What is it going to take for America to wake up — and how might it happen ? an Opinion by ~Jean

Dedicated to Thomas Deegan, with great respect for his inner strength, honesty and integrity — and to the wonderful friends who are supporting him. Hugs, dear friends! ~Jean

This article has been working around in my brain for several days, and finally I’m seeing my way forward with it. It’s about how and when, and for what reason, I think things will change in the United States.

Yesterday, when speaking with Leonard, who is working closely with Thomas, I shared my opinion that it is too late for the majority of Americans to get an intellectual understanding of what has happened in the US. The situation is incredibly complex, and much of the American population hasn’t the ability to comprehend it anymore. While this may not be their fault, I believe it is still a fact. This seemed to be proved to me last night when I spoke with a dear friend who works in a big box store similar to the large Walmarts, with a food market, clothing, toys, furniture, books and all sorts of cheap China ‘stuff’. Her comment was that people were coming in, using their food stamps to load up with groceries and then going back to load up with the cheap China goods. She said it felt like they were frantic; the energy didn’t feel good at all. I mentioned to her that for many people this gives them an unhealhy feeling of being alive. To make this clear, we have all seen the videos of the insanity of the Black Friday shoppers.

So if not intellectual understanding what do I see is the necessary ingredient that will bring down the cabal in the United States?

I’m sorry to say it will a huge increase in the PAIN of the population, already suffering horribly, whether or not they realize it. They have been doing their best to survive the continued terror and fear that has been thrust at them on a daily basis, and so far they have been able to afford those things which keep them going, their addictions, if you will: their junk food (fast food, alcohol, etc.); their movies; their internet games, fun; their television shows of all genres, and so on. The list is long, and I hope you will fill in the blanks.

Very soon, perhaps by the end of the week, the financial crash will begin its real assault on the population, much of which is totally unprepared for what is coming. Can you see the pain this will bring about? There will appear to be no way out for them.

When I read Anne Wilson Shaef’s book, When Society Becomes an Addict, and I finally understood the fact that it simply is not possible to survive the Matrix that has been thrust upon us without an addiction, I began to see the future a little more clearly.

Up to this point in time, the American population hasn’t seriously had to give up its addictions, but now, suddenly, many of them are going to have to go ‘cold turkey’. What this suggests is that the sheeple, sheeple for whatever reason, will finally be brought to their knees, or like the proverbial drunk who can’t see the truth about himself until he wakes up in the gutter somewhere, the American people are about to get hit with something they don’t have any way  of understanding, but what they will feel is that serious PAIN seems to be the main ingredient.

Maybe, then, they will be willing to look at the truth, and it will be easy to understand — not from an intellectual point of view, but from an emotionally painful point of view. PAIN is God’s way of getting our attention.

When our savings are literally stolen, when are rights are further taken away, when we are chipped so they can withdraw our money from us by making the chip unavailable for our use, maybe then we will begin to awaken — AND WOE UNTO THE CABAL WHEN WE DO!

Maybe then, for instance, they will forget the power struggles between Democrat and Republican, and they will see that we all are suffering. It’s not about Obama, who is an illegal President. FACT: Romney as President would have been just as illegal. What we see is still an ongoing power struggle between two views of the world, but I think this is not what the real struggle is about. If the Republicans are so upset about Obama, why in the world aren’t they also prosecuting John McCain and Lindsay Graham, who are also total war criminals? The hypocrisy is rampant on both sides of the aisle. This clearly speaks of a power struggle between right and left, a fake power struggle, one the people of the country cannot yet understand.

The real struggle is for the survival of all humanity on earth, but the people of the United States aren’t ready to see that. No one can help them until they are ready. It will be a waste of time. They will continue to squabble among themselves and miss the entire point. The Constitution as a document affects us all, but so many still choose to believe that the Constitution, as we were so ably taught, almost comes from God. The facts is, though, that it does not. Can we come together on this point? I think we must. The Constitution must be reworked.

Along with this viewpoint of mine, I can’t help wonder why this Judge Anna is putting out all these articles, one of the most recent I think is called, Judge Calls For US Marshals and FBI To Arrest Congress and The President. It seems to me that the call to do this is a call to create chaos. The American people are still too lost; too many don’t get it, and they could easily be even more used and abused if such a thing were to happen. If the sheriffs could get themselves together to follow her suggestion, I can see martial law being imposed in a flash.

To me, this article of Anna’s is not meant to show caring for the American people, but meant to subtly do something else entirely, like break their backs.

Anna says she counsels Popes, but I have never seen what she counsels them, have you? She is giving us lots of apparently good information, but why is she doing this? If she is in the service of the Pope, then surely she knows how evil the Vatican is, particularly because of the information she is giving us. This Pope, who is in charge of the largest and wealthiest  corporation on the entire planet could call a halt to the chaos on the whole planet any moment he chooses, but it seems he doesn’t choose. Why? Has Anna asked him, and will she share his answer with us?

Has Anna counseled him to free the planet from the Vatican’s control? Now I think that would be a rather interesting article to read, don’t you?

