DE on Ley Lines — and known locations in Ireland

My name is DE, I am the person involved in setting up groups to do ley line work in Ireland. The objective of this work is to bring healing and peace to the Irish people and the Irish nation. This work may expand over time to assist other nations and races, and help them achieve healing, liberation and peace. I have spoken with Veronica Keen about this and she is supportive, and will assist in this. I also support her work for healing centres in Ireland, which would enhance and add further value to the ley line work. I am a firm believer that this healing, especially deep healing at the spiritual, soul, emotional and mental levels, is necessary for the Irish people and other peoples, and would serve as a stepping stone towards achieving liberation, social / economic / legal justice based on respect (for all) and a more harmonious, tolerant and peaceful world. Something which is very much in demand in the world today, as one can see from the news. Last week I contacted several experts in the field of ley lines and vortexes (intersections of ley lines where there is a high concentration of energy and power), and I asked for maps of these ley lines and vortexes. Some ley lines and vortexes have been identified in Ireland. There is no map of them all, only bits of info here and there, which was difficult to find on the Internet and collect. It took me several days to find this, and I have collected these and attached them to this email. I hope to gather further info in the coming weeks from our ley line experts. Once we get enough people involved in one group we will establish a timetable to meet once a week in a place where a few ley lines meet, a vortex, and carry out the activities and work to bring healing, liberation and peace to the Irish people and nation. Over time we can expand this to 2 or 3 meetings a week, and set up other groups, so that there is continuous healing taking place on a weekly basis. I was unable to contact you earlier this week, as my computer was attacked by a virus or hacker which cut off my Internet connection and network settings, and it could not be resolved by several technical experts. I have been told that other people, involved in this healing work and ley line work, suffered similar attacks to their computers in the past year. It may or not be malicious or criminal, but it is certainly suspicious that those people involved in this work have their computers attacked. Its the first time someone attacked my computer system, and I had a fairly good security system. I have had to acquire additional security software in the last few days in order to fully protect and secure my computer system and network. There are some people who are opposed to healing and peace, and prefer to profit from war, injustices and divisions, and this has come to light in the press and news recently, shocking many people ; the ‘cabal’ is the term often used to describe these people.It would be wise to invest in good anti-virus software and firewall, I recommend Avira AntiVir anti-virus software and Comodo firewall and Spybot search and destroy. They are the best I know of. I will keep you updated on the group formation phase and a timetable for ley line work. I hope to start this September. Best Regards DE, Galway


Tara Hill


St. Michael Line running from Skellig Michael




Glastonbury Tor

 St. Michaels Mount (4 ley lines intersect, including St. Michael line and St. Mary line)

Royston cave (2 ley lines intersect, including St. Michael line and St. Mary line)

The St. Michael Line

The St. Mary Line


Bath abbey

The ridge of the Malvern hills. Alfred Watkins theorised that  HYPERLINK “,_Malvern” \o “St. Ann’s Well, Malvern” St. Ann’s Well in  HYPERLINK “” \o “Worcestershire” Worcestershire is the start of a ley line that passes along the ridge of the  HYPERLINK “” \o 

“Malvern Hills” Malvern Hills through several  HYPERLINK “” \o “Spring (hydrosphere)” springs including the  HYPERLINK “,_Malvern” \o “Holy Well, Malvern” Holy Well, Walms Well, and St. Pewtress Well.

Avebury stone circle

Bristol Dowers group has info on these lines and sites

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2 Responses to DE on Ley Lines — and known locations in Ireland

  1. harri says:

    Can someone contact these people in Ireland and start to think, instead to use just butt brain?
    If Braco comes to gaze on lay lines directly and live via internet as tomorrow he will do it again from Croatia than Cabal energy matrix will be increasingly in jeopardy because more and more people via internet will take battle very serious and took chance with Braco’s gaze .




    SEPTEMBER 8, 9 & 10, 2015

    Experience Braco’s silent Gaze online on

    All streams of Braco’s Gaze are FREE.
    DAY 1

    Tuesday, September 8, 2015

    17:00 CEST / 11:00 am US – EDT

    18:00 CEST / 12:00 am US – EDT

    19:00 CEST / 01:00 pm US – EDT

    20:00 CEST / 02:00 pm US – EDT

    21:00 CEST / 03:00 pm US – EDT

    22:00 CEST / 04:00 pm US – EDT

    23:00 CEST / 05:00 pm US – EDT

    DAY 2

    Wednesday, September 9, 2015

    17:00 CEST / 11:00 am US – EDT

    18:00 CEST / 12:00 am US – EDT

    19:00 CEST / 01:00 pm US – EDT

    20:00 CEST / 02:00 pm US – EDT

    21:00 CEST / 03:00 pm US – EDT

    22:00 CEST / 04:00 pm US – EDT

    23:00 CEST / 05:00 pm US – EDT

    DAY 3

    Thursday, September 10, 2015

    17:00 CEST / 11:00 am US – EDT

    18:00 CEST / 12:00 am US – EDT

    19:00 CEST / 01:00 pm US – EDT

    20:00 CEST / 02:00 pm US – EDT

    21:00 CEST / 03:00 pm US – EDT

    22:00 CEST / 04:00 pm US – EDT

    23:00 CEST / 05:00 pm US – EDT

    CEST = Central European Summer Time

    US – EDT = Eastern Daylight Time (US)

    For other time zones please use the time zone converter.

    How to join

    Go to official website


    Contribution to Free Live Streaming from Europe

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    • Only adults (18 years or older) may gaze with Braco.
    • Women who are pregnant past their third month may not attend.
    • The sessions are not a replacement for medical help or therapies, and thus people are advised to follow the recommendation of their doctor/medical professional before and after their gazing experience and to continue consulting with their doctor/medical professional for any health problem.

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  2. kathyirwin1 says:

    Agree. If nothing else, take a computer out to any of these sites and GAZE while there. Make a day of it. At least the Live Streaming would be available to gazers in groups located along the ley line sites. Powerful possibilities. September 8, 9 & 10 is this week!

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