PBS: Vladimir Putin Interview [Part 2/2] – Full Documentary 2015

This is the second half of the interview Charlie Rose did with Vladimir Putin back in September. Instead of getting the second half, we were treated instead to a Trump interview. Remember? 


Why was this part of the interview slipped out there in December, with no one really knowing about it. It is clearly a very important interview — so what happened? 

After listening to it, I decided it was because early in the second half, Putin asked Rose to allow him to finish his question without interfering, and he waited —  for an affirmative answer from Charlie before continuing. With that simple question, he threw Charlie Rose off his game, and exposed him for what he is — and clearly Putin ‘owned’ this part of the interview, giving the American people lots of information they sorely need to know, even now, belatedly. This couldn’t be permitted, so we get the interview — late, slipped under the door, if you will, in the hope that no one will really take the time to view it.

I hope you all will somehow find the time in your busy days to view it . . . it’s well worth it 🙂 ~J

Published on Dec 8, 2015

PBS Charlie Rose – Vladimir Putin Interview [Part 2/2] – Full Documentary 2015 –
The complete interview of Vladimir Putin which aired on 60 Minutes in shorter form. Interview happened in September 2015.

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17 Responses to PBS: Vladimir Putin Interview [Part 2/2] – Full Documentary 2015

  1. wonders4life says:

    Love it! 🙂

  2. Paula says:

    Erm, great interview but erm……what happened to the feet up, resting bit…….. but wonderful you are still with us. Now – feet up – you are feeling sleepy and your computer is just an imaginary giant marshmallow………..

    • Jean says:

      Paula, you are a treasure and so kind! I’ve actually been doing little else but sleeping and eating in the last days. Now, I’ve come down with a cold that is forcing me to stop and take care. Still, when I find a good article that counters the sickness the West is all about right now, I’m trying to get it out. . . I’m now going to get a bit of breakfast and likely go back to bed. . . 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • jcc says:

        Jean – for you . you may know of this / in case you don’t … I bought this . very very strong . I like to put several drops in a hot liquid ( juice or tea ) toss it down and then chase it with more liquid. someone new to this should try only about 3 drops no more ; in order not to overheat ( burn )your mouth .
        can also place 2 drops under tongue for a minute or 2 ; – immune booster . been using several years now . good preventative and after the fact.

      • wonders4life says:

        Thank you, Jean, for your loving dedication to truth and humanity!! 🙂

      • Light I AM says:

        Upon retiring and as you lay down …think the words/instruction to SELF…
        “Release, Heal, Harmonize, Balance, Realign ALL layers of my Energy Field. Harmonize, Balance …Harmonize, Balance.”
        This is to what is meant by …COMMAND ye ME! Mastery regained!
        Do this, until it becomes a part of your Being, second nature, nay, FIRST NATURE. You also accelerate and expand your consciousness. It is the same as being Centered in the Heart (No Polarity or DIS-ease)…total Balance.

        • Jean says:

          Light I Am, I’m afraid today was my last day here on my blog. I thought perhaps Ammon Bundy could make a difference, but I find I can no longer do the required reporting. I need a break more than I can say. 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  3. Debbie says:

    I watched the entire interview. Once again I couldn’t help but be impressed with Putin and “feel” in my gut that he is sincere, intelligent and decent – three things missing from anyone I see or hear from Washington DC……….as for Myers and Brennan (I think that was her name – the correspondent), I couldn’t help but “feel” they were spewing US government spin, excuses, lies and more manipulation – incapable of truth. It is up to them to repeat “US GOOD – OBAMA BAD”..and it is disgusting. USA/NATO has still given NO credit to Putin for their take down of ISIS, of course, why would they, if we are to believe the amble reports that they have been funding ISIS – a reportedly mercenary arm of the CIA………..I am so ready for the US lies to stop, it’s embarrassing, anyone with eyes to see must know they get harder to believe with each passing day.
    I wish we had a Putin & Lavrov to lead America, it’s hard to imagine what would happen within America if we had leadership dedicated to our country and the people here, clearly Putin is working FOR RUSSIA while we’ve had leadership here that gleefully cooperated in the destruction of America, can you imagine Putin working against the people of Russia to send all their jobs to China and India for globalists? I doubt it………..I wish someone in Washington DC loved America as Putin clearly loves Russia.
    Thank you for posting this, I wish everyone would watch it and then they would throw up when Carly Fiorina and Rubio refer to Putin as a thug, they are the ones who should be run out America. At least credit goes to Trump as he has not demonized Putin one bit.

  4. Very good interview, and well worth watching. Putin’s answers help us understand the “Russian perspective” on sphere’s of influence and international relations. What stood out to me was his noting the fact that with the collapse of the Soviet Union, 25 million Russians were left stranded in what became foreign countries. And they have become politically marginalized and discriminated against. His concerns about them and other issues near today’s Russian borders make perfect sense.

    Very reasonable interview and exchange of ideas. The world would be a better place with more interviews like this, instead of screaming “talking heads” spouting off sound bites.

    Thanks for posting this Jean,

  5. Deborah says:

    Jean…. This is a rough sketch about how the Russians like to see a the next world order…2 hours long, but well worth your time… Hugs~ Deborah
    World Order. Documentary. Eng. Subs

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