Is he advising Anna, instead of Anna counseling him? Is he advising her to put out this information, knowing full well the militia isn’t there for us — not yet, anyway, that chaos likely will arise, with all kinds of ugly outcomes brought down on us, the people.

America has a long way to go to get itself back together. Russia, who I do not believe has any intention of saving us, had to go through being beaten up and beaten down by the cabal before they as a nation got the picture — and Russians have now come together under the able leadership and guidance of Putin to save their own country. Many other countries, beaten down by the same criminals running our country, are now joining with them. Sometime after the New Year these countries will leave the fiat dollar behind. They are just playing for time — and they will NOT, in m opinion be drawn into a war. War is always the way in the past a financially broken country works its way out of the mess they created, and the United States is desperately trying to create a war, This time, it isn’t going to happen.

What do I think Russia and China actually want of us as a country? They want us to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps so they never again have to deal with our country as it now is, and they want all this to happen so they can trade with us. They like to ‘do business’, particularly the Chinese, who have no intention of taking on our sick population in a prison-style situation, and making the insane effort needed to control it. This is what our propaganda machine has been telling us to keep us in fear, but it isn’t true.

Russia and China are intent on creating a multi-polar world, where national sovereignty is respected, and what we do here at home is our business —  and what Saudi Arabia, Israel, Japan, etc., do at home is also their business, as well. If the people of those countries want to change things inside them, they, too, will have to be the ones to do it.

Of course, we will be left out of the international scene, because under a gold standard, it is very likely that we won’t be able to pay our bills in gold. They will allow us to trade, but will charge us a hefty price to do so — too hefty for us poor Americans. The American people, already suffering and in pain, are finally going to figure this out, and I think it won’t be long before they demand the end of the illegal and unconstitutional Federal Reserve — and that it be put back inside the Treasury where it belongs. As the people get the picture, the Corporate government will also be brought down.

I believe we have what it takes to clean up the mess on our planet without outside help; that is, ET help. On a spiritual basis, this is the way it must be. There is no easy road to healing, and there will be many people who will exercise their free will and continue to lay in the so-called gutter, playing the victim game, until they leave this earth. There will also be others who will join together to help in any way they can to bring life back to our country and planet — for the future of our children and grandchildren. I think there will be many more of the latter than the former.

The United States will finally grow out of its continued, imposed adolescence, and we will begin to mature as a country, just like all the other countries who have suffered at the hands of the cabal have had to do — in order to free themselves. We will begin to move into the new paradigm, and when we are ready to receive them, when we have begun to achieve  properly functioning governments and United Nations, we will then be able to receive the ETS from a much higher plane of existence than the one in which we now are living.



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  1. kibitzer3 says:

    An excellent summary of ‘the situation,’ Jean.

    I, too, wonder about the Russia-China ‘thing’. I’m trusting Putin more and more than I used to, when I was wary about his links w/Kissinger et al. But his actions continue to speak well of him. I can only hope that China is not going to try to take advantage of its ownership of much of the U.S.’s mineral wealth – as collateral for our debt to it – and makes the mistake of ‘invading’ this country, to secure its interests here. But time will tell. As for coming out from under the thumb of TPTB and their banksters, and the U.S. moving into a new space: I happen to think that it can happen relatively drama-free, with a clear declaration of release of the old paradigm, of interest-bearing money, and a new monetary system for the world, happening in conjunction with new governance for the U.S. AND the world (the UN having proven to be part of the problem). And then friendly ETs from our dimension can ‘legitimately’ (spiritually speaking) join us, as, together, we move into the New Era, with a basic Mission Accomplished (of our education, as aspiring gods).

    As for Ets “from a much higher plane of existence” joining the Ascension party: I couldn’t possibly comment. But wouldn’t it be nice.

    • Jean says:

      There is zero question in my mind about Putin’s efforts. Okay, also let’s use other words than plane of existence. How about ‘from a more informed level of consciousness.” Didn’t Eistein say that these problems can’t be solved from the same place that caused them? When we change our thinking, we will solve this problem . . . and heaven help the cabal when the American people awaken. They will be formidable! I’m counting on them! Hugs, ~Jean

  2. Linda Torgrimson says:

    Jean, what you’re saying makes a lot of sense. I do hope you are right.

  3. Reblogged this on UZA – people's courts, forums, & tribunals and commented:
    Thanks Jean,
    this was meant to be short; bear with us, this is important. Yes, we also believe that there are more helping now than lying in the gutter complaining. What you are describing here is also a global phenomena. The greed, gluttony, sloth all due to mind-control technology and totally addictive chemicals. Every artificial product designed for enslavement. How can we possibly prevail against such odds?

    The reality is that we all have the natural laws written in our hearts. We know deep inside that we are spirit having a human experience. We know right from wrong. We can feel it. Before we came down in spirit, we agreed to do good and to do the right thing. We were distracted by the sensual world.

    Those who have ears and eyes will see. In spirit, we are equally responsible. There is no plausible deniability. It is a natural law that discord appears when there is a remedy nearby. The only purpose for earth is it is a testing ground to see if we are ready to move to the next level or to do it over or again until we pass.

