RT: ‘Send Mr. Bundy the bill’: Judge wants Oregon militia to pay $70k a day for security costs

It’s pretty clear that civil dissent is not allowed; we get to pay the costs . . . I think the Feds are treading a dangerous line. This country is a tinderbox, just waiting to have a match put to it! Anyone agree with me? 


An Oregon judge says that he will send the ranchers and anti-government activists the bill for security costs that have been piled up because of their standoff with the federal government.

Harney County Judge Steve Grasty said the cost of setting up security measures for Ammon Bundy and his militia is between $60,000 and $70,000 a day.

“We’re going to send Mr. Bundy the bill,” Grasty told KTVZ-TV.

The militia has been occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Preserve in eastern Oregon since January 2, and schools in the areas were closed until Monday due to security concerns. The protesters, many of whom are not from Oregon, claim that they are standing up for a pair of local ranchers who are serving five years in prison on what they believe are trumped up terrorism charges for starting a brush fire. They have also demanded the transfer of the federally owned land to the county, according to KTVZ-TV.

In addition to the costly increase in security that Bundy and company brought, Grasty said that the “bill” would be for the salaries of teachers and other public employees who didn’t go into work when schools and government buildings were closed due to the standoff.

Grasty also urged the community not to provide supplies for the protesters, who have asked for items such as cigarettes, tampons and coffee creamer.

“No matter how you feel, do not bring food and supplies up to the refuge,” Grasty said.

READ MORE: Oregon refuge occupiers dismiss armed supporters, start negotiating with FBI

The judge called the protesters “armed thugs,” but also said that there’s “no way to deny” that the standoff started a necessary dialogue about federal land management policies.

Grasty has previously made his voice heard on issues of conservation in eastern Oregon. In September, he wrote an opinion piece for the Oregonian, criticizing litigation that prevented the Bureau of Land Management from using machinery in efforts to preserve the grouse, a type of bird.

Harney County Sheriff David Ward, who has said that he agrees with the protesters’ views but not their tactics, set up barriers and other security measures around the courthouse and his office in response to threats against county officials.

Ward issued a statement on Monday saying that he and other officers “will not be intimidated,” and urged militants from out of state to leave.

“There’s an hourglass, and it’s running out,” he said. “Go home.”

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18 Responses to RT: ‘Send Mr. Bundy the bill’: Judge wants Oregon militia to pay $70k a day for security costs

  1. Captain says:

    There is good reason why there is jailforjudges.org, and oregonjailforjudges.org.
    It was a Bush appointed judge who awarded Larry Silverstein the millions on his insurance claim on the WTC in NYC, when in fact it was He, the Bush WH and Israeli Mossad who planned and executed the hijacking and the bombings of the 3 buildings.

  2. hannacora says:

    Fully agree with you Jean!!
    The sparks could come from either side…very strenuous situation and not because of the Bundy Group. The Feds will continue to dream up of other things to throw their way. They have no heart, they DO NOT CARE at all. They were given a mandate and nothing else counts, including common sense!

  3. Maymay says:

    This is still a “free country” if not for a little while..
    Wake Up America!
    – thank you Jean for this forum, You are Loved baby girl..

  4. Frank R says:

    Hi Jean………….

    I completely agree…….been waiting down here crouched in a corner with my hands over my ears for the “BOOM” TO GO OFF. It’s coming and it’s long overdue!

    Hugs and please be careful…………………..Frank R

  5. Captain says:

    Also sounds like fraudulent billing practices here, hope they sue the judge and state for that.

  6. bewareofserco says:

    The ‘judicial system’ is NOT there to protect ordinary people, it’s there to control them and if people express their objection to being controlled, the ‘system’ will punish them any way it can.

    The only people ‘protected’ by ‘the system’ are the the criminals who benefit from it, because that’s the way it was designed. These officials and bureaucrats are doing nothing more than supporting the system that benefits THEM.

    The situation in Oregon is definitely a ‘tinderbox’ and the feds would love to turn this into another ‘Waco’ IMO. However, it seems to me that the Bundys have gained control of the ‘moral high ground’ and as a result, the feds would struggle to come up with a narrative to justify overwhelming lethal force – without spelling it out in plain simple language to ‘most’ Americans, that the US is now run by evil tyrants.

  7. magentaangelic says:

    Don’t give up..we support you all the way ! Blessings from germany

  8. Deborah says:

    Jean….I agree with you….something Big is coming…..whatever happens, I pray that it wakes the sleeping people up….and I pray with ALL of my being for the safety of Ammon Bundy and the people working with him.
    Hugs ~ Deborah

  9. Deborah says:

    Harney County Sheriff David Ward, who has said that he agrees with the protesters’ views but not their tactics, set up barriers and other security measures around the courthouse and his office in response to threats against county officials.
    So, who is threatening county officials? The “feds” perhaps? Are people asking these questions?

  10. Alex says:

    The Audit the Fed Bill failed to pass Senate vote. Now it goes back to the House for re-vote. The bill had a majority vote, but not the 60 needed to prevent a democratic filibuster. The fact that the bill passed the house and was even brought up for vote is pretty amazing. There is definitely a war going on. There ARE good guys in Washington fighting this fight. Please don’t despair, we will prevail and win this.

    So much has happened in recent years:

    The exposure of GMO foods and their rejection.
    The Audit the Fed initiative being supported by presidential candidates such as Rand Paul, Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz (possibly Trump, even Rubio voted yes on that bill, surprisingly.)
    The exposing of ISIS by Russia.
    The failure of the Cabal to reach ANY of its objectives in the middle east.
    The exposure and distrust of mainstream media by millions of Americans.
    The start of the awareness (thanks to Amon Bundy) of the the illegal actions of the federal government seizing land. Why do you think the feds have not gone in and massacred those men? Because, THEY CAN’T….. too many people are watching. Despite what the MSM says too many people have the truth.

    In the next five years we will see much more of this. The Cabal really has nowhere to run and each day will weaken and expose them. They are getting weaker NOT stronger.

    Yes, I understand the frustration with it not happening fast enough, but they can not even shoe horn an establishment candidate like Bush and Hillary as easily as they would like. Too many people are on to them. Yes, it’s probable, either Hillary or Jeb will be the next POTUS, sad to say, and if they have a brokered convention and nominate Paul Ryan or Jeb regardless of the vote of the people they will be on dangerously thin ice. The silver lining is that… it is no longer “easy” for them to manipulate us and pretty soon, they will no longer be able to do it at all.

    Stand straight, chin up!! We are winning!

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