UPDATE: Thomas Deegan calls us to West Virginia to take back our country, Part I . . . before the Pope goes to the United Nations and signs the papers there that will re-enslave us

UPDATE 1: There is a massive amount of money being allocated to stop Thomas’ effort. The disrespectful background ‘noise’ was from trolls and will be controlled in the future. ~J

UPDATE 2: Want to understand what is really behind the refugee crisis? Read on! 

Tom begins to speak at about seven minutes. I’d advise moving the cursor forward to that point. I also suggest you follow along by reading  as you listen to the conversation. I think it will hasten your understanding of our present situation. 

This is IT, people. Nothing more to say! It’s now time for action. Ge the word out and if you can make plans to get to West Virginia. 

Our good Reader, to whom I offer my deepest thanks for helping with all of Tom’s calls, has transcribed the last night’s call, working all day on getting this to you. I believe there may be more transcription to come, because near the end of the audio Tom makes a closing statement. ~J

PS I added the boldface print 🙂 

Thomas Deegan Conference Call 9-14-2015. Part 1: Notes Transcribed from link below:
(Please forgive any errors or omissions, SP).

Steve Gronka – Host
Thomas Deegan

Steve Gronka (SG): The call commenced with an opening prayer.

SG: Sean, can you provide us with an opening statement on the purpose of this call and how it relates to the militias?

S?: I want to thank everyone for coming on-board. The message you are about to receive this evening is very critical to this country. These guys have been working on this for a very long time and I want to introduce Tom and why this is so very important for everyone to be on this call tonight because it pertains to our freedoms. So I want Tom to lay out the message and then open up the call for discussion. Then I will then answer any questions. This call pertains to the militias and Oath Keepers to get on-board and take this country back. The only way this is going to be done instead of being forceful is for us to use the legal system to gain this country back. Lots of things are going on. The message you are about to hear is the most important message you are going to hear in a very long time. With that, sit back, listen and take notes.

TD: What I am going to tell you is happening on an international level. The entire world is under a threat of conquest right now – so there are no rules, there are no laws. Everyone is vying for territory and control of custody of the Cestui que Vie Accounts. accounts. That is why you see refugees going to other places. They are being transferred to other territories. This is what’s happening. When the Pope leaves the UN it’s done. After that you will have a very hard time getting your country back.

So we are on a very limited time-span here. Documents are being drawn for the entire nation. The soil needs to be maintained and controlled. That is the only way to do it — through the Doctrine of Conquest. It can be done on paper, but if they can test us on the soil you have to be able to maintain it. I think that is why a lot of you are here right now — is so we can control the soil of this country — and that is every state.

Each person on this Earth at birth is worth $50,000 in gold and that is paid for out of the Vatican. Every refugee you see being transferred is worth $50,000 in gold. That is put up under a bond that is hypothicated 20 -40- 1000 times into a Cestui que Vie account. That is what they are going after — the territory and the Cestui que Vie account.

(What is Cestui que Vie? http://www.legislation.gov.uk/aep/Cha2/18-19/11/introduction?view=extent).

Because it is a Cestui que Vie account they cannot actually kill you. It has to be done indirect. So you are going to start seeing natural disasters. You are going to see biological and chemical weapons. So it is not from a natural cause. This is what they have to do to get the payout on the insurance policy and get the Cestui que Vie Tust accounts.

If they actually murder you, they do not get access to the Cestui que Vie accounts. So the majority of what they are planning to do is by indirect means. That is going to start soon and you will see it ramp up toward the end of the year or the beginning of next year. From what I can tell it is going to be very severe in high population areas worldwide. It’s not just us — it’s the entire Earth.

We have a document that we are working on that can free this country and place everything in secure hands for a transitional phase, but once again the soil has to be controlled. At this point, it starts in West Virginia. West Virginia has been defaulted and dishonored. They were given ample opportunity to secure. They failed to do so. They have unlawfully and illegally dismissed the case from the public record. They are now not accepting filings.