    For those feeling a little lost, remember we all are; the best is to keep oneself in the moment. Do not dwell on the past or the future. If one is fully focused and present in the moment then nothing else exists. Stay present and in the moment and turn that “worry” energy into something positive. Nurture the seed-soul and watch it grow and bloom.

    Simple tools that we found most useful for these troubled times is The 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz:
    1. Be impeccable with your word.
    2. Take nothing personal.
    3. Do not make assumptions.
    4. Always do your best.

    For the Christians, stop worshipping that “eye-for-an-eye” god of war of the old testament. He was an ancient alien god. Read the King James and you will see his name was ‘lord god’, amen = amon = ammon = mammon. Almighty God, the God of unconditional love from alpha to omega no-one saw, but Jesus the Nazarene. The apostles were gnostic who discarded the old testament because of this. The poor Bible has been so twisted: John Dee wrote spells into the Bible, especially into Jesus’ parables. It concerns us to see such radical islamophobea in the US alternative media! And all the firearm purchases? It does not bide well. instead of the cobra cults meditating on the ET saving us, maybe they should meditate peace in the US.

    God is asking us to move on and find inner peace; when we realize we are tomorrow’s god and that others are a part of God too then only will war’s stop. Read “Tomorrow’s God” by Eckhart Tolle. If there is a future generation, they will be raised knowing that we are all part of God.

    If you were drawn into the new age thing and now feeling lost, Cameron has energy clearing meditations.

    If, you believe the ETs have come to save you, sorry they have miles more problems than we do: their extinction is a fact; we have a chance. The NWO is an alien agenda, BUT nothing can come in or go out: that is a fallacy; the only ETs are the cabal survivors of our future selves. They destroyed us in their past (our near, near future) when they escaped earth, thereby destroying the gene pool of the New Earthers they now need for their survival. They have reached an evolutionary cul-de-sac and have to ensure that those that choose Earth over space-travel must survive at all costs. And, if there are ETs on earth from elsewhere, other than birth embodiment they are breaking cosmic law by interfering, be their intentions good or bad; period. The only reason this poor earth is so broken is because of off-earth interference. Only when they leave us alone will we know peace.

    The good news is they are stuck, nothing is working. The cabal cannot leave earth so they cannot destroy it. World War III is another Stanley Kubrick production even though millions might die, they are too egotist and too self-concerned about their “immortality”. They are terrified, more so than we are. The first ones are jumping ship, many are just disappearing. RSA is without a UCC securities intermediary, and no-one wants to take the position of minister of finance! Eish, RSA is adrift, no captain… this is good for us as it strengthens our court case and re-claiming our country from pirates.

    Nevertheless, we look forward to the New Earth and heavens wherein dwells righteousness. Be blessed

  4. Athena says:


    I have been meaning to suggest this course from MindValley to you — it’s called Becoming Limitless


    I am suggesting this to you b/c I know how you want to find your community in your physical presence. I know you’re the kind of person who only has good intentions — so to me, this is the golden key to your dream coming true on earth.

    I’m strongly suggesting that you check out the link and scroll down to the the description of the last module — Module 8 — titled :

    How to Rally People Around Your Vision


    Vishen is a very no – nonsense kind of teacher. He’s not all “woo woo” nor is he “airy fairy” or “too sweet”. He’s smart, to the point, and very informative.


    This is a link to a blog post of his that is just the tip of the iceberg of the information that he’s sharing in his becoming limitless class.

    To your abundance in real life friends enriching your life! I hope this note finds you well and that you also find time to see if the mindvalley links resonate with you.


    I took the class when Vishen was first putting it together — I find it completely inspiring and amazing information. Maybe you’ll find some benefit from it as well.

    Love you lots! Forgive me if I broke any protocol about linking to a sales page but it just seems like this information is perfect for your goals. (just yell at me in private LOL)


    • Jean says:

      Athena, I hope I don’t ‘yell’, figuratively, or otherwise. When I was teaching kids in fourth grade they used to say about me, “Just do your homework, and she’s great.” If they fudged, they knew they were in trouble with me. I wouldn’t let them get away with it. . . but they also knew I would stand with them through anything – if they were honest.

      Anyway, that was a little off topic, but I will check out this info you have given me. . . many thanks for thinking of me, because, yes, I am now seeking. It’s time to prepare for making changes, and I’m beginning to ‘listen’ for what m forward direction should be 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  5. Jean,

    We Americans are “boiling frogs”–some aware yet feeling impotent, some uneasy (aware on an emotional level) and a large segment oblivious to the trends of tyranny.

    Martial law seems inevitable–whether arising from a financial breakdown and resulting chaos or from ‘white hats’ arresting large portions of U.S. leaders–‘beheading’ the corrupt shadow government and media. So I don’t buy it that martial law is a negative.

    http://911JusticeCampaign.org provides a positive scenario for such a period of ‘beheading’ the corrupt shadow (deep state) government/media and transitioning with military rule for a time until democratic reforms or a rational and kind system is implemented.


    Those who hold the gold would continue to make the rules in any transition to a gold-based currency system. Fiat currency worked per JFK’s Executive Directive 11110. Problems come when a privately held entity such as the Fed use the currency created to promote their agenda.

