REPOST: Listen to Putin’s eye-opening speech about US Foreign Policy and McCain he made four years ago

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Many weren’t listening four years ago. Many are just beginning to listen now. It takes a long, long time for people to wake up. Hopefully, many will take the time to listen today! Hear the anger in Putin’s voice! This is supposed to be someone from the NWO, someone who is willing to play their games? I don’t think so. ~J

Published on Oct 1, 2015

This video goes back to a Russian TV show in 2011, when Putin’s foreign policy wasn’t quite as clear to the Russian public as it is today. Nevertheless, he makes his stance known on US foreign policy, and notably, his feelings toward Mr McCain.

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10 Responses to REPOST: Listen to Putin’s eye-opening speech about US Foreign Policy and McCain he made four years ago

  1. TONY LANE says:

    and yes Jean, I am agreeing with you once more, even some of his old Speeches are worth watching and listening to, they are so full of logic and passion he knows just what to say without a prompter and no script, and I never cease to wonder why someone like MACCAIN who really is a MORON in every sense of the word and how he gets a platform to speak from, because he would not even be able to get a soap box at Hyde Park corner, oxford street London, that’s the famous speakers corner, and if you speak there you have got to have the game and not just the name, and there was a time in the fifties that MACCAIN would have been peeled down to his underwear. and PUTIN they would just love him. hugs- tony

  2. wolf727 says:

    Putin, as far as i am aware, is the best statesman we have today on this planet – and he is Russian.

    It is a great shame or even criminal that Western mainstream media – especially BBC and CNN – demonize Putin with propaganda lies and false accusations.

    I consider Putin as our only hope in challenging and defeating the agenda of the US for a unipolar world which is another way of saying New World Order – the enslavement of mankind to an Orwellian police state through TTIP and TPP.

    In the past, I was not sure about Putin, but the more I listen to him, the more I am convinced he is sincere.

    However, having said all that one niggling doubt regarding to Putin’s character lurks in the shadows of my mind. And that is the 1999 apartment bombings. When I mentioned to some people about how much I admire Putin, some have brought up the September 1999 apartment bombings that killed 293 people and injured 651. I had to look it up to know what they were talking about.

    It is said there was evidence that the FSB were involved in the apartment bombings and that Putin was behind this false flag attack upon Russian citizens as a pretext for going to war with Chechnya and brought ex-KGB agent Vladimir Putin to power.

    This is the argument that has been thrown at me in order to claim that I am a fool to believe in Putin who is like any other politician who murders their own people to seize political initiative and power.

    I have done some reading on this and I do not know what to believe.

    If it is true Putin was behind the apartment bombings then I admit this saddens me greatly and naturally this will dampen my enthusiasm for him.

    However, having said that, if I had to make a choice between the NWO globalists and Putin, I would rather risk siding with Putin because so far his speeches and political actions on the world stage make more sense than the actions made by US and NATO.

    And yet from all the speeches, talks, interviews and actions made by Putin, his character seems to shine through and somehow this does not fit with the picture of Putin being behind the September apartment bombings.

    The character of Putin behind the apartments bombings and the character of Putin behind the interviews, talks and actions do not seem to fit each other. I am confused. I do not know what to believe.

    • Jean says:

      The decision is yours. Wolf. No one can tell you anymore. . . wish it weren’t so, but that’s the truth of it 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

    • Jean says:

      Wolf, I am really burned out, and I feel, however, I was a bit harsh with you. Please forgive me. Here are some thoughts that might help you decide – but remember you can always change your decision! You can update it:)

      Who actually reported this business about the 1999 bombings? Was it a reliable source? Could it have been propaganda that people bought into? How does this match with your own personal observations of this man? Does he sound like a man who would do this? Russia is sending humanitarian aid to Syria, while no one else is doing so. . .

      Just because other say something very loudly, doesn’t mean they are right – although they could be. Begin to trust yourself, Wolf. All along you have been on the right path, but I think maybe you haven’t had the courage to trust your own intuition, perhaps because you’ve always been shouted down. Because people speak in a loud voice, doesn’t mean they are right. Maybe they just want to shut you up, because they, unlike you, are afraid to deal with the truth.

      This doesn’t mean that you try to change their viewpoint, because that is impossible. You offer information, plant a seed, and what they do with it is their choice. I would suggest you read this week’s North Point Astrology Journal about love, and loving ourselves . . . and allowing others to walk their own path, because that is the only way they will learn.

      I hope this is a bit more helpful to you Wolf, and please forgive my harshness. Hugs, ~Jean

      • wolf727 says:

        Jean, As always you are a very kind, sensitive, person – you feel for others and you are very intelligent and wise.

        Thank you Jean, do not worry, I understood what you meant – I did not take your comment badly or personally.

        I agree with all of the points you raised.

        In case you misunderstood me, on the face of it and on what I see so far, I still consider Putin to be a true statesman and someone who has a heart with noble intentions for humanity.

        Sometimes I ask myself, am I being fooled again? Am I being naive? These are niggling doubts that come into my head when I read info regarding the sincerity of Putin.

        I agree with all the questions you raised regarding the source and intent behind the reporting of the 1999 bombings.

        I have asked those questions many times. Was it propaganda to discredit Putin? Was there a faction or small group working against Putin who carried out the bombings to discredit him?

        That is why I wrote in my previous comment that somehow the accusation of Putin being behind the 1999 bombings does NOT seem to fit with my personal observation of Putin when I listen to his words and see his actions.

        Everything you wrote in your comment I agree with. I have been turning those questions around my head. I honestly don’t know what is the truth, but… so far, I like what I see Putin is saying and doing. He just does not come across as someone who is ‘playing the game’ and deceiving us. He does not come across that way.

        Thank you Jean for your comment and I am sorry you had to take time out from your busy schedule to write to me, especially when you are burned out.

        I understand where you are coming from with regard to the ‘burn out’ scenario.

        I shall read North Point Astrology as you kindly suggested.

        I don’t need to forgive you for anything because you did nothing wrong, Jean.

        Take care, Jean and God bless.

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