LIVE: Oregon militia leaders to address press on occupation (streamed 22 hours ago)

 – Okay, what about the State’s CAFR funds to pay the people who are being put out of work? I know Thomas Deegan also has plans to pay the people during a transition from a Corporate State government back to a Constitutional government. I’ll bet Oregon is being run as a corporation. Can someone get Dunn & Bradstreet screenshots proving this? Do you think these people will be interested in hearing these ideas? How do we reach them?

– The live feed cuts off and then resumes at about the 24′ mark. . . ~J

Streamed live 22 hours ago

Ammon Bundy, one of the leaders of the Oregon militia that has been occupying US federal headquarters at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon, is expected to deliver a daily press statement on the latest developments of the group’s stand-off with law enforcement on Tuesday, January 12.

The first meeting between the so-called “Citizens for Constitutional Freedom” militia and Oregon Sheriff Dave Ward backed up by the local forces took place on Thursday, January 7, and was supposed to bring a peaceful resolution to the weeklong occupation of the federally owned site. However, with Bundy and his fellow militiamen refusing to stop the occupation, further negotiations are currently ongoing.

Video on Demand:

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