    The Constitution is essentially solid. Corrupt interpretation of any ‘new’ constitution leaves us with the same mess or worse than we already have. Enforcing the existing Constitution would seem preferable to opening an Article V convention to ‘improve’ The Constitution. The Patriot Act was waiting on the shelf for 9-11.

    Thanks, Jean, for stimulating discussion on this phase we are in where the PTB are aligning their schemes to create the Jew World Order out of chaos.

    • Jean says:

      Obviously, I’m not speaking of a ‘positive’ martial law? C’mon!
      No, I believe the Constitution is not solid. Have you read any of the articles and history on it? I’m surprised you would say this 🙂 Our legal system is a joke.

      We need to clean things up — drastically, and the American people need to learn the ‘real’ history/truth about all that has been happening . . how we have never really had our own country – from the git-go!


      • With the level of ignorance of Americans, a con-con (Article V convention) poses a greater danger than working within the present ‘rule of law’ to make the law applicable not only to the goyim, but to the white collar criminals.

        I’m clear we’ve never had our country from the git-go.

        What is left is civil war, as an intelligent, peaceful solution isn’t popular–nor understood.

        • Jean says:

          We will not have a civil war, of that I am convinced. . . but you are entitled to your opinion. There is no reason to fight among ourselves. WE – all of us – are not the enemy 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  6. Jean,

    Thank you for a very reasoned look at what the future may very will
    be for America.

    Unfortunately, far too often, for far too many people, Pain, is the only

    I believe that their are some Wild Cards, both good and bad, that will
    also most likely be play out. I do not know what they will be; I just believe
    that they will happen. There is one exception to my not knowing: I
    believe that America, in particular, and the Western World, in general,
    will most likely go through some form of a New Dark Ages–and obviously,
    that is part of the Pain which you speak of.

    Coming out the other side, I hope America finally sees the wisdom and
    the very strong need for seriously looking at the following critical issues:

    + Permanently drop Democracy; find a better path.

    + Permanently drop Politics; find a better path.

    + Permantly drop Politicians; they are a dead-end.

    + Permanently drop the present farce and deep corruption
    which we refer to as our voting and election process; find
    a better path which recognizes that very seldom does the
    majority, on the biggest issues, have the foresight and
    and the wisdom to see the best path forward. I am not
    talking about dictatorship here. But I am suggesting that
    we need to find much better ways for the minority, for the
    quiet, for the lone, voices to be heard–and represented.

    + Create a societal structure where each sovereign individual
    no longer looks to the failed the state of someone else representing
    them, and rather, moves toward their own daily representation.
    A society where individuals have finally, and permanently, taken
    back their power, taken back their sovereignty, taken back their
    creativity, taken back their adult responsibilities, taken back
    their obligations to the next Seven Generations, to all
    living species, and to their Mother–Earth.

    + Their is a reason why there has been over five hundred years
    of massive, of deeply cruel genocide against the indigenous peoples
    of the world–Their Wisdom!

    I strongly suggest that we need to go back and look at that wisdom,
    understand that wisdom, adopt that wisdom, and live that wisdom.

    + Take all of these ideas, and more, and rework the Constitution.