The final filing we did placed every corporation reporting to be government in West Virginia as a defendant. Through the (?) principle documents they have defaulted. I defaulted them in 2011, 2012, 2013, personally. They were done again just recently by the three of us — so they have no legal or lawful right to exist at this point.

They will receive a piece of paper telling them Thursday they have been conquered and that it is over for them. They will receive another document shortly telling them to vacate. They will be given a very short time to vacate. At that point they need to be removed.

That is what we are looking for in West Virginia. At that point, if we can show a competent structure in place, that the people are not rebelling against, the military will accept the civil authority order and will not aid and abet the killing of Americans at the end of this year. They [the military] are the only ones that can deliver the biological weapons and chemicals. That is why we need a civil authority in-place very rapidly to give the stand-down order.

At that point they can be given the order to assist us in the cleanup of this mess we have found ourselves in.

This is a mess that was established hundreds of years before anyone of us were here. It’s a shame it has gotten this far, but we have an opportunity to change it and to set the Earth back on the right course. We are being looked at internationally as the last hope so we can show that it can be done because we are the last nation that has so many guns in private hands.

There are other nations with hundreds of thousands of people with rocks and sticks that are taking to the street in mass. Yet we have guns here and we are not doing anything. So they are looking at us and laughing because we haven’t done anything.

We have laid the lawful platform in West Virginia to do it. The documents being drawn up will not be released until they are finished and signed with enforcement ready to go. These documents are going to place the three men signing them in grave danger, so we need to see people in West Virginia before they are released.

A select few will be able to see the documents, but they will not be posted on-line anywhere or distributed until we see people — bodies in West Virginia. We are not looking for a cowboy affair here. We are simply looking for the removal of specific persons from specific locations and to hold that location long enough for the National Guard and Military to start receiving and obeying civil orders.

There is a media plan in-place that will be implemented to assure the people of West Virginia that this is not a coup in anyway, that it is a return to what they thought they had, but never really had, and lost. The structure that is going to contain the nation is about the safest way it could be done. It is invoking the “laws of necessity”, and also invoking other parts of actual law.

Because of the extreme time constraint we are facing, some rules will have to be bent slightly, but it will not affect the due process of anyone being removed. We are not actually looking for detainment or arrests at this point unless we can find enough people for a Court of Record and maintain a facility to place them in.

If we have enough people we would love to start the criminal prosecutions immediately. As our case is still open, and anyone in the state of West Virginia can be tried for multiple counts of treason, sedition, conspiracy, insurrection and felony kidnapping. The more bodies we can get here, the cleaner and quicker this can be done. It has to be done here first because no one else is in place to do what has been done already.

The other states once this national structure is in place will be able to do things without going to court, without filing. They will be able to have these governmental officials removed and replaced. It is up to the real men ‘with hands and legs’ in those states to file a complaint of actual harm against the public officials to have them detained in a facility and tried. In West Virginia we are going to bring people to trial so that it will be well known that this will never happen again in our state — and hopefully never again in this nation.

The fraud and deceit is sickening and it goes to the highest levels on this Earth including the Vatican which is the main controller under Roman Curia law system. Every corporate charter, every government charter is signed off under the global estate trust that is controlled by the Vatican.

The Pope is the trustee. As the trustee the Pope is liable for all actions of anything he creates. That includes every corporation on Earth and every government on Earth. He is the man that is responsible on the public side and is liable for everything.

The Pope is in personal dishonor with me since 2013 on this exact trust issue. I now have a higher standing capacity then (the Pope) who is running the show. Because of this I am able to do things more quickly than others. Sean will see this document as soon as it is done and will be able to attest to its credibility and validity and will be able to determine what can be done with it. Until we see bodies on the ground it will not be released to ensure our safety in West Virginia.

I suggest everyone start looking at Google Earth in Charleston, (WV) because that is where most of the people are located and there is also a National Guard Armory on Coonskin Drive in Charleston. I would suggest you take a look at that too. Look at the West Virginia State Police located in Charleston and the Kanawha County Sheriffs in Charleston.

