Why Is Earth’s Schumann Resonance Accelerating?


The Ancient Indian Rishis called 7.83 Hz the frequency of OM. It also happens to be Mother Earth’s natural heartbeat rhythm, known as the “Schumann Resonance.” According to Wikipedia,“Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere.”

For many years this resonance frequency has hovered at a steady 7.83 Hz with only slight variations. In June 2014 that apparently changed. Monitors at the Russian Space Observing System showed a sudden spike in activity to around 8.5 Hz. Since then, they haveczc499stotliwoc59bc487-schumanna recorded days where the Schumann accelerated as fast as 16.5 Hz. (The graph is usually blue with some green, and no white.) At first they thought their equipment was malfunctioning, but later learned the data was accurate. Everyone was asking, what’s causing this intermittent spiking activity?

Is the Earth’s frequency speeding up? Since the Schumann frequency is said to be “in tune” with the human brain’s alpha and theta states, this acceleration may be why it often feels like time has sped up and events and changes in our life are happening more rapidly.

These emerging resonances are naturally correlated to human brainwave activity. So this means, we are changing. Many years ago I was trained in EEG Neurofeedback, so I looked at what these accelerated frequencies might be telling us about human evolutionary change. A 7.83 Hz frequency is an alpha/theta state. Relaxed, yet dreamy—sort of a neutral idling state waiting for something to happen. A 8.5 – 16.5 Hz frequency moves one out of the theta range into more of a full calmer alpha state with faster more alert beta frequencies starting to appear. (This correlates with slowly waking up cognitively). Since the Schumann Resonance hasSchumann-resonance-before-it-went-down had sudden spikes between 12 – 16.5 Hz (see pic’s white areas),  I found this even more interesting. In Neurofeedback, 12-15 Hz is called Sensory-Motor Rhythm frequency (SMR). It is an ideal state of “awakened calm.” Our thought processes are clearer and more focused, yet we are still “in the flow” or “in the know.” In other words, Mother Earth is shifting her vibrational frequency and perhaps so are we. This may be one of many signs that we are AWAKENING.

Scientist’s report that the Earth’s magnetic field, which can affect the Schumann Resonance, has been slowly weakening for the past 2,000 years and even more so in the last few years. No one really knows why. I was told by a wise old sage from India that the magnetic field of Earth was put in place by the Ancient Ones to block our primordial memories of our true heritage. This was so that souls could learn from the experience of free-will unhampered by memories of the past. He claimed that the magnetic field changes are now loosening those memory blocks and we are raising our consciousness to greater truth. The veil is lifting. The blinders are coming off. If true, it raises even more intriguing questions.

Whatever is happening, it’s clear that this acceleration may make you feel more tired, exhausted, dizzy, depressed, and even strange as you raise your own frequencies to be more “in tune” with the New Earth. Adaptation is not always an easy process, but keep in mind it’s all part of your own unique AWAKENING.

Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor of the Trinfinity8 technology, and author of the book, Fractals of God.   amazon.com/author/k

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6 Responses to Why Is Earth’s Schumann Resonance Accelerating?

  1. yodatom says:

    We r carbon crystalline 3d sentient beings. Goin into light crystalline 5d sentient beings. Long story short, we r goin back into god mode. This is the 1st time I’ve ever post on Jean Haines blog. Been reading her blog 4 few years and luv her work. Jean puts out the info…it’s up 2 u 2 use your own decernment. Once u turn on that on switch in your brain. U will c everything 4 what it really is. And that’s what they r afraid of. Luv and light 2 all cosmos!

  2. bamboo-water says:

    This article “Why Is Earth’s Schumann Resonance Accelerating?” takes
    me back a few years to a webinar.

    Back on April 6, 2013 I attended a webinar by the Institute of HeartMath.
    The webinar was entitled “DNA and Cell Reprograming via Epigenetic Information
    Delivered by Magnetic Fields, Sound Vibration, and Coherent Water.” The main
    presenter was Carlo Ventura, MD, Ph.D, Full Professor of Molecular Biology,
    University of Bologna, Italy.

    The presentation was deeply fascinating; I took numerous notes and screenshots,
    but I found that my mind was being fed by a firehose of information. What follows are
    a few key points, which may relate to schumann resonance and what may be going on
    with/to humanity:

    + “By applying very low frequency magnetic fields we can change cells.”

    + “Dr.Yamanaka and Dr. Gurdon received the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physiology or
    Medicine for the discovery that mature cells can be reprogrammed to become

    + “You can reprogram cells with sound vibration.”

    + “The vibrations of cells change as the environment changes.”

    + “Sound and magnetism affect the environment and may be talking to our DNA.”

    + “Water may be really crucial for our internal dynamics.”

    + “Water can be ‘Signalized’ Non-Locally with Biological Information to Generate
    Coherent Domains Capable of Quantum Signaling and Information Transfer.”

    + “The earth’s field vibration (the schumann resonance) acts as a carrier wave that
    connects us all.”

    As the article “Why Is Earth’s Schumann Resonance Accelerating?” points
    out: the earth’s heartbeat, the schumann resonance has been close to 7.83 Hz for a
    long time. Yet, very recently, it has spiked in the range of 8.5 – 16.5 Hz (a range
    associated with a full and calmer alpha state of more alertness, a state of slowly
    waking up cognitively.)

    So this may raise some questions:

    1- Is the cosmos, is the earth ramping up its heartbeat, its vibrations to wake us all up?

    2- Is the cosmos, is the earth’s field vibration (the schumann resonance) acting not only
    as a carrier wave, connecting us all, but as a vehicle performing Quantum Signaling
    and Information Transfer? – “Water can be ‘Signalized’ Non-Locally with Biological
    Information to Generate Coherent Domains Capable of Quantum Signaling and
    Information Transfer.” We humans would certainly be excellent receivers and
    containers for potential Quantum Signaling and Information Transfer since depending
    on age—we are approximately 60% to 90% water.

    3- If information is being transferred to us, are we in some subtle ways remembering
    this information and acting on it?

    4- Water has been proven to have memory, could water be the disk drive which is
    storing the quantum signaling and information transfer coming from the cosmos,
    from earth—to each of us?

    “Study Shows Water Has Memory. German Scientists Expand On Dr. Emoto’s Work”

    “New Research Supports The Theory That Water Has Memory”

    “Water, Consciousness & Intent: Dr. Masaru Emoto”

    5- If the cosmos, if the earth are both doing these things, exactly what has the power to stop
    this quantum signaling, this information transfer from reaching us?

    I don’t have answers to any of these questions, but I am always deeply
    mindful of these comments from Nikola Tesla:

    “If you want to understand the universe




    and vibration.”

    Nikola Tesla

    For more on schumann resonance a long, but very interesting article can be found at:
    “Manipulating and Harnessing the Schumann Resonance”

    Jai Gurudev,

  3. Dawn Ziegler says:

    Love the idea of Dr. Emoto, but it has been debunked several times.

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