    Jai Gurudev,

  7. Alma says:

    Hello Jane, your asking: She ( Anna von Reitz) is giving us lots of apparently good information, but why is she doing this?
    Here you have my two cents:
    In 2012 the OPPT , foreclosed upon all the countries (wich are ALL COMPANIES, they are ALL listed here: http://www.sec.gov/edgar/searchedgar/companysearch.html) in the world, EXCEPT for the VATICAN !!
    Further Ann Tucci-Jarraf implemented UNIVERSAL LAW worldwide..(Universal law, the governing law laid out in the OPPT UCC filings. (Refer: WA DC UCC Ref Doc # 2012113593), protected, governed and secured by I AM, as a matter of Eternal, Universal and International Records, inclusive of No. 2013032035 and 2012127914, in perpetuity Record No. 2000043135,) and everyone who signed the so called I AM declaration iswillingly, knowingly and intentionally ‘ a ”BONDSERVANT of THE CREATOR.”. in other words: hurdled BACK into SLAVERY ! ( I am not sure if her filings implicates that everyone on the face of the earth is a ”bondservant of the CREATOR”..)
    To get an impression of who ”THE CREATOR” might be, Michael Tsarion has done some very interesting and colosal research on this.. See p.e. :The Irish Origins of Civilization –
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCiv1VGBO-c . He also speaks about the “”ATONIST CONSPIRACY””, Wich ties the bloodline of the “”Atonists””, (the very first monotheists in the world, see also ” Akhenaton” ) to ALL secret societies, ALL royal bloodlines, the VATICAN and ALL religions to the MESS we re finding us in right now.. ALL so called ”revolutions” are controlled opposition created by these dark bloodlines..All so called ”Opposing factions“ are just different branches of this tree: The founding Fathers of the US were Masons, The UN for the great part exists of Masons, and so on.. You can recognize them by their symbols, to name a few: the lion, fleur de lille, the dragon, the unicorn, of course the pyramide, the symbol of the sun and so on..
    Ann Tucci Jarraf has, to say the least, a JEZUIT background, and i for me am asuming she was implementing a hidden Jezuit agenda…
    Then was the ITNJ (natural Tribunaral for Natural Justice) created. supposedly also to inforce the laws created by ms. Tucci°Jarraf.. The ITNH contains at the top, to say at the least, verry questionable bloodlines: Sacha Stone´s granddad (untill proven otherwise): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walter_Adams_(historian) and bloodlines related to the signing of the MAGNA CARTA. That is why the inauguration HAD to be on the 800 th anniversary. 15 juni 2015! ( Check up on Michael Tsarion to comprehend the importance of bloodlines..) You can check up the declarations made by Rebecca Cope and Sue Rhodes, in addition to the you tube you posted yesterday.
    The ITNJ pretends to be a new kind of ONE WORLD justice system. But has all ties to the BAR organisation ! NOTHING is gonna change ! Everybody who signed up for the Treaty or membership has WILLINGLY ( that is important!) gave up all their rights and property ! In other words: hurdled BACK into SLAVERY !
    The ITNJ claimes to work under WORLDWIDE UNIVERSAL LAW JURISDICTION ! (see the link with what ms.Tucci Jarraf did ?) and are implementing a ONE world “”justice”system..There is much much more on this subject, but i leave it here by now..except that one of the OPPT trustees was present and signed the ITNJ constitution..(..)
    Next step: the Pope..(The Pope is CEO of the biggest company of the world..NOT foreclosed upon by the OPPT) We know the Pope is a Jezuit.. The main goal of the jezuit agenda is to dismantel all worldly powers..and get everyone back into the slavery of religion..in other words: its goal is WORLD DOMINATION with: ONE government, ONE currency system, ONE justice system.. Ms.Tucci – Jarraf did a nice job, laying the fundaments, the ITNJ did a nice job, implementing this..
    And we know Anna VONREITZ is working in “service of the Pope.”. In an e mail from Anna von Reitz she wrotes:
    “Our action is in addition to the liens and foreclosures already put in place by the OPPT group. We, Americans, are Priority Creditors, but were not represented on an individual basis. The result of the OPPT action was to uniformly disinherit everyone on earth with a plan to then equally distribute the equity recouped from the liquidation—- but is that fair?”
    And Yes she provides good information.. why?? to OVERTROW ALL WORLDY POWERS !
    and that,.. will just hurdle us BACK into the TOTAL SLAVERY of RELIGION..
    And so the main goal of the jezuits, as a branch of the Atonist, therefor the main goal of the Atonist has been reached…TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION, NWO, or however you wanna call it..
    Its the latest hour. check on the information as provided by Michael Tsarion..( and a lot of other rechearchers) knowing this might change to course of where we are going now..
    As for Anna Von Reitz ( Anu- Hotep) Only she knows if she is willingly , knowingly and intentionally part of this Jezuit/ Atonist conspiracy ..

    • Jean says:

      Alma, thanks for this good information. . . Anna, like all the frauds, gives a lot of good info, but not everything . . . she confuses the issue . Hugs, ~Jean

  8. Deborah says:

    [OFF THE GRID] Jesse asks audience – what do you think these donations to candidates are?

  9. Paula says:

    Thank you Jean for your well thought out comments. My own input – I do not think the pain is sent from God, but from our own soul parts when we do not use the thougthts correctly which enter through our brains and one of our main problems is that we like familiarity too much, i.e we are afraid to make a change – step out of line from the familiar. We misuse the thought to change because we must have what is familiar on a daily basis, we think it keeps us safe! Running into a store and panic buying is just a familiar thougtht, and everyone does it so it must be safe. Voting for a president or prime minister or any leader is just another familiar safe thought. It is actually insanity but it is familiar safe insanity – so we think. Properly functioning government – I am afraid there has never been a properly functioning government in our history and as long as there is government and kings and queens and splendid robes and head dresses for the ego there will always be insanity. However it is familiar and safe insanity. If we cling to the familiar we are using a great deal of emotion and we create the pain through our soul parts via emotion -round and round we go. Having said that, you are doing splendid work Jean and I am sure you have made many soul parts really think. Thank you.

    • Jean says:

      Yes, you are correct! Pain is a signal that we are separate from God! Our separation is our choice; we live on a free will planet. God does not force us to do anything! Hugs, ~Jean

  10. Rosie says:

    Interesting about “frantic shoppers”. This is exactly how a friend described her experience in Dublin in the last few weeks. Ireland is also a country that has been destroyed by corruption and the situation is pretty desperate for many.

    • Jean says:

      Think about it, Rosie. This ‘frantic’ feeling often makes people feel like they are participating in life, that they are alive. But what exactly are they alive to. What is it that they are really living? What happened to the Christmas Season; suddenly it is about getting the best ‘buys’ for gifts, which in the end never will give anyone the quiet, inner peace that has such great personal value.

      I think, now, about the gangsters in NYC during the depression at holiday time throwing free turkeys off a truck to men scrambling to get them for their families. Isn’t this the same, exact thing? No diginity, but lots of desperation!