Those are going to be the only ones close enough to do anything. Those of you have military experience know how to counteract that. You have to remember we are at war and we have been declared enemies of our own nation. We are at war!

An overwhelming show of force will probably dictate that a shot will not be fired. If there is a moderate amount of people here there may be shot fired. We are not looking for that, so we hope we see tens of thousands of people, hundreds of thousands shut down Charleston. – truckers, bikers, militia, whoever.

It needs to be shown that the American people are not going to allow what’s going to happen at the UN next week!

Now we will open the call to questions and I will have a few more statements then we will be done.

Caller1: Who is being insured? The Americans?

TD: Every free man, woman and child on Earth. You have an insurance policy taken out on you by the government that is over you and you also have a Cestui que Vie account that is over you that is maintaining and holding you illegally and unlawfully and they are trying to become the heirs. This is for every man, woman and child on the Earth.

Caller2: Does this fall back to the Save Our Sovereignty where we are used as collateral and they are wanting to take up the collateral?

TD: They would like to see you die off but not at their hands so they can collect the Cestui que Vie account and the insurance policy. Anything you think you own they already have legal title to.

Caller3: With the economic collapse, who is going to pay out the $50,000?

TD: The $50,000 is held in the Cestui que Vie accounts and is backed by the gold in the Vatican, BIS and IMF. The insurance policy is worth much more than the Cestui que Vie account — probably in the million dollar range.

Caller4: Your driver license, Social Security Card is in all capital letters. That makes you cattle.


TD: The have legal title and are the legal owner of the property. That applies worldwide.

Caller5: If you own a piece of property you have a warranty deed and all that says is you are warranted to pay the rent on it. If you don’t have an Allodial land title you do not own it and they are all held at the main BLM office in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

(What is an Allodial title? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allodial_title )

TD: Allodial land titles date back to the 1500’s.

Caller6: When can we expect to see the non-coup and removal start to happen in West Virginia?

TD: As soon as people get their ass here.

Caller7: How many bodies do you need in West Virginia?

TD: As many as humanly possible.

Caller8: Is this a matter of weeks or months?

TD: (Days) Yeah, when the Pope leaves the UN the territories have been redrawn, the people will have been re-enslaved.

Caller9: How about the Military and National Guard in West Virginia? Are they on board? What is their position?

TD: Until they are under Civil Authority they are under direct control of the corporation.

Caller10: So they are in opposition?

TD: It’s possible. There is approximately 6000 National Guard in West Virginia.


Caller11: We are assuming that the National Guard is going to be opposition?

TD: At the last count I heard.

Caller11: So we need two or three times that number on the ground. Is the state militia informed on this?

TD: Unintelligible? – they backed out.

Caller11: Has Texas come forward with anything?

TD: No.

Becky Williams: We will be having a leadership conference in Cedar Park North of Houston. We are going to fast-forward with the militia here in Texas along with the biker groups and VFW’s in Texas.

Caller11: Since DC is not a state how do we act on them?

TD: They will be placed under a structure under the Doctrine of Conquest. If the state structure in WV can be maintained and that requires people to help us maintain it for a short period of time, you will have the Military start to clean up their own mess. DC is considered the Military’s mess.


TD: You could go to DC with warrants based on what has been done here in WV because WV is considered a subsidiary of the United States, Inc. They have been served as the Principle Agent document. Whether they know that – or not, doesn’t matter.

Caller11: As the Catholic Church they own the Baretta Firearms corporation. Is that their funding?

TD: The Vatican owns a piece of everything on Earth.

Caller11: But they are the sole owners of Baretta.

TD: That’s possible.

Caller11: I’m just trying to figure out where they got their funding and how they got to own us all.

TD: Through Papal Bulls and the Treaty of 1213 and the Definitive Treaty of Peace 1783.

Caller12: When does the Civil Authority Military Order come into play? Does that happen after the people are removed from Office?

TD: Yes, we will need to get them into the proper Civil Authority Structure.

Caller12: When should the militias be present.

TD: We will need the militias to help us remove the people from Office and get the proper people to replace them.

