The Elite Are Laughing! … from the writer who did so much to inform us in the past!

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I awoke very early this morning to this devastating information in an email. It is very important, and I ask you all to circulate it widely. ~J

It looks like GHW Bush is about to get away with another attack on the US.

The elite are just sitting back waiting now for their well compartmentalized, stealthy, obsessively-arranged, step by step, long-awaited coup. 

Someone in a major organization, on hearing it described, said it sounded like pre-drilled, scattered pearls, that could be all linked up in a moment.

OREGON is a trick to pull the attention of veterans, constitutionalists, patriots, etc. – those who really care – AWAY FROM A PLANNED COUP.

Prescott Bush attempted a coup of the US in 1933.  This is another Bush coup attempt.

Please, let people know!

A short alert:

Perhaps this can be averted.  It’s clear as a bell what they are doing.

The big HIDDEN false flag is going to be medical and it is a COUP.

There were WRITTEN directives under Bush (51 and 20) calling for the president to dissolve the Constitution, Congress and the Supreme Court if a series of different disasters happen (economic collapse, environmental disaster, etc. and A PANDEMIC EMERGENCY). 

Jerome Corsi on NSPD 51 – YouTube

If the WHO declares a level 6 pandemic emergency and then the president says things are out of control and asks for help, according to agreements Bush signed in 2007, the WHO and UN take over in the US.  The president rules without Congress or the Supreme Court, but with FEMA and DHS. 

All in writing.

So, viruses are the TRIPWIRE for a take over in the US by the WHO and the UN.

This is not imagination, it’s what they’ve carefully planned and PUT IN WRITING.  Pandemic laws are already in place throughout the country, with take over of ALL resources in the US (an unusual medical law).  All of them include mandatory vaccines, and imprisonment if anyone refuses and $1000 a day fines, plus another $1000 for not obeying any orders.

This must go out everywhere, NOW, and go viral in the US and internationally.  This might be averted if people really understand the horrors they have planned and simply exposed it everywhere.

And right now, they have people focused on Oregon!

We must not pay attention to anything else until this is fully out there.  NOT OREGON, not the COLLAPSING economy, NOTHING but stopping this coup.

9/11 was only the first shoe dropping.  Now comes the second one.

Please read BOTH to see the plan and the pandemic and bioweapons preparation:

First 9/11 Then Guillotines

Part One: Bush and 9/11 Using Explosives, Part Two: Rockefellers and A Coup, Using Bioweapons

FEMA and DHS have already done drills in all the major US subways over the last couple of years.  They were down there doing what?  It’s not like the other drills they follow by an immediate attack.  This is different and in multiple cities.  It is very likely that the subways were set up for spraying.

And they did a drill in NY (and maybe elsewhere) in November 2104 IN CASE all of these occurred at the same time: 

1.  a shut down of the banking system,

2.  a shut down of the power grid,

3.  a shut down of the internet, and

4.  an ebola pandemic emergency.

Drill – Potential False Flag Alert

And look what just came out as the economy is about to crash.

AP Investigation: US power grid vulnerable to foreign hacks

And they’ve already set up to blame ISIS which IS the US’s mercenary army.

ISIS Could Turn Ebola Into Bioweapon, Security Expert Warns

ISIS is their cover for the collapse of the economy and shut down of banking and hacking the power grid, and for “weaponized” ebola.  (By the way, they have added rabies to ebola and aerosoled both so the virus is more easily caught.  Ebola gives bleeding, and rabies creates the zombie part.)

There’s a hideous a section in Obamacare, and put there by the UN and WHO.  The Rockefellers et al run both.

Obamacare includes illegal UN and WHO coding for beheading, torture, ….

Here are the “pandemic laws.”   All the financial journalists should look carefully.  These laws are not medical – they are total financial and resource rape of the country and would mean imprisonment of millions who resist being killed by the vaccines from criminal and former Nazi companies. 

Ebola” Triggers George Bush’s Bizarre Pandemic Laws

In Europe, the WHO and NATO take charge, and all they have to do is have governments ask for help to enter with military and vaccines already containing chips (re: Simon Parkes) and set up total control.

The people inserted among the migrants may be there to set off ebola/rabies (which will also be blamed on migrants carrying diseases from Africa).

It’s a world coup hidden under medically saving people.  People don’t know that the WHO is a bioweapons arm of NATO.

Almost all governments are signed onto WHO agreements.  Most will not know what they are doing by asking for help, or know their countries will be asset stripped or what is in the vaccines.

The vaccines companies are primarily European and with horrific histories.

The Criminal and Nazi Companies Making the Ebola Vaccines

The elite are waiting for a huge step by step party leading to hell in the US and a coup.

OREGON is a trick to pull the attention of veterans, constitutionalists, patriots, etc. – those who really care – AWAY FROM A PLANNED COUP.

The coup is set off using a invisible virus but it’s easy to see years of VISIBLE presidential directives and WHO agreements and pandemic laws in place (all under Bush) and then Obamacare “legal executions” to tie it all up in a giant bow (or net).

The Bushes are on the verge of getting away with yet another attack on the US and taking it over. 

It’s easy to see the plan so we can stop it.


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15 Responses to The Elite Are Laughing! … from the writer who did so much to inform us in the past!

