The Elite Are Laughing, a follow up . . . What we can do to prevent this biological horror — and should it happen, how we can care for ourselves. ~J

INITIAL ARTICLE The Elite are Laughing 

Short intro, concerning GHW BUSH, and who he really is:

GHW Bush is considered evil even by the assassins he has hired.  Americans who begin getting word out about the plan for another Bush coup, may want to realize who he is in depth and that they are in a sense responding to what this evil, evil man has done to this country.

GHW Bush’s family had helped fund the Nazis and was involved in bringing them secretly to the US after the war. 

“According to former US Justice Dept. Nazi War Crimes prosecutor John Loftus — who is today the director of the Florida Holocaust Museum — “The Bush family fortune came from the Third Reich,” -Sarasota Herald-Tribune

“Along with the Rockefellers (Standard Oil, Chase Manhattan Bank), Mellons (Gulf Oil, Alcoa Aluminum), DuPonts (DuPont Chemicals), General Motors and Henry Ford, banks and shipping companies operated by the Bush family were crucial players in setting up the industrial power behind the Third Reich. These companies poured hundreds of millions of dollars into IG Farben and provided it with technology for tactically-essential synthetic materials-*** while withholding the same materials and patents from the US government.*** ”

GHW Bush helped organize the assassination of Kennedy, which was a coup in itself and led to the Vietnam War and millions of deaths and Monsanto spraying Agent Orange causing grotesque birth defects and the immense pain of mothers and fathers, and to the death of RFK and MLK and Lennon and all that meant, and to the rigged election of his son and 9/11 and to going to war in Iraq and to Afghanistan  and to the unnecessary deaths of American soldiers and the suicidal trauma of those soldiers for oil and opium profits and to the use of depleted uranium in weapons there and the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who died and to the horrific birth defects from DE (the CDC, working with the CIA, has 2 sets of book on DU to the unbearable pain of mothers and fathers there and to bankrupting of this country.

He ran the CIA which controls the CDC which produced ebola and patented it and has lied about all the vaccines (which all contain sterilizing agents and are all contaminated, and “In 1970, George H W Bush authored the Family Planning Act which funded the sterilization of Native American women. Video. and is behind the pandemic laws that would force extremely suspect vaccines – coming from “ex”-Nazi companies
( – on millions of Americans  … on and on and on. 

So, a great deal comes together in this moment.  Americans reaching each other to stop a planned coup, turns out to be very personal.

The American people need to understand the depth of evil they will be stopping in exposing GHW Bush’s coup plan.  When people warn the country, they will be doing so on behalf of all those who GHW Bush assassinated, people who were themselves trying to save this country.  And they will be doing so in honor of Dudley Butler who alone stopped GHW Bush’s fascist father and the corporations behind him.  Prescott Bush wished to install a fascist government modeled on Hitler  He failed. 

The American people can stop GHW Bush (and his friends) by getting the truth out.  That truth, carried by person after person, door to door, phone call to phone call, email to email, can save the US. 

Here are GHW Bush’s friends

Here is how evil he is.

CIA Operation 40 and JFK, RFK, John Lennon assassinations, Watergate, 9/11: VIDEO: CIA Operation 40 and JFK, RFK, John Lennon assassinations, Watergate, 9/11: Expert Ole Dammegard

Now, the author answers the question, sensibly posed by Arnie Rosner at Scanned Retina, who sees the importance of this information: “Other than alerting people to this possible impending danger, what action do you propose people should take to deal with such a threat? 

What you said is exactly what people can do.  But what they should understand is that what they do is life and death for the US and for millions of people here.  And if the country is taken over, the impact on the rest of the world would also be catastrophic.

So what people can do now is unprecedented — they can in a very real way help save the US as a sovereign, Constitutional nation, millions of lives, and the world.  And they can do this person by person, in what will be a REAL and hopefully monumental grassroots effort. 

Exposing the truth makes us all Dudley Butlers.  And rushing to “get word out” in time to warn the country about a deadly enemy, harks back to Paul Revere (whether a true story or a great myth), only now everyone would become Paul Revere.  In the exposing and in getting word out, we will move beyond reliance on “leaders” — to taking care of our country, the American people and our families, ourselves.  We would truly be the leaders we have been looking for.

This is an historic moment. 

For years people have been left futilely clicking on petitions to the government that have had no impact, while being increasingly pummeled by not only an onslaught of issues but of actual attacks.  Even huge non-violent protests are not reported and thus are not effective, and non-violent protests like in Ferguson were infiltrated with Soros-paid trouble-makers and FBI agents.  This has all created confusion and even hopelessness about what to do.

But now people have something immensely dangerous that needs to be stopped, and they authentically can do it.  They can expose the truth like Dudley Butler and wake people up like Paul Revere by becoming a private media, reaching as many others as they humanly can.  And the stakes couldn’t be higher:  people’s efforts will be to stop a fascict coup and the hell that is clearly planned for afterwards. 

If anyone can write, then beyond what is listed below, they can begin writing about this, getting things out to websites and linking to your site.  They can also take the article on your site, print out huge numbers of copies and distribute it everywhere, making sure the URLs are all written out so people can insert them into their computers and see details themselves. 

