Urnaium – Links and info from a Reader

Readers, I think this is info we need to know. Also, I’ve been told everything, absolutely everything will be exposed to ready us for the new financial takeover. There will be no delusions/illusions left – including partisan dreams, and we will become so desperate that we will find ourselves grateful for the ‘new’ financial system that will be offered to us. When this idea was presented to me, I wan’t sure how to take it. This could be the plans of the cabal — to absolutely decimate us here in this country. On the other hand, I’m thinking that such a plan could go either way. At that point in time, perhaps Americans would be ready to UNITE against the psychopaths and get rid of them, instead of continuing with all the partisanship divisions that go nowhere.

I know it is a fact that any military that wants to free us must work off of a civilian authority, and maybe by that time, people will understand that the militias have been infiltrated, a fact of which many members are likely unaware, and even so, the rank and file will be willing to come forward to help provide that civilian platform. In other words, things are going to get very bad, before they get better. I suggest we prepare ourselves. ~J

PS Do you all remember the interview Jesse Ventura did with Leurn Moret in which it was shared that Karen Hudes and husband facilitated the sale of the waters of Lake Superior to China? H’da’ like them apples? Huh? 

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Reader, USNVeteran says:

What is truly scary is the greedy sell-off of America’s land and resources is not just limited to Oregon or uranium. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if China and Russia go to war over their claims for America’s resources.

If we are going to recover our freedom and our country, all patriots are going to have to do double-time in our efforts to bring about even a glimpse of victory.

January 5, 2016
Our Land: Collateral For The National Debt:

January 15, 2013
Russia Seeks Full Buyout Of Uranium One:
‘A Russian state-owned uranium company wants to fully buy out Uranium One, Inc., a firm with uranium projects in Wyoming, although company executives insist no uranium from the state will go to Russia. … Uranium One’s main operations – those most highly prized by Russia – are in Kazakhstan. The company also has projects in Wyoming, Australia and Tanzania. …’

September 27, 2012
Uranium Projects In Wyoming:

Utah’s Uranium Boom:

Maps Show Us Where We Won’t Be Able To Live After The Takeover Of America Is Completed…

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4 Responses to Urnaium – Links and info from a Reader

  1. translimits says:

    Jean, I watched The Big Short last night. It was disgusting, sad and chilling. The insane, soul-less MD that started the whole thing at Scion not only got away with it all BUT he’s narrowed his sites on selling just one thing: WATER!!!! OMG! “….When will they (we) ever learn? When will they (we) ever learn?…”

  2. Tracy says:

    Besides the ongoing raping of ALL EARTH RESOURCES & TOIL, the real question is “What is all of this Uranium being used for? Is this what you call “a monopolized market” so that the price controls can continue to squeeze the maximum reward for those who purchase said product; or is there something yet more “black-op or nefarious” going on??

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