Kicking the Feds Out of the States | The KrisAnne Hall, January 8th. 2016

This lady clearly has her biases, biases which will certainly cause division among people who cannot see beyond them, and I am not one bit certain what she says is correct. It seems to me she has a lot of things mixed up. For example, all against Obama — not that I don’t agree, but not a word about John McCain. Did the Bush or Clinton administration act one bit differently during their reign? Is the Supreme Court acting properly and in the best interests of this country? Does she have any idea at all what is going on ‘behind the scenes’, concerning for instance, radical Islam and that our government is financially supporting them? Is this lady aware of who really owns and controls the Congress and promotes radical Islam? It doesn’t sound like it to me. I’m looking for a balanced presentation of the facts, one that will enable all the people to learn without dividing them against themselves — and I’m not hearing it. Obama is President now, but what about all our other recent Presidents? What about the deep connection between the Bushes and the House of Suad? A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing! What do you think?

Published on Jan 8, 2016
Thanks to D.

The KrisAnne Hall Show
Kicking the Feds out of the States…the Right thing to do!

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17 Responses to Kicking the Feds Out of the States | The KrisAnne Hall, January 8th. 2016

  1. Bill says:

    Jean – Because Obama is the present “target” he’s getting all of her arrows.Actually the “cause” is much older and has been the stone around our neck probably from the turn of the 20th century if not before. Teddy Roosevelt was one of “their” presidents and nearly all since have been. Because he independently initiated a non-Fed version of currency without the permission of the “gang” JFK was taken out. There is here in the “western” world a group of men that control all our political, social and financial actions and they and they alone select our leaders, the present being the epidemy of their contempt inserting a totally unknown and unverified individual, black at that, into the office of our president. Please note that there is no nation’s population in Europe that is willing to absorb millions of “refugees” into their over stressed economies but they keep coming in. It’s a rare American that would not prefer some sort of control on our immigration policies but there is none forthcoming, is there? Why do we continually”stiff” the needy American children, veterans, elderly and schools while doling billions out to mismanaged nations internationally. Could it be that we have to “borrow” the money at interest from the same bunch that dictates our laws and chooses our presidents? One thing I’ve not heard Ms. Hall remark is that a debt incurred as the result of an illegal contract is in unenforceable obligation! Therefore all that supposed debt we owe to the Fed (who is NOT a government agency) can be negated with the stroke of a pen!
    Ms. Hall has some good points and is apparently knowledgeable at law, but the ruling group will not condone being irritated by some upstart atty without violent retribution!

    • Jean says:

      Bill, I agree with everything you have said, except the last. I think they will tolerate her, because her words merely take people around in circles and they won’t solve the problem. People get a chance to let off steam, go home, and get up the next day -without their realizing it – to the very same problems. Until there is a means of enforcement, the American people will simply run the tread mill like pet gerbils, and these folks are quite willing to allow that to occur. Can you see my point here?


  2. Marilyn says:

    We would probably have to listen to other shows other then this one, she does sound like she doesn’t like Obama, he may not of help this country any but he certainly isn’t the total problem. The problems have been building up for many years, but the scary part is how it seems to be all coming out in the open now, why has that happened? They just don’t seem to care. Go back to 911 when patriotism was so high.

    • Jean says:

      Marilyn, me thinks you don’t have a real grasp of the facts here . . . Why can’t she just teach the Constitution, and forget the diatribe bit 🙂 That is where the real power is, but, of course, if she did that, she would be totally shut down. Hugs, ~Jean

  3. Tracy says:

    Jean, I’m not even going to listen (after reading yours & Bills comments) “Divide & Conquer / Dog & Pony Show…..move along nothing to see. Meanwhile Thomas sits incarcerated, without justice, without remedy and will the people come to his aid?

  4. Jeanine Hoefnagels says:

    Dear jean, In 2014 a book is published in the Netherlands ( only NOW it gets publicity) and it is called: OTHER NEWS: FACTS THEY NEVER BROADCASTED, by janneke monshouwer. She was working for many years for DUTCH NEWS Broadcast and always wondered why the news she saw on tv was very different from the news she heard and saw in the studio. Maybe it is possible to find someone to translate because it is only in DUTCH till now. For me it is NEW HISTORY rewritten and this time FOR REAL. Especially the role of the USA is very dominant and for many Americans as much an EYE-OPENER as it was for me. It ALL started with the BUSH family early 20th century………… Greetings, jeanine;

    • Jean says:

      itJeanine, I can’t say anyone will translate this book, but this information is beginning to tumble out here . . .and sooner or later, we all must awaken to it, UNITE – forgetting our differences, and drive them all out into the open! Hugs, ~Jean

  5. Jean says:

    Sorry, Bill, I can’t publish this here anymore. In my view, it’s all about wishful dreaming and has no basis in reality. People can read this almost anywhere, but not here, not anymore 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  6. Alicia says:

    I hate to tell you people…but Kris Anne Hall has much too much incorrect…and therefore she cannot address the head of the BEAST as she is only looking at its tentacles!!!

    • Jean says:

      so well said, Alicia! I think she’s permitted to do this, because she does have so much wrong. Whatever she says will really go nowhere, but will keep people enthralled. The real power comes through knowledge of the law . . . and she doesn’t have it!

      Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • Bill says:

        What is obscene is the fact that there are 535 elected ones sitting up there supposedly “working for us” who are aware that what is showing on the screen is nothing similar what is going on behind the curtain. Additionally, there are, God only knows, hundreds of appointed “food tasters and horse holders” that know all the activities in the political, financial and social arenas are the wants and desires (demands?) of those sitting in the thrones behind the curtain. Ms. Hall is able to quote law and allegedly expose the frauds being cast upon us, but there are many participants that really don’t give a damn about how we feel or live. I feel that it will change!

    • Deborah says:

      Thank You So Much Alicia!
      That’s All I needed to hear!
      Hugs~ Deborah

  7. harri says:

    Hi there
    to me there is nothing wrong here
    she is been representing seeds that are planted just now that will bring fructification later
    I posted links Bashar’s predictions about these times to come here but was rejected unfortunatly
    It is all there we are living 2016 year that is pivotal
    It is childish to expect everything perfect…you should all understand that this is how sun comes trough out the small cracks
    if you understand what I am meaning here?1


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