  11. reginna says:

    Superb opinions……Jean

    Anna von Reitz …….a call to …..CREATE CHAOS…….AGREE 100%.


    In a letter written to the Archbishop of Chicago, Cardinal George O.M.I……post 18th July 2014.

    “Fudge” Anna von Reitz….writes……

    ‘I, too stand with the Universal Catholic Church, founded by Christ. My blood seal stands upon the record of the Vatican Chancery Court in witness of what I am going to show you tonight.
    I am from a family that has served the Catholic Church since the First Holy Roman Empire, Hereditary Grand Marshals of the Holy Roman Empire, Knights of the Holy Sepulchre. I have myself served as an International Services Agent and as a private attorney in service to his holiness Pope Benedict XVI and now, Pope Francis……’

    What a load of saccharine sycophantic pomposity….Imho !

    There is just one, “itty bitty” point on which I might digress from your article……
    “….This Pope….. could call a halt to the chaos on the whole planet any moment he chooses…..”

    I suspect the “Pope” holds very little power/influence.
    I believe he is the…… “front of house” …FACADE…. of the ….INFESTATION of …..EVIL……..currently occupying Earth.
    I believe he is also up to his neck in its filth, at the same time as “enjoying” the “perks” of his “office”.

    As to the “authority” of the Vatican over mankind……THERE IS ….NO LAWFUL AUTHORITY……
    just ink on paper….DELUSION.

    • Jean says:

      Reginna, I think we must get beyond words that sound so powerful, but say nothing. Anna is an advisor to Popes: be impressed, be very impressed. BUT, what does this really mean? We have never learned. If she were working on our behalf, surely she would have told us what she was conveying to him. Has she told him to stop the Satanic worship, to open the Vatican’s coffers to the poor, to absolutely stop the practice of pedophilia? I haven’t heard about it, but you would think that is what she would be saying.

      Instead, we get these ‘edicts’ from her, and if we take time to really think about them, they are all about making trouble for humanity. Most people haven’t got a clue, and she tells sheriffs to arrest Congress and the President? If you as one of the sheeple, suddenly found this happening, what would you think? Then the MSM, still in power, would get on it . . . can you see the results?

      It’s time we all stop and consider what these people are really saying and doing. . . it only takes a moment to ‘think’ . . .

      I just got this info . . . nice, huh?

      Which Pot [Karen Hudes]is calling the kettle [judge Anna] black?


      We must be very, very careful about what we say: our words are extremely important! Hugs, ~Jean

      • reginna says:

        I am horrified at what I have read in the link you posted, in particular, the email Karen Hudes sent to ….Steven ?
        I am wondering if I have misunderstood the content.
        On the other hand, I am aware Hudes is a khazar RATs-child shill……….
        am I allowed to say that ?

        The Hudes letter purportes to come from ….Fancy named….Global Debt Facility TVM-LSM-666.
        The “cabal” like their 666s !

        KH….Re: Emerging Nation currency contagion.
        Reginna….What currency contagion ?
        Is that a euphemism for the ….western currency collapse, engineered by the thieving RKM ?
        Are they going to blame the inevitable currency & financial collapse on……..this chimera of “Emerging Nation currency contagion” ?

        KH…”The developing currencies want some action on the …..Global Currency Reset”.
        Reginna….What…. Global Currency Reset ?
        Is that another RKM euphemism for the …..IMMINENT…..western currency collapse that the …RKM have engineered through THEIR issuance of ….WORTHLESS RAT-PAPER ?



        The DEBTs of the …FEDERAL RESERVE …are, under no circumstances, the responsibility of the peoples of USA.

        I am wondering if the SCUM are trying to pull…”a fast one” ?
        Dumping the ….DEBTS of the PRIVATELY OWNED FEDERAL RESERVE….on to the ….TAXPAYER ?

        KH….The return of the US to Constitutional Currency was approved by the Board of Governors of The world Bank and IMF.
        Reginna….Aaaargh…The World Bank & IMF…..official sounding names ….are…in reality…..RATs-child & Co: “ENTITIES”.
        So…..RATs-child & Co: in….. THEIR …GUISE…of World Bank & IMF….have approved the issuance of …CONSTITUTIONAL CURRENCY….in place of………..


        In the …HOPE…that the peoples of America will not notice…………


        have also….OFFLOADED…..ALL the LIABILITIES…of the FEDERAL RESERVE….on to the US taxpayer and, probably the taxpayers of Europe.

        RATs-childs World Bank and RATs-childs IMF… have approved the transition/emergence of a CONSTITUTIONAL (RATs-child “government”) currency, in place of the RAT-PAPER currency of ….RATs-childs…FEDERAL RESERVE ?
        Am I correct in thinking the RATs-child IMF & World Bank have also ….TRANSFERRED the DEBTS/”MISSING” GOLD…liabilities of…THEIR …BANKRUPT….FEDERAL RESERVE….onto the ….PEOPLE ? ?


