Unhinged in Burns: Inside the Malheur Rebellion . . . This author, like so many of us, doesn’t seem to have a clue about the importance of the information he is given in his interview. . . ~J


Far down in this article, I found the answer to the question that has recently been running around my mind almost non-stop. Do the Bundys actually know they have the Constitution on their side? Please read the following, which tells me that, yes, they do know!

It seems the writer of this article hasn’t a clue about the importance of what he has just been told, and apparently he doesn’t think it important enough to check out this simple little Constitutional fact that could change the direction of this country in a very positive way. (I hope you will all spread this information widely, because wide knowledge of this may protect not only the Bundys, but our country, as well.)

So what will the Federal Government do about this? We need to watch very, very  carefully . . . the following is a portion of this article: 

Refuge or Sanctuary

We approached the wildlife refuge at around 2pm, soon after a news conference had ended. As the media began to clear out, we entered the compound directly. A large pickup truck was parked with two men inside chatting with a group of people.

“Can we walk in?”

“Are you with media, supporters, militia?”

“We’re with media.”

“You’ve got a first amendment right,” one man told us. “I’m not going to tell you you can’t.”

Walking through the compound, we were surprised at its size. A small house marked museum, comfortable looking buildings with their shades drawn, and a considerable number of vehicles. As the Bundys were in a meeting, we decided to return to the people at the entrance, but then a truck emerged down the path.

We flagged down their truck, and asked if we could speak with the two men inside, both dressed head to toe in camo uniforms. They agreed to talk briefly.

“How would you like to be identified?”

“My name is John Ritzheimer,” the man with a shaved head stated. We had suspected as much. Ritzheimer, the notorious organizer of the anti-Mosque movement in Arizona, found his name splashed across headlines from coast to coast for making threatening statements toward Muslims in the wake of the Paris and San Bernadino shootings. He gives the impression of a man deeply troubled by the state of the world. He also appeared to be a small man, though quite nimble and spontaneous, having served, he claims, 11 years in the Marine Corps.

We asked him about about his response to the Burns Paiute press conference, which he could not speak to, having apparently not heard about, nor did he know the name of the local tribe itself.

“We’re out here in Harney County and Malheur Refuge—I’m not even going to acknowledge it as a national refuge—what we have out here is a group of patriots, ranchers that are very knowledgable about the Constitution, and are willing to lay our lives down and defend that Constitution.”

“This is not an ‘occupation,’” Ritzheimer told us. “We are liberating this land so that it can belong to the local community… We may be witnessing the beginning of the abolishment of the Bureau of Land Management.”

“Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 clearly acknowledges to what extent the federal government can own land,” he told us. At that point, two trucks passed, stopped, and Ritzheimer got out to discuss safety with the arrivals.

While Ritzheimer was gone, we talked with his passenger, who identified himself as Blaine Cooper, also of the Arizona Patriot movement. Cooper recalled being present at the Sugar Pine mine and Bundy Ranch, and seemed ecstatic that the police had not intervened.

When Ritzheimer returned, he continued that the militias represented the ranchers who are “tired of being oppressed,” due to grazing fees. “We don’t want bloodshed. Nobody does,” he continued. “But if they want to turn this into another Ruby Ridge or Waco, we’re not going to allow that.”  . . .

For those who don’t yet know what is stated in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 of the Constitution, here is what it says:

Here is what Kris says in her video: “This is not about the Bundys and Hammonds. It is about a Federal Government that is acting outside the Constitution. The Federal Government has no authority to own land outside Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17! Simply put they can only own the ten miles of Washington, DC, and the land required to operate forts and ports, [but only] with the permission of the States”:

Clause 17. To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings;

–And [by way of explanation]

Congress has the power to set up a national capital of the United States that is outside the jurisdiction of any state. (Congress used this power to create Washington, DC, on swampland along the Potomac River that was originally part of Maryland.) Congress also has ultimate authority over all federal military facilities, even if they’re located within particular states. And that “–And” means were getting almost to the end of this long list of Congress’s enumerated powers
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15 Responses to Unhinged in Burns: Inside the Malheur Rebellion . . . This author, like so many of us, doesn’t seem to have a clue about the importance of the information he is given in his interview. . . ~J

  1. hannacora says:

    Some months ago there were a few articles going around about the motive of ISIS for destroying monuments of Antiquity. Here is a new angle to consider.
    Daesh helps Israel conceal historical origin

    As many Arabic names in the Israelite book got westernized (Aaron, Joseph, Abela, Abraham, Sarah, Adam and Noah) so did the stories and the faith. In his phenomenal sculpture of Moses, Michelangelo wouldn’t have surpassed the tradition boundaries and ventured into ingenuity had he not believed Moses and his book was one of the building blocks of western culture.

