Zerohedge: Oregon Standoff: A Terrible Plan That We Might Be Stuck With

It looks like the Bundys upset the plans on both sides. The ‘timing’ is bad says a member of the militia. Meanwhile, with the DOW down (at this very moment) 378 points, I think the Federal Government thought in the mayhem they were easily going to literally ‘steal’ this land today! I say, “Not so fast!” These men standing with the Bundys have the Constitution on their side, and maybe the militia will finally stand for it and for us.  ~J

The Feds probably thought that under cover of the stock market collapse, they could steal the Hammond’s land. One more thing that got s reed up on them. 

Russia has also offered to mediate the Iran/Saudi mix-up, so maybe the Saudis won’t get their war. Now, let’s see what the militia are willing to do here at home. ~J

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Submitted by Brandon Smith via,

Well, there is whole host of things wrong with this situation, which is why I never supported or endorsed “Operation Hammond Freedom” to begin with.  There is a lot of misinformation out there at this time on the debacle in Oregon, and certain alternative media outlets seem to be conveniently overlooking particular facts.  I suspect that some people in the movement simply want to “kick it off” (a second American revolution), and they don’t care if the circumstances of that kick-off are favorable or terrible (I realize “favorable” is relative, but starting this fight from a much stronger position is more than possible).  This attitude was prevalent among some at Bundy Ranch, as certain groups refused to dig in positions for a real fight in the hopes that they would be “martyred” for the cause.  This, in case you were wondering, is idiotic.

Oath Keepers including founder Stewart Rhodes was the only organization to predict how Ammon Bundy’s vague calls for action on the part of the Hammond Family would actually play out.  They received a lot of ignorant attacks in response, and yet, they were absolutely right.

Ammon, apparently trying to recreate what cannot be recreated, is looking for another Bundy Ranch stand-off.  First, I would point out that such events can’t be artificially fabricated.  They have to happen in an organic way.  Whenever a group of people attempt to engineer a revolutionary moment, even if their underlying motivations are righteous, it usually ends up kicking them in the ass (Fort Sumter is a good example).  Ammon’s wingmen appear to be Blaine Cooper aka Stanley Blaine Hicks (a convicted felon), and Ryan Payne (who claimed falsely during the Bundy Ranch standoff that he was an Army Ranger and who worked diligently to cause divisions between involved parties on the ground).  This was the first sign that nothing good was going to come from the Hammond protest.

I have watched extensive video from the event in Oregon and am privy to accounts from participants.  From the information at my disposal, it would appear that Ammon and team did NOT make clear their intentions to occupy the federal wildlife refuge building except to a select few, inviting protesters to “take a hard stand” without revealing what this would entail until they were already in the middle of it all.  OPSEC?  No, I think not.  Obviously the goal was to lure as many protesters to Oregon as possible to the event in the hopes that they would jump on board with the stand-off plan once they were more personally involved.  Numerous protesters were rightly enraged once they discovered the ultimate motives behind the event.

The plan is basically this – use the Hammond family as a vehicle (yes, this is what is being done) even though they did not want any kind of standoff to result and specifically refused aid.  Occupy federally owned buildings which have little to do with anything of importance and have no symbolic power as did Bundy Ranch.  Elicit federal response.  Wash, rinse, repeat.

Bundy Ranch had many positive elements going for it, which is why it ended the way it did.  This standoff has none of the same elements.  I suppose one could ask, though, why do I care?

It’s true, these people have every right to make positively naive strategic errors and I don’t have to participate directly if I don’t like it.  The problem, however, is that Ammon and friends have decided they want to be the “tip of the spear” (his words, not mine).  I do not think they understand what this means, or they don’t care.  What it means is, even though I think the entire Oregon plan is ill conceived; literally the WORST possible way to launch a fight against federal corruption, if the federal government moves in a heavy handed manner to kill these people, I and many others will have to fight as well by default when a FAR better tactical and social position could have been achieved.  My conscience simply will not allow the rationalization of the deaths of liberty minded people even if their stupidity brought about the circumstances.  And frankly, that pisses me off.

