Why Is the CIA Taking Over Burns, Oregon? by Dave Hodges DON’T MISS THIS . . . !!!!!


The highlighting, etc., is mine  🙂

Read to find out the possible reason that RT is not reporting this story in any way that is close to accurate. ~J

The Ammon Bundy group, currently operating 30 miles outside of the Burns, Oregon, has been the victim of the most heinous and effective takeovers in the history of the media.

The Ammon Bundy group along with their presence in Oregon, threatens to expose a terrible agenda of oppression and governmental abuse being perpetrated against the American people and in particular the ranchers and the farmers in the West.

In an attempt to control the narrative, CNN and Fox News have been the only media organizations that have not either been physically taken down or neutralized through the infiltration by covert government operatives, many of them from the CIA.

To date, The Common Sense Show has been the only organization outside of Fox and CNN that has effectively covered the Ammon Bundy-Hammond Ranch controversy in a first-hand manner. And this coverage of the Hammond Ranch Affair did not occur without a severe price being paid by The Common Sense Show (CSS) and its related partners.

Katy Whelan, the Health Reporter for The Common Sense Show.

Katy Whelan, the Health Reporter for The Common Sense Show.

On Sunday, January 10, 2016, Katy Whelan, the health reporter for the CSS, made contact with a relative of Ammon Bundy. As many of you already know that both satellites that carry my show, the phone lines, the listen by phone option and all supportive operations of my satellite provider were taken down one minute before the scheduled interview was to begin. Adding legitimacy to this conspiracy to hide the truth behind the real events in Burns, Oregon, Ammon Bundy and his colleagues simultaneously had every form of their communications taken down at the same time. One would have to be one “helluva” coincidence theorist to not make this connection.

On the following day (January 11), the CSS and Ammon Bundy used alternative communication methods and we were able to get beyond censors of the federal government and produce the Dave Hodges/Sheila Zilinsky interview with Ammon Bundy. Below, is a link to this interview. It begins after 20 minutes into the show and lasts for almost 40 minutes. In this 40 minutes lies the only honest account, to date of what is really going on Burns and what Ammon Bundy and colleagues are really trying to accomplish.

Ammon Bundy, leading the way for the restoration of property rights for ranchers and Native Americans in the West.

Ammon Bundy, leading the way for the restoration of property rights for ranchers and Native Americans in the West.


The events are threatening to every American, not just ranchers and farmers in the West. The BLM and the EPA are starting with the ranchers and farmers but they are working their way towards all of us, even those of us who live in densely populated urban areas. All of us will soon become victims of this tyranny. The CSS will be exposing the full extent of this plot in a future article.

As an aside, when I became involved with the events in Burns, Oregon, Zuckerberg and his minions have banned me from Facebook.

The Plot to Silence the Independent Media

Pastors serving government over God.

Pastors serving government over God.

Some involved Americans are keenly aware of how our churches have been compromised by the DHS’ plot to control pastors through the formation of the Clergy Response Team. Today, societal events that would have sent Christians into a tizzy a dozen years ago, go unprotested and largely unnoticed by Christian followers because many of the pastors are controlled by the DHS and are leveraged through tax exempt programs offered by the IRS which are designed to compromise the message of Christ. Well, the same thing is going on inside of the Independent Media.

The Independent Media Is Under Extreme Attack

There is a plot so massive, so corrupt and so well-orchestrated that nearly every member and organization connected to the Independent Media is impacted. Many of us in the Independent Media speak about this frequently amongst one another. Many of us ignore these attempts to infiltrate our organizations in an attempt obfuscate the truth and to control the narrative. And those that ignore this threat find their organizations compromised to the point where a scant few believe in what they are saying and doing. Believe me when I say that all of us in the Independent Media have had to deal with these attempts to engineer a “hostile takeover” of our operations.

Many of us in the Independent Media have tightened up our organizations in an attempt to protect our operations from being compromised. We speak amongst each other about limiting access to ourselves and our organizations to those with whom we absolutely trust and know their respective backgrounds. Simply speaking from my circle, I trust Steve Quayle, Doug and Joe Hagmann, Dr. Ted Broer, Sheila Zilinski, Paul Martin, John Moore, Randy Yarbrough and a few others. Remember, this is only my small part of the world. There are many others deserving of the public’s trust. I am only speaking about my small group of trusted colleagues.

To those truth-seekers who truly desire real news with no political agenda, you need to support the operations of those that have stood the test of time. Everyone of us in the Independent Media who are under constant assault, know the following to be true:

Everyone knows that six globalist corporations owns 98% of the media.

Everyone knows that government shills infiltrate the Independent Media.

Everyone knows that Biz-Ops sponsors ads which reveals that DHS pays many of these infiltrators $18 per hour, so they are not getting the best and the brightest.