    Unfortunately with this misperception (overshadowed and diluted by ingenious works of classical art and literature inspired by the Israelite book) the state of Israel has been established on Palestine (a land completely alien from the Israelite Patriarchs and their stories) with the blessings and support of the deluded western world.

    The truth of the matter is that Judaism originated in ancient Southern Arabia and Northern Yemen (why do you think Jews wear the Arabic skull cap).

    Actually, one of the most amusing scenes is when a western diplomat is photographed wearing Kippah while sucking up to a congregation of Zionist masters. He looks weird because the Jewish Kippah doesn’t fit into the western style and culture and neither should the Israelite stories.

    The point of origin should not make any difference had the theology been universal in nature (like Buddhism) but the fact is that Judaism is nothing but one of ancient Arabia’s tribal cults. So Judaism was not meant, by the wildest stretch of tribal imagination, to spread one inch beyond the tribal boundaries of ancient Arabia.
    Daesh helps Israel conceal historical origin

    This article was posted by Dr. ASHRAF EZZAT (Ashraf62)
    on March 24, 2015 ~ before the Russian military intervention in Syria

    (submitted by ‘The Old Sniper‘ for WarPress.info on 8/1/2016)

    Once the true story of the Captivity and the Arabian origin of the Israelite tribe are exposed, the whole Zionist project could crumble under the power of the historical truth.

    A body of high profile anthropologists and historians trace the Israelite tribe back to their Arabian origin in Northen Yemen. One of their amazing evidence-based findings is that Jerusalem is originally called Dar Salam/ safe house that is located near mountain Zion in Northern Yemen.

    Among those tribes were the Israelites (thieves and thugs from the very beginning).

    Not to mention that the violent Israelite theology (based on the prejudiced and tribal concept of God’s chosen people) couldn’t by any means aspire to be a universal faith (hadn’t it been for the Greeks and the Romans who deviously politicized the Israelite faith and stories)

    The Hebrew book was a local book of tribal tales aimed at an audience of the same tribes. The dissemination of its stories came after the Greek Septuagint forgery that falsely established the king of Egypt as Pharaoh of Moses (the very first steps of globalizing the local Arabian tale based on mass deception)


    • Jean says:

      Thank you! This is so interesting. . . I hope everyone will take the time to have a look at this one! Hugs, ~Jean

      Important: Could this be related, as well, to the story of the Irish that Veronica Keen recently suggested, and about which Bamboo-Water offered the following important information:

      You can get a PDF copy of Ireland – Land of the Pharaohs by Andrew Power
      at the following link:


      Jai Gurudev,

      Early one recent morning I got an email from Bamboo saying he’d been up half the night reading it. If that isn’t a recommendation, I don’t know what is 🙂 ~J

    • ennea says:

      A few more parts from the article by Dr ASHRAF EZZAT, and the connection to ancient history of Sumeria.
      “So what is the deal here with ISIL ruining the Mosul museum and the ancient city of Nimrud (not to mention hundreds of cuneiform tablets ruined and smuggled out of Iraq)
      By default damaging and looting the ancient Assyrian and Babylonian cuneiform tablets is not on any Jihadist’s agenda, but it seems like a top priority for the hidden collaborators responsible for the very establishment of this terrorist group called ISIL/ISIS.”
      “But on the other hand the captivity in Babylon has given the Israelites the golden opportunity to discover a wealth of Sumerian and Babylonian culture and mythology. Feeling the inferiority of their cult, the Israelite scribes embarked on writing down a new book for their tribe.
      In the book, later known as the Hebrew Bible, loads of copycatted Sumerian and Babylonian profound myths were intertwined with the tribal and shallow stories of the Israelite tribes. (Adam and Eve, the tree of knowledge, and the Noah flood are but ancient Assyrian/Sumerian myths)”

      And a small part of Sumerian history from Gary Vey’s article:
      “Sargon of Akkad lived around 2300 BCE and created the first unified empire which included large parts of Mesopotamia, modern-day Iran, Asia Minor and Syria. He ruled from a capital called Akkad, which the Sumerian king list claims he built. He is sometimes regarded as the first person in recorded history to create a multiethnic, centrally ruled empire. His dynasty controlled Mesopotamia for around 150 years, and he is mentioned in Genesis 10:8-12 as Nimrod.
      A fragment describing Sargon’s birth states that he was abandoned by his mother, placed in a basket made of reeds, floated down the river and was later discovered by a gardener to the king who raised him and gave him an education in the royal palace where he would later become the king. This story closely mirrors that of Moses (Genesis) although it occurs a millennium earlier.”

