Game Changer In Oregon, from Roy Potter!!!

Published on Jan 12, 2016

A search by Ammon of Malheur Refuge Building files has yielded evidence of government corruption and criminal activity!

Oregon Ranchers To End BLM Contracts

After you look at these videos, how can you possibly believe what the article below says? Are you connected enough to your heart to understand that this man, Ammon Bundy, isn’t lying? He may not be suave and sophisticated about his handling of this, he may not yet have realized the hornets nest he has opened, but what in his life has prepared him for this situation? Would most anyone be prepared? Nevertheless, he isn’t allowing himself to be intimidated, and he is moving forward, slowly, steadily, and very carefully. I believe we need to support him with everything we’ve got!!!  We need to spread this information far and wide! 

Now The Bundy Boys Are Knocking Down Refuge Fences With BLM Equipment

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5 Responses to Game Changer In Oregon, from Roy Potter!!!

  1. hannacora says:

    Thanks Jean!
    Finally Roy Potter, a voice of reason!
    Mind you even before viewing this info I am of the belief that the Bundy have a solid case. It is a question of how to go around a very corrupt system!!

  2. Country Lass says:

    I was greatly relieved to see a posting today, Jean. You see, you have come to mean a great deal to so many of us, so much so that we appreciate just knowing that you are alright! And we have no way of knowing this, other than from your posts! So I am wondering if just a brief post every couple of days would be realistic to ask, as I say, just so we feel we are keeping in touch with such an amazing person and know how you are doing? You feel like such a friend to all of us, even though we have never met or spoken in person, and to suddenly lose you, and have no way of checking up on your well-being is quite upsetting! Just forget all the news, we are concerned about you!

    And by the way, did you know that Ian R Crane is hosting his first Alternative View America conference in Portland Oregon the weekend of 22-24 April? Zen will be there, and Max Igan, Thomas Sheridan, Field McConnell. It was announced on the 21st c wire Sunday broadcast this past Sunday. As one who has been to the UK conference, and is planning to return this year to ours in May, I simply cannot recommend this event highly enough. There is plenty of time to chat personally with the presenters ( normally 12 in all ), and it is simply marvellous to spend time with people who are not constantly checking their phones!!

    • Jean says:

      I am not on my computer, but I will take time to respond to this shortly. Many thanks for your thoughtful, caring words. I do appreciate them! Hugs, ~Jean

  3. Frank R says:

    Hi Jean………….

    A great video by Roy. Unfortunately I do not know how many people will get to see it. And the article by some idiot called “Karoli” does not bother me. What worries me is the simpleton sheeple who commented on it. THAT IS OUR MOST SERIOUS PROBLEM.

    Hugs……………. Frank R

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