Here are the NOTES from the part of the video that is difficult to hear:

Here are the rough notes from Ammon’s statement from this video below.

Ammon Bundy: We have had assistance from the Lord and a wise person who has helped us draft several letters. We have uncovered several pieces of evidence of corruption between the County and Federal Government. We have prepared a letter explaining some of that and we have served that to the County today – particularly to Judge Steven Grasty and to begin the legal proceedings to try to correct some of these things. We also served them again today with a follow-up with what we are asking them to do. We are asking for a jury to be selected so we can bring the pieces of evidence forward by the people of Harney County that has been suppressed so the Hammonds can be exonerated, releasing them from prison, until these land matters in Harney County can be resolved, we know the truth is important and it must come out. That is where we stand on this. The community has put together a meeting and has invited us to speak on Friday at 7:00 at the County Fairgrounds, but Judge Grasty called the Safety Committee and told them he will not allow a meeting to take place where we could speak at – at any County building he said. He made that very clear and acted as if he had arbitrary authority to determine whether a person was going to use a County Building or not. Judge Grasty is acting very irrational in these matters. He has brought in the FBI along with Sheriff Ward and they have been occupying downtown Burns, for now two weeks, and putting that community in fear – but I want you – to make sure you understand that that fear is coming from them – not from us. We have shown no agression toward the community whatsoever at all and we are here 30 miles outside of town, in a peaceful effort to expose the truth. That is why we are here. We are asking people to come. We still need you to be here to rotate in and out while we work on exposing these things. Thank you for listening to me. I know my words have not as clear as the might have been in the past but I feel great things are happening now and I appreciate your time.

* * *
Published on Jan 14, 2016

New information starts at about 3:55′ ~J

We find out that the government is up to it’s old tactics again. The FBI is driving around Burns Oregon! Judges and Sheriff who are doing what they can to disrupt the rights of the People are now joined by the FBI. Bundy reveals how they are serving papers on the Government!! This is getting good!!! STAND UP Patriots!!!!

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  1. The united States Of America has one of the finest Foundation Documents in the world: The Constitution Of The united States Of America unequivocally declares WHOM it is written FOR.

    Its intent, shape and form are beautifully drafted and clearly punctuated in descending order; clearly delineating and defining and delegating Power and Responsibilities and it clearly Specifies Consequences in Fair and Just fashion what is to be done when the Constitution and Its Protections ARE abused.

    When writing Law and laws, there is the Letter of The Law,; and The Spirit Of The Law; the MAXIMS that the law is designed to uphold and enforce; its most potent part. A law is as good or as bad as those who draft it.

    The problem here is not the unites States Of America Constitution; it is the dishonest, unfair UNJUST people who either don’t know Right from Wrong, or are just evil people who SUBVERT and STULTIFY it for their own purposes. You have the wrong Stewards of Law in place.

    If you choose to forget the Principles and Compassion EMBEDDED WITHIN The Constitution Of The united States Of America; than you are no better than the person The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion Is designed to create.

    One of the things I admire and respect most about Americans; is the courage it takes to say;

    “Hey! We’ve got a mess here; let’s take a look at the problem; and let’s clean it up.”

    Hey America! You CAN change it.

    one loving Canadian

  2. Hildegard says:

    Jean, This may fall on deaf ears but don’t overwork yourself! You’re back with a vengeance and it’s going to take it’s toll. Pace yourself? Thanks for the Oregon updates, though. 🙂

  3. cinders2015 says:

    I believe it is about to get real!

    • SacredPeaks says:

      @Cinders2015, Yes! People need to connect the dots quickly, we do not have much time – whether it’s housing foreclosures, resource battles in Oregon, California or Michigan – city bankruptcies, stealing the water and natural resources, ranchers being run off their land – whatever the hell they want to throw at us. Look at what is happening in Flint, Michigan. The latest posts on Veterans Today from Editor’s Duff and Dean discuss the attack on Flint, MI. VT, more or less is stating the people in Flint are experiencing biological warfare! Now how did that happen??? Coming to a town near you soon folks? Yes, very soon, if it has not happened already! And I am very sorry to say this was all planned by the Cabal. This is the incremental takeover people! We are in an undeclared state of war with handpicked overlords. TPTB are coming for the resources and inconveniently we are all in their way. They will reduce us in any way possible. Wake up people! Please, please, PLEASE!!! Your are expendable and disposable – just the cost of doing business! But, we can change this around! First do not engage in ANY supporting activities. Come together in your communities and issue notices like Mr. Bundy’s group. Once we all work together with the truth in our hearts this will create an energy that will no longer sustain the corruption that is going on. If everyone followed these protocols we could stop this nonsense very quickly! Follow your hearts! What is just? What is truthful? What is correct? If TPTB are not worth supporting, it is up to us to correct that!

  4. Marilyn says:

    I feel a sense of uneasiness, last night had a frightening dream-I’ve heard Jean say how she is not feeling well and twice this week was going to stop and rest, cinders2015 wrote it is about to get real, I do believe things are coming to a head, soon. I looked up my dream and even though, it isn’t the exact dream, as my dream was of an invasion. https://www.dreamscloud.com/dream-dictionary/w/ww2. Hugs to all!

  5. will iam says:

    I think the govment would love to just ignore this all and hope that it goes away, but it can’t. The criminals own the media but not the internet. The msm can ignore this but fortunately enough have heard about this to know that it is happening and is real.

    Now the govment is caught between a rock and a hard place. A govment building has been commandeered, a deadly sin normally lol, but recapture of that building means more truth coming to light.

    I see the think tank wanks burning the mid night oil trying to come up with a diversion. Good job Jean keeping your focus on this while humanity waits and watches for the next false flag! 🙂

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