Oregon standoff: RT America special

This reporter has touched only the surface of the ‘real’ truth! She clearly has no idea of the deeper story. It’s sad! The Native American clearly has no idea about the game being played, and she is playing right into their hands. It”s about minerals’ it’s about outright thievery! It makes me so angry we have to ‘take’ this: the people are on the short end of the stick, because they are not informed! They are innocents being led to the slaughter.

The same goes for an article published by Zerohedge: “This One Is A Bag Of Dicks”: America Answers Oregon Militia’s Plea For “Supplies”


Published on Jan 15, 2016

It’s been two weeks since an armed militia took over a federal wildlife refuge in eastern Oregon. In this special report, we’ll first hear from Ammon Bundy, the leader of the militia, as well as the Burns Paiute tribal chairwoman who disputes that ranchers are the ‘rightful owners’ of the refuge. Then, RT’s Simone Del Rosario sits down with the mayor of Burns, Oregon the town of the occupation, and a former employee of the Bureau of Land Management, the agency cited by the militia as a reason for occupation.

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