Everyone knows that many of those that penetrate the Independent Media have dubious personal backgrounds.

Everyone knows that many of those that infiltrate the Independent Media have criminal backgrounds and avoid jail time by being “turned” by the authorities in order to silence government critics in a concentrated effort to control the narrative.

There are journalists in the Independent Media who are willing to lay down their lives to bring you the truth. The public’s challenge is to determine who is telling the truth. Along those lines, I feel I am stepping out onto a steep ledge with a monumental drop off as I am about to report the following:


 The Naked Truth

If one works in the Independent Media for any length of time, we develop covert sources who prove invaluable in pointing us to the truth. How do I know that the CIA is controlling the operations in Burns, Oregon? My first answer would be that I know this because my very best source has told me so. This was the source that helped me reveal how close this country came TO a military coup which resulted from the Benghazi Affair. My covert source told me that the CIA was doing all the things that I alluded to earlier in Burns, Oregon.

It is interesting that the mainstream media is permitted to have its unnamed sources, but the Independent Media is not. In deference to this double standard, the following represents tangible proof of what I speak.

Harney County Fire Marshall, Christo Briels resigned his position after discovering undercover CIA agents posing as militia members near the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. According to Briels, he found CIA agents who were impersonating militia members, as they were harrassing locals and lurking around the town’s armory. Briels went to county Judge Steve Grasty and was told to shut up and keep his distance. Grasty would not have told Briels to shut up about the FBI presence in Burns because everyone already knew the FBI already had established a presence. Therefore, I have concluded, as has Sheila Zilinsky, that Grasty and Briels were discussing the CIA, which matches my source. Grasty would not have cared about the mention of the FBI because they were already there. Grasty would have had no cause to expel Briels from their meeting unless they are speaking of the CIA. But wait, there is more.

Sheila Zilinsky

Sheila Zilinsky

Sheila Zilinsky interviewed Christopher Briels. According to Sheila, Briels identified the infiltrators as CIA and continued to do so throughout the course of the interview. As Sheila made it clear that their conversation was an interview, Briels changed his story from CIA agents infiltrating the situation on the scene to FBI agents at the scene. Everyone already knew that FBI agents were on the scene as they were videotaped with the Idaho III%ers. Briels told Sheila that his life was in danger and his flip flop between the CIA and the FBI speaks to this point.

Christopher Briels

Christopher Briels

Both Mr. Grasty and Mr Briels better learn that if you are on the list, you better be on top of the list. These two need to discover their manhood and start speaking the truth. They represent the abused ranchers, or at least they should.

Judge Grasty

Judge Grasty


The CIA vs. the FBI

It is known and expected that the FBI would be on the scene in Oregon in order to bring about a resolution to this drama, one way or another…

I have learned that it is indeed the CIA on the scene. This is most unusual in a domestic dispute. However, the CIA has a vested interest in controlling the narrative. Why? Because as I have pointed out before, the CIA is involved, domestically, with Chinese and Russian troops on our soil. As I have previously documented, the CIA and the DHS are involved with Senator Harry Reid and his sons to defraud ranchers and hand their mineral rich ranches to the federal government so they can plunder these resources on behalf of their foreign partners and other related interests. I know for a fact that CIA forces are taking uranium from the Hammond Ranch as I write these words. I have also previously documented how uranium was being taken from American sources and deposited into an trust held by Hillary Clinton and that a Canadian front group was facilitating the deal. Clinton was handing over the uranium to the Russians and receiving campaign donations for her trouble. Most did not want to listen, but these events are coalescing in Burns, Oregon as I write these words. This is why the CIA is on the scene to control the narrative. This is why the CIA took my show down last Sunday because they did not want Ammon Bundy to tell his side of the story because it is so radically different than what is being portrayed on Fox and CNN. This plot now involves the Russian media and they are attempting to control the media by parroting and then distorting what Sheila Zilinsky and I are reporting. This will be fully exposed in the next part of this series.

In my next article, I have revealing the intimate details of this plot, God Willing.

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11 Responses to Why Is the CIA Taking Over Burns, Oregon? by Dave Hodges DON’T MISS THIS . . . !!!!!

  1. Ilex says:

    I guess this would be the perfect set up for a false flag event. Reminds me of the Boston bombings, the CO shooting, Charlie Hebdo, wow and the list just goes on and on. Imagine that.

