An Open Letter to Anna Von Reitz from Leonard Harview, December 20, 2015

I’m sure we all will be looking forward to reading Anna’s response to these important questions which Leonard has asked . . . ~J


Anna, I truly meant what I specified in our recent correspondence that you are a brilliant lady. There is another gentleman that you know and would most likely also agree is incredibly brilliant and his name is Thomas David House of Deegan.

I would like to respectfully go over a couple points you made with questions regarding your writing.

I noticed that you did not include the Vatican and specifically the Pope in your list of pursuance’s which includes the UN, DC and World Bank? I can only presume that you have read the Encyclical Letter Laudato Si’ authored by purported Pope Francis back in June of this year. As an example, we can go back to the Treaty of 1213, Papal Bull of 1302, Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666, Definitive Treaty of Peace 1783 and maybe even the Secret Treaty of Verona of 1822 to name a few while understanding there are more not specified.

Would you agree that the current Pope would be the heir to such treaties and acts and if so, how could you rightfully not include this Pope in your list of perpetrators to pursue?

Surely, you would not agree to the proposed and eventual reduction in population of the people on earth from 500 million down to 200 million would you? Agreeing to either of those figures or any figure whatsoever for that matter, should be considered unconscionable, wouldn’t you agree?

The undeclared commercial mercenaries to which you refer and which have invaded us are all foreign agents purporting to be lawful government. Thomas has brought this out with more clarity than anyone in our history to date and has done so lawfully.

I realize that you specified to me that Thomas was not the first to accomplish such; however, his use of Maxims and contract law while killing them with clear and un-rebutted violations of their own codes, statutes, laws, acts, and case law is unprecedented, IMO.

So much so, I honestly believe it was the Pope who pushed the White House into arresting Thomas because you know as well as I and many in our circle know, Thomas’ accomplishments and disclosures of truth cannot become viral to the masses because their gig of one world government, enslavement, court system, total technocratic society and enforcement plans would be crushed and all their corporations and their assets including all the stolen money from the people, the many no harm incarcerations of people, and all hidden corporate bank accounts, buildings, equipment, and on and on tied to them would be liquidated and returned to the people.

Under a free society, why would you need court judges or prosecutors? Why not just have the people convene lawful courts of record consisting of 12 people of peers under a jural society with no judges, no prosecutors and absolutely no grand jury input?

I mean after all, why should an oversight panel of 20 something people have to decide whether or not a natural flesh and blood man or women with hands and legs who has filed a lawful complaint for harm against another natural flesh and blood man or women with hands and legs should be given or not given the right to be heard?

What would you think about replacing what our purported founders gave us and described as Malum Prohibitum jurisdiction (statutory jurisdiction) to Malum in se jurisdiction (natural law or Anglo Saxon common law jurisdiction)? Wouldn’t it be much simpler having a no harm to anyone or their property and possibly including the honoring of lawful contracts, I repeat lawful contracts as our law?

Why not have people sign individual declarations of independence as opposed to some sort of one-for-all declaration which would be totally unlawful from a free will standpoint on those who may enjoy or wish to remain in their current slave in servitude status?

Why not have those appointed by the people as public officials take an oath of office to the people instead of a government structure? I mean after all, all current oaths of office are total fraud because there is no such document in law or at law with a title of ‘The Constitution of the United States’. This very same scenario is applicable to many of the State’s constitutions as well. We can now use the oath of office both you and purported judge Steve Curry were attempting to promote where the use of The uNited States…..was implemented.

Is there any such document with such a title found anywhere in law or at law? These are just some of the matters I and others scratch our heads over. I could also get into the seemingly mad scramble attempt to recapture the Cestui Que Vie trust back into the hands of the Vatican which could possibly be the real reason only half truths are being used in attempt to trick the masses in following such a movement. I am also referring to the infamous ITNJ as possibly being into play as well.

Anna, How about a public trust in place of government in a court of record? I am by no means even close to where Thomas is in such knowledge; however, I am learning more each and every day. With that said, I present all who may be interested, the following pertinent explanation to the matter at hand via the linked conference below, Enjoy!

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8 Responses to An Open Letter to Anna Von Reitz from Leonard Harview, December 20, 2015

  1. translimits says:

    Wow! He has his act & head together. I’ve wondered, seeing Judge Anna’s pix if she was all she purported or had a hidden agenda. Let’s see IF and HOW she addresses him.

    • Jean says:

      Thank you! I took a look! Hugs, ~Jean

    • JDR says:


      The following quote from the above mentioned article reminds me of an earlier controversy here on Jean’s site which poses the following question. Is Anna Von Reitz an agent provocateur from the Vatican? She responds in writing to Karen Hudes in the following Anna Von Reitz quote from your posted article.

      “Now, I would like to address a number of additional, almost gratuitous lies told by Karen Hudes about me, woman to woman.

      1) Karen has variously styled me a “Vatican agent” and as an “advisor” to the Vatican. This is probably because Benedict XVI asked me to act against her and her banker bosses and return the American property to the Americans it is owed to. What a concept!

      In point of fact, I have never, ever been associated with the “Vatican” at all. I have a one-on-one relationship with the Pope that totally bypasses the Roman Curia, much less the Vatican—-because I agreed with him that American assets should be returned to Americans and not retained by criminal banking cartels such as the one she works for.

      Oh, and as for me being “one of the evil Jesuits”—- I am a lifelong, card-carrying Lutheran. Anyone who doubts it can call up the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Black River Falls, Wisconsin, and satisfy themselves on that point all day long. If I am a Catholic, Hitler was a Jew.”

      The article is a good read offering clarity to the voluminous amounts of smoke and mirrors of the entertaining Yale trained ex-World Bank Attorney, Karen Hudes.

      • tomaz050959 says:

        Judge Anna is truly a breath of fresh air, she has the courage to speak the truth and stand her ground against the compulsive liars who are manipulating mankind for money.

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