United Nations declares the Holy See legally responsible and accountable to Indigenous Peoples for effects and legacy of racist colonial Papal Bulls and Doctrines

What do you think? More words, when actions are required? ~J


Press Release from the Apache-Nde-Nnee Working Group


14 January 2016

As the result of a comprehensive shadow report and presentations by members of the Apache-Nde-Nnee Working Group submitted to the United Nations (UN) Committee on the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD) for the Committee’s review of the Holy See, the UN CERD Committee has recognized that the Doctrine of Discovery, the Holy See’s Inter Caetera and related Papal Bulls are within the legal scope of racial discrimination under International Law and therefore require redress.

The UN CERD Committee has also recognized in its concluding observations that the Holy See is responsible for the past and present effects, i.e. the ongoing legacy, of these historical racist legal documents, and that, in addition, the Holy See must be in direct dialogue with appropriate representatives of Indigenous Peoples to discuss its accountability.

The CERD Committee has additionally recognized that the Holy See, in its response to the Committee’s questioning regarding issues raised by the Apache-Nde-Nnee Working Group, remarked that a high-level meeting between Indigenous Peoples and the Pope regarding the canonization of Juniper Serra (see pages 13, 14, 27, 28, 30, 34, 35, 38, 48 of the shadow report) will occur at an unspecified time in the future, but that knowledge of such a meeting with Indigenous Peoples has thus-far excluded the Apache-Ndee Nnee and Working Group, as well as the additional issues raised in the shadow report, such as the the Doctrine of Discovery, the Holy See’s Inter Caetera and related Papal Bulls, and the past and ongoing effects and legacy therein. The CERD Committee has concluded that these issues and appropriate representatives of Indigenous Peoples must be included in said high-level meeting.

With the support of the UN CERD Committee and its Concluding Observations therein, the Apahche-Nde-Nnee Working Group holds firm and demand that this dialogue between the Pope and Indigenous Peoples must indeed occur, and must include the Apache-Ndee-Nnee Working Group and the issues of the Apache-Ndee Nnee, including those issues raised in the Working Group’s shadow report, for full accountability of the Holy See and justice to occur. These dialogues must result in genuine redress and remedy and in the establishment or supporting of the establishment of one or more related Truth Commission(s). Moreover, such a Truth Commission must occur with respect to self-determination, historical correction, and the rights of women and all affected peoples therein.

Follow-up by the UN CERD Committee on the progress of the Holy See in these measures will occur at the Committee’s next review of the Holy See, as per the Committee’s Concluding Observations.

For further questions or information contact:

Michael Paul Hill, project leader and originator of the Apache-Nde-Nnee Working Group and shadow report, michaelpaulhill@gmail.com / phone: +1 520-261-7074

India Reed Bowers, legal counsel and project co-coordinator for the Apache-Nde-Nnee Working Group and shadow report, india.bowers@gmail.com / phone: +46 (0) 70-283-4808


Apache-Nde-Nnee Working Group Shadow Report:


CERD Concluding Observations:


Video recordings of the CERD Holy See review sessions, including Apache-Nde-Nnee Working Group oral interventions:





Transcripts of CERD – Holy See State review session:



Text from the CERD Committee’s Concluding Observations directly regarding the Holy See and Indigenous Peoples, as a result of the contributions of the Apache-Nde-Nnee Working Group, is as follows:

“Indigenous peoples

16. While welcoming the statement made by Pope Francis in the Plurinational State of Bolivia in July 2015, in which he apologized for the actions of the Catholic Church in the context of colonialism against indigenous peoples in the Americas, the Committee notes the concerns expressed by indigenous peoples regarding the current legacy and effects of the Doctrine of Discovery endorsed in the Inter Caetera from 1493 and its related papal bulls, as well as other issues (arts. 2, 5 and 6).

17. The Committee recommends that the State party engage in meaningful dialogue with indigenous peoples with the aim of effectively addressing their concerns. In this regard, the Committee takes note of the information provided by the State party delegation concerning a high-level dialogue that is scheduled to take place in Rome to address the concerns expressed by indigenous peoples, and recommends that the State party ensure that its interlocutors in this dialogue include appropriate representatives designated by indigenous peoples. The Committee requests the State party to provide information in its next periodic report on the outcome of the meeting and concrete follow-up measures taken.”


Colonization, dispossession, obstruction, erasure, and domination: a historic map of the currently-named ‘North America’ and more: a vignette of the Spaniards taking gold from Indigenous Peoples. A sea-battle in the Pacific. The British, French and Spanish colonies are all marked, along with the Great Lakes and ‘Terra Apachorum’- from 1540-1749, the Ndé fought fiercely against the Spanish overthrow of Konitsaii gokíyaa, known to the Spanish Crown as Terra Apachorum, translated as “La Gran Apachería,” and considered by the Spanish monarchy to be the Apache sovereign territory to the north of Tenochtitlán.