  12. Jeanine Hoefnagels says:

    Thank you very much for these impressive words. I think that you are totally right and that for those who are in denial the pain will be huge. I myself am trying to convince family and friends to change their lives and stop trusting politics, hospitals and corporations, for years. The price I had to pay was the loss of contact with my grown up son and daughter and my (not yet born) grandchild and many “friends” . Sometimes it is terribly lonely but I cannot go back. Every day I make the connection with the SOURCE in love and light and that keeps me going. Because we are here to lead the WAY and NEVER give up. In this process you are a great support, thank you for that. Yours sincerely, jeanine; (Netherlands).

  13. Captain says:

    The current Administration (another puppet for the Bush Senior and Cheney Evil NWO Empire agenda) wants these ‘problems’, so they then can hen offer their NWO plans as the ‘solution.’ They are intent on taking away your rights, your guns, and your bank accounts, and you will then be forever under their control.
    When Bush/Cheney and Clinton and Obama’s paid NWO mercenaries turn their guns and rifles on Americans, then the people will wish they had paid attention to the ongoing treason in the WH leading up to and following Bush and Silversteins bombings of 3 WTC buildings and the Pentagon.
    See: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer 911 Truth on Youtube, and reports on Veterans Today, and on VTN All Truth Network

  14. Alex says:

    Great article Jean!
    Thanks for taking the time to put your thoughts together like that. I like that you remind us that Putin is not going to save us… he is saving his own country… thank you for saying this. I like that Putin’s actions are against the cabal and is helping bring them down, but we as Americans must remember that China and Russia (old Soviet Union) had their own share of corrupt regimes that played ball with the cabal or at least rivaled them in unadulterated evil. I don’t think Russia and China are like that anymore, but they are not saints either. America has to lift herself out of the mud… and you are absolutely right… that mud has to get a lot more unpleasant before people finally have the desire to get up out of it.



  15. Alex says:

    One more comment:
    Some have said to me “Why are you always looking at things so negatively?”
    I am NOT a negative person… I just have come to terms with what it is going to take to nudge people to WAKE UP! It is very very sad, but I almost find myself “hoping” that the SHTF just so we can vomit these criminals out and start feeling better. People that only care when their next show is on, or how Hillary Clinton is going to be the “First women President!” or scream for the government to take our guns away or wonder what Kim Kardashian will wear tomorrow or clamor like lemming at black friday sales are never ever going to get it. NEVER.

    Anyway thanks again!

  16. Susan says:

    Sadly for Americans, it’s going to take a lot of pain for people to wake up…. and that seems to be what is needed here for it to happen. I’ve always felt that: it’s going to be as challenging as need be until people get it… and that’s where we come in… to help support a very freaked out population. I concur with your opinion Jean… I’m as ready as I’ll ever be ❤

  17. The pace is so fast now; some things are going to need to be done to choke the Cabal- and those who are not up to speed are going to have to go along for the ride.

  18. lecox says:

    This vision of the future has some hope in it, and that’s a good thing.
    But I don’t think it will work out like this.
    If pain resulted in strength and focus, criminals wouldn’t enjoy inflicting it so much.
    By all experience I am aware of, pain normally results in confusion and apathy. At best it results in anger and hate, which are just below it on the scale. Stronger people may react by fighting back, but pain normally has a weakening effect.
    For the being, the range of possible “addictions” goes beyond that which most of us think of when we hear the word. For the being, it would include the “addiction” of being attached to a body, with all its sensations – both the healthy and unhealthy ones. A body represents a considerable liability to a being, and imposes considerable limitations. Yet it is very valued, even worshiped. This is a very important factor in this whole situation.
    Our country, and the people who try to control it from inside it and from abroad, has no “mature” form to grow into. As earth goes, it has been one of the better countries. But the classic “mature” society is basically a slave society. This is the only model that has really ever been put forth as a way to keep things on an even keel, relatively peaceful. Brighter times have been beautiful in their ways, but temporary. The grind of a not-too-hard serfdom endures. Revolutions erupt and are put down. And the monotony of life, with its little flashes of grace and beauty, continues on.
    The only real way to change this situation is to invent a whole new approach. That would be attacked, so it must include a viable means of defense. You can run away and hide somewhere, but sooner or later the marauders of the universe will find you, and then that will be that. It is audacious to think that a new approach could win in the end, yet it is possible because so many of us yearn for it.
    I think there are some well-placed visionaries who have a plan. They can’t really tell us what it is, and not all of us might think very much of it, but it could, at least, buy us some time. If they are successful, we may not notice that much of a change. But at least we will be surviving. If they lose, or are less successful, then more pain will come in more places than this planet has seen for some time. Various people will feel forced to make difficult choices. It would be “interesting.” I think I would prefer Catherine Austin Fitts’ “slow burn.” But I know others would prefer that something more dramatic occur. I have no doubt we will see more drama.

    • Jean says:

      It isn’t pain, itself, Larry, but the cause of the pain 🙂 I ask you to conside that idea . . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • Sherrii says:



      As spiritually enlightened beings, simply connected to our Humanness or Humanity if nothing else, we must, if we wish to save our future on this Planet and all life on it, be PRO-ACTIVE and not REACTIVE, and not, as you suggested, that we sit back and take our further collective abuse. We can win this thing as WE ARE MANY, THEY ARE FEW. We have the numbers.