  1. Rosie says:

    Jean ~ yes at first glance this looks a very possible scenario. I believe that this was the end game planned by GWB on 9/11. Fortunately on that occasion ‘murphy’s law’ played a big part in scuppering that attempt. I also believe that the Clintons are planning something similar as laid out by one of their former ‘advisors’ on an Alex Jones talk show. His assessment was that Hilary planned to win the next election and then appoint Bill head of the UN so that they would jointly rule the world. Their vanity might be their undoing. We hear so much about the cabal but little about sources of the light who, in a balanced world, must exist and work against the forces of darkness. Hugs ~ Rosie xox

  2. Tracy says:

    Jean, I feel absolutely helpless – my family & immediate circle of influence will not believe a word of this “until and unfortunately not until something so vile were to happen”. I am looked upon as “henny penny”; I will try to do what I can. Thank you for your assistance to provide information to help us help ourselves. ❤

    • Jean says:

      Tracy, don’t feel helpless. It seems there is nothing you can do, just with the members of my family. They have had a choice, and it seems they have made it. There are those who will love you for your truthfulness and your willingness to look for the answers. Those of us who are willing to look are coming together, and we will create our own ‘families’. In the meantime, try to come here to this blog to help fulfill your needs. Hugs, ~Jean

      • Fergus says:

        Reach other people than your family about this. Reach everyone you can. Your family will respond when others are starting to, but they don’t even need to. What matters is that the truth of this starts to get out gets out and it shouldn’t be so hard – what they are doing is in writing.

    • Jean says:

      Tracy, I hope you will get this second reply. I suggest you read North Point Astrology Journal and Pam’s words about loving ourselves, as well as others. She has stated the situation so very well, better than I ever could, and you might find it helpful. Of course, it’s painful, like watching your child stumble and fall – in order to learn to be more careful, but often that is the way things must happen. People are often afraid to look at the truth. They haven’t the courage to do so, and it is only harmful to push them into it. In the meantime, try to find others of like mind who can appreciate the beauty of who you are, and Tracy there is so much that is beautiful and special about you. . . and I know the loneliness that comes with walking your own path among people who refuse to allow you to be you. That is control, Tracy, and control is borne out of fear . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  3. Given what is known about lethal adjuvants in vaccines and the Illuminati’s/Satanists UN Agenda 21- if they make vaccines mandatory- than fight to the death to avoid taking the shot- you’re going to die anyway; better to die fighting than on your f***ink knees.

  4. Debbie says:


    Obviously, there are a lot of things the stinking, rotten, humanity hating elites WANT..
    Remember the Fema camps and guillotines were in place when Bill Clinton was in office and the slaughter was supposed to begin under his Presidency..
    These soulless psychopaths want WWlll, in the worst way, but so far they have not succeeded in getting Putin to rise to the bait…
    I don’t doubt for one moment that there are horrible plans to kill us off, but so far, they haven’t been able to really get it going – the mass slaughter for Americans, the Ebola outbreak…we even got onto their nefarious plans for killing us with vaccines….of course, they keep trying…word is Bill Gates is behind the thousands of shrunken headed babies with his latest Nazi DTAP vaccine – and blaming it on previously harmless virus…as long as they live and breathe among us, these horrific crimes will continue……….and I would circulate this latest connecting of the dots that you have here, because the more people read and realize just how diabolical they are, the stronger our resistance is to them and the more we slow their plans.
    I do not believe their plans will ever become our reality, the resistance is here, the awakening is happening and the stronger that reality is the less they can hurt us.
    We might feel right now, as if we are teetering on the precipice of war, famine and engineered pandemics, and surely that is what they wish on us, but don’t you think that they are over exposed and in fact, diminishing in power?
    I’ve no doubt that this last year under Obama will be marked as an all out attempt to destroy America, but I don’t think it will actually go as he and his masters might have planned. He couldn’t really get traction trying to get his carbon tax con game going, and so far, we have not been handed over to the UN, and while there is certainly rough sailing out there with the thieving central banks positioning themselves to steal all of our deposits, and some of that might come to pass, but wholesale destruction……I don’t see that happening. I kind of dare them to confiscate our bank accounts, as that will be a total call to arms and revolution, and if they think they can take everyone’s money and just go their merry way with it, well I think they might have a hard time enjoying that money, be hard to spend from their bunkers that they better NEVER emerge from.
    We can help stop all of it by sitting in defiance and spreading the word.
    Thank you for spreading the word.

    • Jean says:

      I agree that these things won’t become a reality, Debbie, because so many people are doing exactly what you suggest: we’re spreading the word. If we do nothing, then I think the result could be up for grabs. I think the idea is to spread the word, but without going into fear 🙂 and I do believe most of my readers are able to do that.


  5. Ilex says:

    This is a rehearsal for the vitamin C again. For the new folks – here’s what you need.
    Lypospheric Vitamin C at least one pack a day so that your body has a good supply. If your Vitamin C supply is at a good level, you really should not need anything else. Maybe increase to two or three packets a day if it gets REAL close.
    Per Dr. Levy, Thomas, who follows Dr. Klenner’s work – Dr. Klenner was treating successfully ALL viruses with huge doses of Vitamin C.
    Dr. Levy states that a mixture of Vitamin C of the best medicine around, so as a secondary or primary source that is much cheaper and this is verbatim: Buffered Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C Crystalline Powder. You do need to stay hydrated of course, this leads to good immunity as well.
    I would suggest everyone because of the chemtrailing and no sunlight be on Vitamin D3 with K2 as well.
    Not sure how effective the Vitamin C will be with rabies but it should be a good as well.

  6. Just Me says:

    Who wrote this?

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