  2. Deborah says:

    Jean…..all of your posts this morning made it to my inbox, with the exception of this one!
    Hugs~ Deborah

  3. JT says:

    It is too late. Recall that the federation of Iroquois had land and a constitution. A duck is a duck is a duck. The constitution is being over run just as was done to the Iroquois.
    All enemy combatatants are effectively foreign, and are mercenaries. You may include whichever candidate seems to fit this as well
    The judge is a foreign acting agent
    I dont want trouble nor do i want to ge labled. What is this? Plain and simple, war. We have had this building for some time, in increments. The aware will not exceed 3 percent..btw, this the awakening threshold.. So what does one do with the 97 percent zionist Jesus/Zeus freaks who love their Anderson Pooper? Vote with your wallet. Guns are a fools errand. Call me a coward, but i intend not to abandon my family to the alternative. This will pass. The idiots are under compartmentalist directive. They will self destruct. Stay safe. Seek shelter. Those in the limelight have pledged their live, or have they?. Is it real, or is it memorex? Wait and see.
    Sorry to disappoint. You may self destruct in your minds, or stay cool. Whose truth, there are dozens of versions. The carny has your attention at this time. Not you Jeane, the carny is working this full time. Ultimately, the cia is corporate. They cannot divulge, just be hacked.

  4. JT says:

    One more thing.. Ruby ridge, waco. What happened. Something, or just a rough facsimile, if at all. Was waco just a messy version of sandy hook? These were not your typical folks. Was this planned, is koessh an actor, living in the tropics? How do we know? Is it more valuable to be upset, and distraught? Or, get off of the grid. Use your energy wisely. Dont get down and exhausted, and fall out. Get your affairs in order. This is what all of this is telling me. But do not exhaust yourself to oblivion.

  5. JT says:

    Is this true? Was bay of pigs true? Were we in cahoots with krushev with the Cuban thingy ( that is my walker bush accent).
    Man, so much life has passed by while wasting time on these thingys. Life is for the living, we are being milked. Of our energy.

    Now, some will think me a troll. Well, those who do think this way, be aware, but be measured in yur life. Keep your powder dry.

    Sent from my iPad

  6. JT says:

    is it possible that while we are all just consumers (not really citizens), we have been sold via our BirthCert to the corporations. therefore, why would the msm desire to share their marketshare with independent media? Is it even possible that this is merely all following a captured consumer, and – the independents have NOT paid their fees to the govt? therefore, they get the govt to pull the plug. How dare they. We paid for the american market. Don’t you think the msm is terrified of losing more marketshare than they already have? Although, for those aware, the msm is like a drunk husband who cheats, and beats his wife (the dopes in front of the boobtube) – note: I am a dope sometimes too. Must help wife watch her tv shows.
    That drunk husband will be abandoned by the wife, once and for all. So, in fact, are things going to get worse, or is this all a corrupt govt/corp, trying to not kill the golden goose? I suggest that due to (not conspiracy, but incompetence) they will kill the goose. It is a cycle, and cycles happen. Cant stop it. Keep your wallet and your powder dry.

    by the way – one is either a sovereign or a citizen. One cannot be both. Creation does not require us to get it right, just requires us to experience and learn. getting it right would be nice though.

  7. Tracy says:

    I’m listening to this recording now; JT everything you have suggested strikes a note with me. IMO it’s all been one “really big show”. We are being milked of not only our “energy” and also all of EARTHS precious resources (including us) everything is up for grabs by the “parasites”. Why do you suppose “the audit the fed” bill did not pass after all the “bluster” from both sides of the isle for at least I recall since Ron Paul left the congress. Because it’s one big “shell game” to keep people distracted to continue the crimes, divided and fighting amongst ourselves, and causing people to be filled with emotions/aka: loosh to feed upon. As I recall the “do nothing congress” only seemed interested in passing bills that would allow them to “profit” (undetected by the tax payers) keep the budget from ever being fulfilled with endless deficits into infinity, and for instance: Senate Votes To Legalize Space Mining ~ Senate Votes To Legalize Space Mining, and http://www.theeventchronicle.com/science/new-us-space-mining-law-to-spark-interplanetary-gold-rush/; see text of H.R.2262 – U.S. Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act – https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/house-bill/2262/text. REALLY!!! The United States if falling apart and the congress is interested in passing a bill to allow “mining” of asteroids. They only know how to RAPE, PILLAGE, and PLUNDER for PROFIT all thanks to the TTIP, TISA, et. al; where Corporations receive all the reward and the human slaves are forced to take all the risk and responsibility – without the ability for “remedy” in the courts. More “smoke and mirrors”. But that’s O.K. because as you say (the dopes in front of the boobtube) have to have their binge fix; yes and I help my beloved watch some “programming” too, except I “real-eyes” I’m watching a show. Yes indeed use one’s energy wisely (as best one is able to discern). None of this makes sense, build a “huge market” of consumers since at least if not prior to 1913 under the guise of “birth-cert-slavery” to one day implode it. Perhaps you’ve nailed it JT all to get the “energetic reaction”??? Anymore I don’t know what I don’t know. What I do know is what you reap you sow, therefore giving it my best attempt to put the love thing out there, so that one day I’ll get lathered up with nothing but LOVE. It beats the alternative IMO. ❤

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