Caller12: So the militia need to be present before the Military takes sides with us?

TD: Yes, but I do not foresee us getting a lot of interference from them, because the majority of them realize what is happening. They are waiting for one of two things; the majority of Americans to say they have had enough or someone in a Civil Authority somewhere on the soil to say we have had enough. Of course we cannot get a majority of Americans to agree on anything other than who won on American Idol last week.

Caller13: What day is the Pope speaking at the UN?

TD: Not sure on the exact date.

Caller13: Do you think they will pull off some kind of disaster beforehand?

TD: No, because there has to be a sign-off there first.


Caller14: In WV where this is going to be started are the police powers, at all levels going to be for or against the people?

TD: The police powers are under a military cabinet. They are operating military tribunals and prisons. They are all named defendants in the complaint. In the discussions I have had with them they look at us as the enemy.


Caller15: Does anyone know if there are UN soldiers here now?

TD: The American troops are UN troops.

Caller16: You must all understand that anyone in the current purported government who has signed a subscribed oath of office are considered foreign agents. So that explains the corporate contract that Thomas has talked about.

Caller15: Can you start in Washington DC?

TD: That would depend on how many millions of people we could get there.

Caller17: Has anyone been sworn in WV as a US Constitutional Marshall?

TD: There is no one to swear you in as a Constitutional Marshall. The top title of their oaths are not to the United States of America circa 1787. The document does not exist in law and is a fraud. Judge Anna is a self-confessed private attorney general to the Pope from Alaska.

Caller18: What do you know about the financial collapse?

(?): Will address later.

Caller19: Did you say our troops are UN troops?

TD: They are because under the Treaty of 1945 every public office was turned over the UN. When they take an oath they renounce their citizenship and fall under UN jurisdiction.

Caller20: How did you go about finding out all of this?

TD: Read it. It is in all the documents and it is in all their own code and case law. Look at our complaint. It is a six page judicial notice that is nothing but their code and case law.

Caller21: Has anyone done the numbers to see what to expect from civilian opposition?

TD: I don’t think you are going to have that problem in WV because most people are fed-up with what is happening here and they are scared to death of the police. The police came to my house and kidnapped me without a warrant.

Caller22: Are you going to have an officer there to serve warrants to do arrests?

TD: It could be if we have a Court of Record and a Charter for it. Only 12 people are required to sign for it to be in effect. There could be warrants, but the structure that being set up now to remove them from a building and public office can be created and signed off on in a matter of minutes.

Caller23: By a judge?

TD: You are thinking in de facto and statutory in nature.

Caller24: That would be the Court of Records.

TD: That would be for arrests. We are not looking to do arrests right now. We are looking to remove them from the building, the building secured and to keep them out of the building.

Caller25: Is this more like doing an audit of them?

TD: No, we are not looking to do that. The document to be released creates the operational structure.

Caller26: I wish we had more time.


TD: You can take the chance when the Pope walks out of the UN that things won’t happen immediately. Paper work will have been signed by then and the new phoenix will be rising. Everything will be much harder at that point once everyone leaves the UN.

(The audio continues where discussion of exact dates takes place. September 24th was decided upon . . . ~J 

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41 Responses to UPDATE: Thomas Deegan calls us to West Virginia to take back our country, Part I . . . before the Pope goes to the United Nations and signs the papers there that will re-enslave us

  1. Tracy says:

    The Pope is addressing Congress on Sept. 24, 2015 ~ http://investmentwatchblog.com/pope-francis-schedule-for-his-us-visit-warning-on-the-coming-deception/ and http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2015/08/28/us/papal-visit-schedule.html?smid=tw-nytimes&smtyp=cur&_r=2
    I believe this is serious however the people on this call many were disrespectful to the seriousness of this request for assistance to come to W.V. So if people are coming the same day the POPE is going to Congress, what are people supposed to do, just show-up and how does anyone “meet-up”? This is disorganized – I’m not trying to be negative and I understand what Thomas said that “you don’t want to give a heads-up” however I’m just saying are people supposed to just show up and where do they meet?? The people on the call are “within their private groups” so everyone else is just on the periphery as back-up. I guess that what is being alluded to. I feel this is SERIOUS these brave men are doing what our “fore fathers” did when they stood their ground. So if one is resigned to show up (but is not connected to any of these groups on the call) JUST SHOW UP to give support. 🙂
    [I’m still listening @ 1:30 mark]