As a student of asymmetrics, I understand that choosing the time, place and circumstances is 95% of the battle ahead against an advanced opponent.  More organization is needed.  More preparedness.  More training.  More public awareness.  The Oregon standoff could steal away what little time we had left.

The Oregon standoff potentially forces the hand of the Liberty Movement, not the hand of corrupt government – the exact reverse of what should be happening.

Mike Vanderboegh has outlined similar thoughts expertly in this article.  Everything he has written is exactly what was going through my own mind when I heard of the happenings in Oregon.  Ammon Bundy and companions are not the tip of the spear.  Not even close.  What I do fear is that they are cannon fodder beckoning a nationwide government crackdown to which I and others will then be forced to personally respond to with equal f*cking measure.  And all of this on the worst possible terms and at a very inconvenient time (executive actions on gun control mere weeks from now).

And here’s the best part; those of us who remain critical of the clinically retarded maneuver being executed here are going to be called cowards and “keyboard warriors”; it’s a given.  We are all ready to fight for the future of this country, we have been training diligently for it and helping many others along the way.  But, because we do not support two dimensional planning there are those that will say – “Now we find out who the real patriots are!”

Against stupid plan = coward against freedom and action.  Just watch.

If the Feds use brutality to handle the Oregon conflict, it will indeed “kick-off”.  There wont be any way to stop it.  Just don’t get too excited, folks.  This is no Lexington or Concord.  I really don’t know what to call it…

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6 Responses to Zerohedge: Oregon Standoff: A Terrible Plan That We Might Be Stuck With

  1. Tracy says:

    It never should have gotten out of control to this point. As I said prior (other article) the Militia/Bundy’s should have respected the Hammond’s desires & wishes even if it was for them to go back to jail to serve the remainder of their sentence. Even though we all know this was done by “force” by a department of our Government that was “UNJUST/& PUNITIVE” – one could say “LAWLESSNESS & OVERREACH”. Yes this adversarial attempt per this article (from what is written) was an “ad hoc plan” that should not have been acted upon by the Militia/Bundy participants.

    Now we wait in silence and hope that the Government doesn’t do something as uninformed/unintelligent which causes loss of life. IMO if it were to happen this would be perceived by “most of the American People” as an unjust provocation that will have unwanted ripple consequences down the road. The People will not stand for another Waco, Ruby Ridge, and False-Flag: Problem, Reaction, Solution situation – we’ve had our fill of this B.S., our country is an ‘effing mess, our Earth is an ‘effing mess, people struggle to survive daily. The government knows this, but they keep pushing a “rouge power-hungry-authoritarian” agenda against the wishes, desires of the people. When we advise our “withdrawal and yield all acceptance” to the governments utter disassociated interest in “what the people who pay the bills, and do the grunt work” want I can most certainly guess that further crap will happen.

    If we want to make a real difference, we need to start groups to “peacefully assemble” in front of ALL capitols with signs to “acknowledge our known nullification of our acceptance to” the governments: LAWLESSNESS, FORCE, INTIMIDATION, EXTORTION, RACKETEERING, OVERREACH, CONTEMPT FOR OUR REQUESTS, CONTEMPT FOR OUR REMEDY and WHAT-ELSE GRIEVES US. When this is done Peacefully, simultaneously, continuously —- again PEACEFULLY……positive things will happen.
    I bless and affirm “wisdom and peace” will prevail regarding this ongoing situation in Oregon, and that NO FURTHER HARM will be done. ❤

    • I stand with you to affirm wisdom and peace prevail.

      If I may suggest, everyone following this situation take time each day to focus in your heart and intentionally ‘withdraw consent’ to crimes against humanity and life. Be prepared to back up your intention with peaceful actions.

      The more people doing this, the more we empower a wave of re-calibration and transformation that will return in kind.

  2. Susan says:

    I have always felt that when they come to get the guns, that’ll be it…. the people will finally wake up (or at least those who see what is happening). I found this blurb today…

  3. Aleanna says:

    Yes, Zerohedge — you are indeed a coward.