      The Peace Planet is a very different world to a WAR PLANET, as is its system and its paradigm that engenders the totality of Love-Beauty-Truth-Wisdom-Justice:


      It is the higher world that will then naturally attract the benevolent ET’s as our Love and collective Enlightenment has expanded to the greater Universe.

      So, are you ready to vote for the Peace Planet — along with millions of others that will set in motion our COLLECTIVE agreement and intention to MOVE TO A HIGHER WORLD AND EXPERIENCE?

      • lecox says:

        It would, IF we did. But how do you expect to get this to happen? I “voted” for a peace planet many years ago. But I also joined an organization that is working to change minds on the subject. We have a path to peace all worked out. But the warmongers call our group a cult, and our teacher crazy, and a lot of people believe them! So: How do you make peace? Yes, we can all seek to create it in our own areas. But how do you add to our numbers, and strengthen our determination? These are the questions my group answers, yet it is despised. So you see, there is a “mental block” to achieving peace on earth, even though we would all benefit greatly from it. We must learn how to dissolve that block.

        • Sherrii says:

          The http://pledge.onehumanityonelove.org/ is a whole lot different. All on it is open and transparent. What is lacking is a highly effective social media campaign.

          • lecox says:

            My group’s data is about 90% publicly available, and there’s a ton of it. All you need is an effective social media campaign to bring peace to this planet? Sounds good, but you’ll have to compete for attention with the thousands of other social media campaigns already out there trying to achieve this, that or the other. Good look on your campaign; I’ll stick with my organization.

  19. Hi Jean, Larry and company:
    Interesting how this conversation thread has mixed politics, pain and waking up! Here’s my take on what pain can do for us…

    Aimless in a life of pleasure,
    I never move beyond myself.
    Trying to avoid pain,
    my spirit becomes lazy.
    I become a prisoner,
    never knowing the real world.
    Pain is the key,
    it unlocks the door to Reality.

    And this video about turning pain into something creative…

    • Jean says:

      Thank you! I’m really feeling that I’ve had too much news and need to get a way a bit this afternoon. I hope people will check out your suggested video 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  20. Pingback: Jean Haines 12-13-15… “What is it going to take for America to wake up — and how might it happen ? an Opinion by ~Jean” | Kauilapele's Blog

  21. Pablo says:

    Wow – where do I start. America will never wake up. It’s too late. The rulers of the world have done such a well orchestrated job at making Americans disabled, that at this juncture I truly believe it to be impossible that they will ever wake up. The large majority that is. No chance for any critical mass. With much precision and effectiveness, the combined effect of;
    the Rockefeller rigged educational and medical establishments, Operation Mockingbird (alive and well), MK Ultra (alive and well), GMO’s and round up, aspartame, geoengineering, EMF such as smart meters, cell phones, wi-fi, the sports and Hollywood entertainment complexes, video games, fluoride in the water supply, junk food, vaccinations, psychiatric drugs, (over 50 million children on amphetamines for ADD/ADHD) organized religions, (which most people have no clue they ALL covertly and deceptively worship Satan) all the consumerism, all the opiates, alcohol, heroin, crack, crystal meth epidemics, (the war on drugs – another total joke)…
    The degree of cruelty, perversion, evil and deception with which this populace has been victimized by the Eugenics agendas is unfathomable. Certainly I don’t blame the American people – if anything I have compassion for them. The saddest part is that I don”t think this will end well. As soon as they collapse the economy it’s over. People will turn against each other like never before. I think divine intervention, a massive, and prompt divine intervention is the only way Americans can wake up. Otherwise, Wal Mart, American Idol, Call of Duty, the lines at McDonalds, the fake news, people going to meaningless slave jobs for minimum wage daily, the pervasive backwards world and stupidity you see and have to deal with daily when you walk out of your front door in this country, will go on until either their get their lovely little WWIII or they start rounding us to take us to the FEMA camps. But don’t worry; I hear that FEMA camps may have free wi-fi. (Lol)

    • Jean says:

      Pablo, you have said this so very well, and there are times I agree with you. How can any of us really know what the future holds? If this is the case, then I think maybe we are left with the alternative of a drastic SHIFT, that takes place in a very short time of only a days, in which those who are ready are removed … Hugs, ~Jean

  22. Addressing these issues with emotional intelligence and logic is important. When we can’t see or hear the truth because we’re hoping to be “saved”, we aren’t using our discernment. Anna von Reitz made it to Snopes where their research concludes that she is not a judge other than the fact she claims to be one. We are so at odds, even in the “awakened” community. I’m more confused now than ever and it’s how “they” like it. Confusing our language so much that we can no longer communicate with one another is a “dark” philosophy. Anyway, great article, Jean!! http://www.snopes.com/judge-arrest-the-president-congress/

  23. Cultural Marxism and corporate fascism must be seen and understood as to their impact.

  24. dallas brockton says:

    It is very simple, PEOPLE: Once one knows that most everthing that comes from the MSM and most everything that ye have been taught is a LIE, the Kazarian Askenazi agendy becomes OBIVIOUS!!!!!!!

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