? NATO helps them smuggle oil


© AFP 2015 / Tauseef Mustafa

The terrorist network Islamic State (ISIL) is financed through illegal oil sales and makes a profit of about three million dollars a day. NATO members, including Turkey, the US and the United Kingdom tolerate the terrorists’ oil smuggling activities, DWN reported.

Close allies of the United States and the UK secretly finance the terrorist group Islamic State (ISIL). The Kurdistan Regional Government in northern Iraq and the Turkish military intelligence have supported ISIL’s oil smuggling activities and supplied the terrorist group with weapons and equipment, DWN reported.

Oil smuggling is one of the main financial resources for ISIL. The terrorist group controls about 60 percent of Syria’s oil production and seven major oil fields in Iraq.

ISIL managed to increase its production to 45,000 barrels of oil per day, supported by a network of corrupt officials in the Kurdish government and Turkey. With their help, the terrorist organization makes an average profit of about 3 million dollars a day, the newspaper wrote.

However, both the Turkish and the Kurdish government officially deny any connection to ISIL’s oil smuggling activities. Both governments are said to have taken corresponding measures to stop oil smuggling, supported by the US and British governments.

However, widespread corruption in political circles practically brought these efforts to a naught, investigative journalist Nafeez Ahmed reported to MiddleEastEye.

Ahmed refers to statements of Turkish, Kurdish and Iraqi officials. An anonymous source in the ruling party of Iraq, the Islamic Dawa party, confirmed to him that “members of the Kurdistan Regional Government have tolerated ISIL’s oil sales on the black market.”

According to the official, Turkey tolerates ISIL’s oil black market as well, with the US silently watching these activities.

“The Americans know what’s going on. But Erdogan and Obama have a good relationship with each other. Erdogan makes basically what he wants and the United States has to agree with it,” the official said.

Even British corporations are reported to be involved in the business of the Islamists. The Anglo-Turkish oil company Genel Energyclosely linked to a group of British parliamentarians has reportedly received an order to supply the refineries for the Kurdish energy company Group Nokan. The latter is suspected of supporting ISIL’s illegal oil sales to Turkey, DWN reported.

SOTT Comment: Turkey tolerates this business, but their elite’s long-term goal of a “Neo-Ottoman empire” does not closely coincide with Washington’s and Israel’s. But,in the short-term, all the psychopaths are eager to make a “killing”.Also see: Guns and oil: Britain’s secret ties to governments and firms behind ISIS oil sales

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2 Responses to How does ISIS earn $3 million a day? NATO helps them smuggle oil

  1. vic says:

    And the Canadian people don’t even know that there tax Dollars are also going to help ISIL because Stevie wonder is a USA puppet to the Bush CLINTON OBAMA just go to YOU TUBE sites GENERAL WESTLY CLARK ABOUT ISIL AND ALLIES INVOVLED.That means us aswell as others.And remember there not going to tell you the truth of what there doing there,its all about the oil and getting ASSAD OUT.There is one other thing i would like to share and that is all the Billions of dollars taken from us by the Rothchildes and Rockefellers mobster Banking Cartal just go to COMER VERSES THE BANK OF CANADA the LAWYER IS ROCCO GILATTI is doing a great job to get BILLIONS OF DOLLARS back for us.This on YOU TUBE and Steve Harper has put a MEDIA ban on this so we the people don’t find out about it.

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