  2. Captain says:

    What folks need to consider (or just realize) it that the Bushs, Clinton, Obama, Congress, et al — by way of allowing corporations and Israel to control this governement, their aggressive campaign to bring any Islamist into a country founded on Christian principles and who then defy those principles, etc — are destroying everything our Fathers, Uncles, Brothers, and all Forefathers (and the women) fought and died for in every war since this USA was created. They are people without conscience, without loyaty to the constiturional USA nor to its People.

    • Jean says:

      I’m sorry, Captain, but I must take offense at your thinking here. The Muslim problem has been created via propaganda and the Zionists, who are seeking control of our government. I believe you are indicting the wrong people and are clearly showing your biases, or that you have fallen for the propaganda. I have known many Muslims who were just great people, but you seem to be confusing this with the sick Political Islam, professed by Saudi Arabia, and in doing so you may be condemning many innocent people to death. This country was not created on Christian principles, or am I wrong about that? Who said this country was created on our belief in Christ as our savior? This is More propaganda, and tells me we have a long way down to go before we can ever reach UNITY, which I believe will be required to throw these thugs out. I think this country was only created on the basis that we believe in God . . . please check me out! Hugs, ~Jean

      PS Please check out Jim Stone’s site, on which he said this ‘rape’ that is going on in Europe is a false flag.

      • laurabruno says:

        The US was created by Deists. Here’s a good exploration of the differences between Deism and Christianity as they pertain to the Founding Fathers of America: http://freethought.mbdojo.com/foundingfathers.html

        RE: the Muslim rape situation as a false flag … I actually know people in Europe, very tolerant people who are extremely troubled by how their daughters can no longer walk alone even during the day in their own countries due to harassment, assault and attempted rapes by groups of un-assimilated Muslim men. These discussions with them occurred years before the recent immigrant crisis, and some of these people are Dutch Mennonites, people who pride themselves on extreme tolerance and non-violence. They were deeply troubled even in 2013 by how their country had become violent and unsafe for women.

        See also the works of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali woman who immigrated to Holland. She described how immigration brought the violence Muslims commit against their own women to the tolerant Dutch. Hirsi Ali’s book “Infidel” goes in to greater detail. She needed to leave the Netherlands due to death threats. You can also see many videos of European women just walking down the street during the day and being surrounded by a group of Muslim men and attacked with zero provocation. This was pre-New Year’s Eve. She has even established an organization to try to end “Honor Violence” in the US: http://www.theahafoundation.org/ .

        I wish this were only a false flag, but it’s a real issue that all of Western society will need to find ways to deal with.


  3. Pierre says:

    About the Malheur rebellion, isn’t it ironic that Malheur means “doom, misfortune” ?

    In French we have the expression “oiseaux de malheur”, which means “birds of doom”, a messenger bringing bad news. The Malheur wildlife reserve is famous for its numerous species of birds.

    I don’t want to speculate on the ongoing occupation. I can’t tell if the militia are right, wrong or if this whole mess is another false flag. But shooting the messengers is definitely NOT a solution!

    If I find sufficient time, I’d rather investigate the leylines & other geographical features of the U.S. Northwest to understand why the standoff happened in that particular area.

    • Jean says:

      Well, if they are within their Constitutional rights, there is no speculation required!


      • Pierre says:

        This event is largely under-reported outside the U.S. — and if it is, it will be under the “armed white supremacist” umbrella. The news came out in Canada thanks to the Black Lives Matter movement trying to divert attention and make it a race issue.

        Anyways, the U.S. Constitution is a very technical issue for non-U.S. citizens, so my comment was mostly about the symbolism of the wildlife reserve name.

  4. Deborah says:

    This article is from June of 2013…..Read what this judge had to say…….
    Monday, 03 June 2013
    Federal Judge Rules for Property Rights, Smacks Down Abusive Feds

  5. This information is related to the so called standoff and yes very much educational regarding our constitution and how it has been usurped.
    Please read the following letter and share it with everyone. Print out a copy and send it to your local so called officials and local newspapers. I am sending it to everyone. Please share.


    My thanks for all you do. And thank you for passing on this crucial information.
    Be blessed


  6. esskumar says:

    Jean, there is apparently another aspect of this story, please read this link

  7. Deborah says:

    Historic Militia Moment! Heavily Armed Idaho 3 Percenters Roll Up On FBI Compound Burns Oregon

  8. Wendy says:

    Please don’t go, just rest and come back when you are able. Your blog is so valuable. I so much appreciate your hard work to bring us truth. Wendy

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