    This is a messy, rowdy, complicated situation. The full extent of Ammon Bundy’s plan was not divulged to protestors until they arrived. Some will say this was manipulative. In my opinion, why would Ammon want to divulge his plan to the federal government until it was a fait accompli. Those protestors who did not agree with his plan were freely allowed to go back to their homes.

    But the American Revolution (yes — including what happened in Lexington and Concord) was a messy, rowdy, complicated affair both before, during, and after the war. Well-meaning, intelligent, decent men bitterly disagreed with each other in terms of who, what, where, and when. In addition, most all of these men had “pasts” that were less than perfect, including running from the law (Benjamin Franklin) and being born into the world as a bastard (Alexander Hamilton). Thank God this did not stop them from stepping to the fore when tyranny had been tolerated far too long.

    After reading the history of what the Bundy’s have gone through over decades at the hands of federal tyranny, I can only begin to imagine their outrage at the infringement upon their Constitutional rights as citizens of this country. Yet, they tried and tried again and again to settle the matter without violence through sheer power of endurance.

    To read Zerohedge’s numerous criticisms of the “how, when, where, and who” of the incidents that have come to a head in this standoff in Oregon sounds all too reminiscent of those who opposed the American Revolution exactly like the cowards at the Congressional Congress who claimed it was lunacy to fight the British. Zerohedge may pride himself with being a student of “asymmetrics,” but he has failed to comprehend a very critical point. IT WAS THE HEART OF THE AMERICAN COMMON MAN THAT WON THE WAR AGAINST THE MOST POWERFUL MILITARY FORCE ON EARTH. It was not “More organization is needed. More preparedness. More training” in the words of Zerohedge. How’s that for asymmetrics!

    Zerohedge is indeed a computer “warrior.” In my opinion, I have had enough of those who sit in their comfortable homes pontificating while our Constitutional rights have been completely taken away.

    In the words of Thomas Paine, Zerohedge is the quintessential “summer soldier and sunshine patriot”.

    “These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives everything its value.”
    ― Thomas Paine, Works of Thomas Paine

    I don’t personally know these men who have taken their stand in Oregon, and I can see that not everything was done with orderly and perfect planning. However, they have something that I deeply admire — the courage to take a stand after decades of patience and striving to avoid this conflict, even at the possible expense of their own lives. In my opinion, these men are examples of universal, global patriots and modern-day heroes.

    Let the Zerohedges stay at home, preach, and wait for the perfect moment, while others go to the front lines on their behalf! I prefer the disorderliness, the messiness, and the disagreements instead of the officious armchair proclamations from the safe distance of one’s own comfort zone. I can’t imagine anything more “organic” (to use Zerohedge’s own word) than this standoff in Oregon, which manifests the magic, power, passion, and courage of the human heart in its striving for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

    • jcc says:

      Aleanna, you stated : “In my opinion, I have had enough of those who sit in their comfortable homes pontificating while our Constitutional rights have been completely taken away.” Please tell us what would be your proposal, suggestions, ideas, thoughts on what “we the people ” should actually do about all of these actions of NWO, or Fed.Gov. , or Cabal or whomever else on whatever level they might be operating from , whether it be land grabs or possible illegal changing of gun laws or any other changing of any laws period , whether affecting us Nationally or Globally . Thank you

      • Aleanna says:

        Dear JCC,

        Thank you for your excellent question.

        I think that each one of us needs to pray and ask that question to God, for the answer will be different for each one of us, depending on our unique gifts, circumstances, age, and abilities. Please try to stay unattached as to how and exactly when the answer will come and be open to the possibility that the answer may change as the circumstances change. All you must do is to stay alert and to keep searching for the highest truth that you can find. The one thing I am absolutely sure of is that God will definitely answer your prayer.

        Thank you for your wonderful heart and for your sincere desire to be of service to our country, to our planet, and to the Light.

        Sending you my love,

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