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7 Responses to United Nations declares the Holy See legally responsible and accountable to Indigenous Peoples for effects and legacy of racist colonial Papal Bulls and Doctrines

  1. cinnamon says:

    On this, I agree with you, just more finger pointing rhetoric. Look over there, no, look over there, I didn’t do it, he did it, well, I didn’t do it she did..still playing us as empty minded cattle/sheeple. I have had the worst EMF/ELF/RF physical effects ever, every day this week!! I even told my sister, something major is going to happen imminently, that is why the are amping up the lower vibrations/frequencies. Luckily, the rest of my family is not physically affected, but that is probably because, they are not/will not awaken. The day long pulses of EMF/ELF/RF, I am surprised that I am still here in this meatsuit, every morning.

  2. bewareofserco says:

    UN = Constant hot air, lies and obfuscation.
    Vatican = Constant hot air, lies and obfuscation.

    The ONLY action we need from these Satanic organisations is that they piss off, find somewhere to DIE (sooner the better) and leave humanity alone to evolve naturally and spiritually as it was always meant to be, which will happen just as soon as this overbearing pile of good-for-nothing, Satanic shite, gets off our backs.

  3. lecox says:

    Life is a game. A game consists of purposes, freedoms, and barriers – and a field of play. Laws are the barriers, the rules of the game. If you break too many of the rules, you get thrown out of the game.
    These days the most acceptable game to play is considered to be the game that the majority has agreed to. However, that doesn’t mean other games are not being played. One very interesting game that has been played more or less continuously for a very long time is to – by some means – take over some group’s game and gradually change the rules so that the majority never catches on that their game has been hijacked. Perhaps they all finally recognize that they were tricked and try to fight back. But usually such people are in the minority, so they lose.
    And when push comes to shove, the truth about games shows itself: The game that wins is the game that can be enforced. And eventually the barriers (laws) become so complex and so important that the group’s sense of play all but disappears.
    So we finally discover (as if we didn’t already know) that the Roman Catholic Church was involved in the European takeover of the Americas, and that some remedial action seems to be needed, and that such action should probably be a “legal” action involving repayment of damages or something similar. And it could well be that this is all just talk, and that even such meager remedies as this will never happen.
    So here we are, talking about laws and politics – the barriers in the game – when what we really need is a workable way to recover more of our freedoms. If someone thinks they can expand freedom by moving the barriers around, they are sadly – and I think obviously – mistaken. If people want more freedom they will have to focus on something above the level of law (barriers) to find it. They will have to focus on the problem of freedom; how it is created and how it is maintained. If you can learn that, it doesn’t matter what barriers are erected to pull you back down. If a group could do this, it could truly ascend.

    • Jean says:

      Question: Who is the majority that has agreed to play this game? 🙂 Hugs, ~Jena

      • lecox says:

        I’m saying that’s the impression that’s always being conveyed…everybody’s doing it…it’s very popular…don’t be left out. In the political arena we have “democracy” which supposedly assures that the laws that are passed are those wanted by a majority of the people, but of course that has never really been the case. Probably the majority of people aren’t that interested in politics and wish they would just be left alone to live as they please.
        However, there are some very large-scale games that are pertinent to our situation that were also made “acceptable” to everybody by similar deceptive methods. One of those games is using biological animals for bodies, and the other one – related – is relying on the physical universe to generate most of our energy for us. These are games that most of us don’t even assume can be changed or should be changed, yet impinge on us daily and assist the criminals of the universe to control us. Thus, when one extends the idea of freedom out far enough, these very basic games come into view and likewise must be questioned.
        At a smaller-group level, you do have games that are widely loved and supported – including many of the activities that we borrow this word from: sports, and all sorts of other recreational activities. Some people like to work and be part of a company. Other people like to do entertainment activities. These are pretty popular activities. But when you get up to the level of: Who will decide how much pollution the Pacific Ocean can withstand? this is seen by most people as beyond their reach, and so the problem is left unconfronted or in the hands of persons who might not have long-term sustainability as their goal.
        What can we do to decriminalize the very large-scale games that most people aren’t interested in? It’s a tough question to answer.

        • Jean says:

          What a great answer, Larry, thank you! I’ve just published a very interesting video by KrisAnne Hall that I hope will awaken us to a discussion of our Constitution that could begin to bring an end to some of these games . . . long overdue, IMO 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

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