No one with the courage to say the Federal Government is acting outside the Constitution. We have that information now, and what will we do with it? ~J

Published on Jan 8, 2016

Sub for more: | As the armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon reaches its sixth day, Harney County Sheriff Dave Ward and Ammon Bundy, leader of the armed protestors, hold a surprise meeting in a remote wilderness area.

See the VICE report here:

Credits VICE and Reuters

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  1. Debbie says:

    Here is a very interesting interview of a Russian defector from 32 years ago…listen to how he describes the “coming” American fall to communism….I believe that Bolshevik Communism is already firmly rooted in Washington DC…what do you think?

  2. Deborah says:

    Kicking the Feds Out of the States | The KrisAnne Hall, January 8th. 2016

  3. Captain says:


    • Jean says:

      This is so important, Captain.

      This is from a couple emails I have received, and since I don’t have their permission to publish, they shall remain anonymous. People need to be aware of what is going on:

      “This is another example of why I don’t trust Chuck Baldwin. It was not Ammon Bundy who took “aggressive action” but the
      corporate entity entitled The United States of America. That entity has no legal claim on the Malheur property, no legal or moral basis for silencing the Hammonds with death threats in the form of holding out the possibility that they will be assigned to a “bad prison” if they express any affinity for the Bundy patriots.

      “We are surrounded with what I surmise are CIA-orchestrated control/gate-keeping agents in this country. And not just in the
      form of “clergy response teams.” Many of our leading “patriot” spokesmen are script readers. And the script always reads:
      “Its not the right time, its not the right circumstance, we don’t have perfect moral high ground, we’re picking a fight that we
      can’t win.”

      “Chuck Baldwin, Stewart Rhodes, Alex Jones and all the rest of these people can go to hell. We’re under assault in this country,
      all the common folk and most especially those of European descent, the hated “White Al Qaeda.” People who are awake to this
      fact applaud every act of defiance against the junta that is bleeding us to death financially and mutilating our children chemically with vaccines while aiding our annexation by the universally white-hating international horde.

      “It’s a war, fools. So, as the U.S. Marines say, “Embrace The Suck” and fight for the restored united States of America.

      “And that doesn’t mean embrace the temporizing, mole leaders who have been emplaced among us by “our” vile intel community.”


      Pizza, rifles and tension: a night inside the Oregon protest

      “As the two Reuters reporters arrived just after nightfall, the occupiers were moving into a state of high alert. The group’s head of security, a man known as Booda Bear, had been out of touch since driving off-site hours earlier. Amid efforts to locate him, the Bundys talked at length about what had brought them into this wilderness – and what it would take for them to leave.”

      My analysis [This is Alicia speaking, and she has said I can publish anything she sends me ~J]: Booda is part of what some in militia intel are calling ‘the Arizona cell’. He had to leave in order to entice more veterans in…no way they are going to go with a stolen valor guy onsite, since he is a liability now, he was jettisoned.

      Jean, here, now: Ammon Bundy is quietly following his calling. If he leaves, there will be no redress of grievances, just as there hasn’t been so far. Did you watch the video here: and make your own appraisal of Ammon Bundy? He is absolutely in the right, and God help the cabal if they take him and those supporting him out. Ammon has the Constitution on his side, and we Americans had better wake up to this fact very quickly.

      Yet, they haven’t called the attack dogs off, because they are still publishing outrageous stories that call these people ignorant, and make fun of them. Without them, however, this country would quickly head right down the drain.

      Here’s one from Matt Taibbi, that shows nothing but ignorance, or else he’s getting a fat paycheck for saying this. Either was in my eyes he has compromised himself and his future as a journalist . .

      Reader Supported News
      [This is what the editor of Reader Supported News says]: Who is going to really challenge this nonsense? We do, every day. When you contribute, that’s what you are contributing to. That’s what you get for your money. If you hang out … chip in. We love you. / Marc Ash – Founder, Reader Supported News

      Matt Taibbi | The Dumb and the Restless
      Leader of a group of armed protesters Ammon Bundy (L) greets occupier Duane Ehmer and his horse Hellboy at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon, January 8, 2016. (photo: Jim Urquhart/Reuters)
      Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone
      Taibbi writes: “First of all, when did it become OK for cowboys to cry in public? The coolest thing about the Gary Cooper-Clint Eastwood-James Coburn-Yul Brynner-style cowboys is that they never said a damned thing. They walked slow, asses sore from all that riding, and kept things to a syllable or two if they could manage it: ‘Whiskey.’ ‘Bath.’ ‘Draw.'”
      READ MORE:

      IMO, Anyone who publishes these lies has sold their soul to the devil, for a couple pieces of silver!


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