    • Jean says:

      Tracy, I’ve updated the post to reflect the fact that we are now aware that massive amounts of money are being spent to derail Tom’s efforts . . . and the call was loaded with trolls. This will not continue 😉

      Also, I suspect Charleston, WV is small enough that there will be no trouble finding one’s way there 😉

      Hugs, ~Jean

  2. Reba says:

    It’s show time folks.

  3. paleohippy says:

    I got the Pope’s paperwork right here. It’s called toilet paper. If they want me they know where to find me. They will need to bring a lunch. Re-enslave? Does that mean we were free for an hour or two? Bollocks.

  4. esskumar says:

    A similar call from F W Engdahl in today’s article:

    ” It’s past time for real American citizens to retake their country. After all, aren’t we the majority? We just forgot we can also be good. We should leave the war matrix behind.”
    First appeared: http://journal-neo.org/2015/09/16/opec-russia-and-the-emerging-new-world-order-emerging

  5. Frank R says:

    Hi Jean…………….

    I know this is important but really……in reality……….the Pope has NO AUTHORITY WHATSOEVER TO REPRESENT US UNLESS WE GIVE IT TO HIM so no matter what he signs it’s all bogus BS. They can all sign to their hearts content and in the end it’s it’s just not going to matter if everyone says f–ck it………lock and load. That unfortunately is what it will take. Our boots on the ground doing it the old fashioned way. It’s a terrible thing but that’s how I am calling it. I really wish it were different as I deplore violence. God help us.

    Love and Hugs…………………Frank R

    • reginna says:

      Frank R

      I totally agree.
      1302 Papal Bull…. ‘Unum Sanctum’
      A Papal Bull is “apparently” the… OPINION… of a pope…RAT-ified…by his… “padres in grime”….. the Vatican Cardinals ! !
      1302 Papal Bull …’Unum Sanctum’…..was the …GRANDIOSE PRONOUNCEMENT”….that he was in control of all our souls ! !

      In other words, he declared himself the owner of …
      (1) an “item”…that was owned by another party and,
      (2) an “item” to which he …..had no lawful authority.

      So, yes I agree …IT IS ALL B/S

      He is … LOW-LIFE SCUM…as is the UTTER NONSENSE RATs-childs (thieving) UN.

      “P-UN”…… Pope/UN …is a…JOKE…a MATRIX…of THEFT.

      I DEMAND all Indigenous Sovereign Rights of the Universe, the Planet, the British Isles.
      I DEMAND all….entities on Planet Earth and, beyond…disabuse themselves of the, erroneous notion that they have any authority over me or, my own.
      I DEMAND ….RESTITUTION…of all that has been denied to me or, stolen from me.
      I DEMAND …RESTITUTION…of all that has been denied to my own and, denied to my genetic blood-line.
      I DEMAND …RESTITUTION…of all that has been stolen from my own and, stolen from my genetic blood-line.


    • paleohippy says:

      Yeah, Frank. Let’s get it done. Authority isn’t something people can use to lord it over you. Authority is what we give others in order to assist the group’s desires. The Pope’s paperwork isn’t worth the paper it’s written on, neither does it have any power. FTP.

  6. james boober says:

    ALL RISE IN respect for the WARRIOR spirit
    now is time for strong prayers to support these brave ONES
    & offer up yer boots to this ground ZERO initiative
    network on social media platforms
    get some more barbecue sauce

  7. Kevin In Fairmont says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I think the whole world has had enough and when this all goes down it may be hard to keep the people from hanging the so called Elite.

  8. Essie Little says:


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  11. scottmac says:

    do contract revocations . . . take back your power. andrew bartzis has these available on his website.

    • Ponder if you will ….

      ‘All’ humans are created equal therefore to revoke is ‘consent’ that someone or something ‘outside’ of us is more Powerful than ‘our’ Original Blueprint, which is the One and Only Power a.k.a. Source, Creator, God, Consciousness, Fundamental Electromagnetic Quantum Substance or Energy, which Powers our breath, awareness, and freewill choices.

      Rather than revoke anything, I suggest that humans ‘withdraw consent’ to separation consciousness the root of all suffering, and no longer vote in any elections to stop empowering crimes against humanity and nature through consent, which is Power to sustain them in physical reality.

      • Jean says:

        My response to you just disappeared, Doreen. I can’t believe it, but I will try again. This will then be much shorter, I think.

        Because Thomas is dealing in spiritual/Natural Law, we must officially REVOKE the illegal control that the PTB have over us. This is a subtle but important distinction that is difficult to understand. We are not talking about Common Law, but Natural Law . . . the law of responsible, real people, living on the soil of our country. I believe it is the highest law there is, but I’m very willing to be corrected: I’m learning, too, and this is not simple. Nevertheless, we need to begin to understand it if we are to help our friends in the future.

        Also, IMO not voting is not a recipe for successfully making a difference. Since we have not been given the option of a ‘no-confidence’ vote, we are still going to get one party or the other as a result of the way our elections are engineered. This is not even close to democracy, but has everything to do with the tyranny of the 51% over the 49%! Years ago, I said we need to do away with the two-party system, which is NOT mandated anywhere in our Constitution that I know of, and simply vote for the one person among a group of candidates, who we think will do the best for ALL of us. This will bring us together in UNITY.

        Instead, however, when Thomas is successful, the plan is to hold off the elections until we get our heads on straight, and then have an election, and by that time we will hopefully have returned our country to the Constitution as it was originally conceived before our founding fathers so successfully side-tracked, or derailed it. Thomas described the difference last evening, and if you read his Findings, you can see what his Writs of Mandamus request, simple changes/demands in our Constitution that will give us our freedom back. West Virginia chose to ignore those requests, so they broke their very own laws, and this is how Thomas has them in Dishonor – and I think Default.

        They can now be viewed as conquerors, and under the last-man-standing aspect of Natural Law, we have the absolute right to take our country back. Thomas’ entire effort is simply an effort to create a cvil authority, as called for in our Constitution, that can constitutionally tell our military to stand down and not fire on us as civilians. Right now, although the military rank and file and police may not understand it, they are under the control of the United Nations – which is NOT OUR FRIEND!

        If you – or anyone – want to be on the cutting edge of what is happening in order to help your fellow countrymen understand, I suggest anyone who has not done so to take the time to read Thomas’ final findings that I published here: /jhaines6a.wordpress.com/2015/09/05/thomas-deegans-amended-case-document-a-case-already-won-a-case-that-has-the-possibility-to-free-us-from-the-military/

        If you don’t have much time, find and read the Writs of Mandamus, of which there may be around a dozen.


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  14. mpollard17 says:

    Please forward any new updates. Also only was able listened in for a few due to a rare by far most painful 24/7 incurable illness of anything all mankind. I wasn’t able write down or recall the phone # to call for helping anyway possible, believe began with 941?

    • Jean says:

      im sorry, but you will have to check my blog for them. There is one I put up, a video interview, last night that I imply self have not really watched – only maybe about twenty minutes. Hugs, ~Jean

  15. mpollard17 says:

    Despite my having a very rare (only 1%) by far the most painful 24/7 incurable of anything all mankind. I did everything possible hang in during call but if you’d kindly reply with any updates along with the correct number (believe began 941) I’m to call. I’ll do whatever I’m able to for keeping myself involved

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  17. dennis says:

    I think the militia bunch of crap how they let this be done to us and always trying find excuses to do nothing.we have no 1 to help us I think there a part of the corperation how can they do this to us why they watch us die? http://shoutout.wix.com/so/0L00vRdL#/maintained

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