The point of it all is to warn people and to have them warn others.  For each 10 warned and their warning 10 each, the effects become exponential.  The elite’s house of cards is held up by fictions and hidden plans that link together to let this deadly behemoth move forward.  But people will be throwing light on it, so things aren’t hidden.  With light, those caught up by accident in this gargantuan plan, will not follow through, will tell their colleagues, will throw small wrenches in the works, and the structure will start to give way, first here and then there, with bolts not holding, with rivets popping off, and this will gain speed – all from exposing this monster to the light.  We won’t read about it in the complicit media but it will happen when people act in this very simple way to save those they love and the country we love.

The things below do not include a “should.”  People will decide to act themselves and do what they want now.  We have had our sovereign will taken.  It won’t be taken in this.  This is a choice.   So, there will be no “should,” only “can” as part of a choice.  And the things mentioned below may be weak compared to what anyone could think of themselves or brainstorm with family or friends or co-workers.  What’s below are only top of the head thoughts.

People can take out a notebook and keep tabs on how many people they reach each day.  They can begin by reaching everyone they know.  They can also reach their local police, all military they know, militia, paramedics, fire departments, veterans groups, etc.  They can reach their doctors, local hospitals, nursing groups, every sort of health group, public and private because these are the people will be stuck with whatever viral stuff the government has planned to throw at the public, along with giving out suspect vaccines that may kill people.  Most people who are part of the structure the elite are counting on, do not know what is going on beyond their own narrow job, and most would beyond horrified at this. 

At the same time it’s good to remember that the elite are dependent on everyone being kept in the dark and following through, because their gigantic house of cards will start to shake if people start to know.  And as they start to know, that knowing will spread like wildfire and things will start to come apart, like cards falling down, or like a train rushing across a bridge that is breaking down under it.  

If anyone people speak to try to deny this planned coup and subsequent nightmare (and the shills will put out material quickly to do that, they could be encouraged to listen to Corsi or read Wikipedia on presidential directives 51 and 20 or the pandemic laws, themselves. 


But if people won’t listen, spend not a moment more on them but go on to others.  Paul Revere didn’t stop to argue. 

People can also reach journalists they trust, websites they value, and even websites connected to those they use, asking them to post the link.  In addition, they could contact the non-political websites they enjoy – whether homeschooling or crafts or sports or any other interest one has.  In this way, those regular people are reached.  The host of the site may not post anything but they will now know and may reach friends.  And if words starts to surface, they will be more ready to help.

What is hard is feeling how real this is.  But looking at the directives and the pandemic laws and the Obamacare section on executions, including beheadings. this nightmare is real.  We can wake up from it and end it, by turning on the light.

The saying is that the winners write history.  When we write the history of what the elite had planned for America and all its people, let it be said that it was ordinary Americans from every walk of life and political persuasion, of every age and race and ethnic culture and gender and medical condition,  who heard there was a threat to their country and to millions of other Americans, and they remembered Dudley Butler alone had once stopped these very same evil forces by telling the truth at a critical moment, and each became Paul Revere and carried the message to everyone they could, tirelessly and relentlessly exposing the greatest of evils, and they saved their beloved country and those they loved and strangers they would never meet, and they lit the world with the truth and their ferocious love.

Do not be afraid about bioweapons – be prepared. 

Apropos of any virus or vaccines and bioweapons they may use, it is PARAMOUNT and COMFORTING to know that vitamin C can kill any virus and neutralize any toxins, including GMO-viruses and toxins in vaccines.  It can handle ebola-rabies.  Here is a short video which explains why vitamin C can treat everything ( and why massive doses are not an issue.

If people maintain high levels of vitamin C in them (and eating as well as possible – organic, low sugar, etc.), they are much less likely to be affected by viruses or false viruses, and if people become ill, they would more able to overcome it. 

People can stock up and be ready to help neighbors.  Liposomal C is especially powerful, as much as 10 times stronger than IV vitamin C. It can be gotten through the Vitamin C Foundation in liquid form or through Livon Labs in packets.  Read the information there so you are more able to buy good quality vitamin C in other places as well.  In any case, have a huge amount on hand. 

Prevention of Rabies by Vitamin C

“Lower doses of vitamin C were less effective; the optimal doses need to be determined, the authors say.” 

[Massive doses are harmless and what people should do.  For infants or those unable to take vitamin C because of being too ill, it could be given as one would give an enema, since the intestines will get the vitamin directly into the blood stream.  I’m guessing it should be the buffered kind but people can check for themselves.  Logically, one could also dilute it and use a nebulizer to get it into the lungs and blood stream that way though there, buffering seems even more important.  The point is, we can stop being so dependent and use common sense and research and not just stand up for the country ourselves, but treat ourselves medically, too.  And these treatments can be done at home.  In fact, we can do things to help ourselves that doctors don’t know about or won’t use.  Here is encouragement ( for realizing the power of vitamin C and here is enough medical education ( to realize we can take care of ourselves – in fact, the doctor in the video has said we only need doctors now for trauma.  ]

Treating Ebola with Vitamin C

Combating Ebola: How To Fight Ebola with Vitamin C & Ascorbic Acid

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7 Responses to The Elite Are Laughing, a follow up . . . What we can do to prevent this biological horror — and should it happen, how we can care for ourselves. ~J

  1. Tracy says:

    Thank you Jean, much love & blessings 🙂

  2. Pingback: The Elite Are Laughing, a follow up . . . What we can do to prevent this biological horror — and should it happen, how we can care for ourselves. ~J | gooddaytu2003

  3. This is why the ‘elite’ want to get rid of alternative medicime!

  4. Susanna says:

    I was thinking about this artical the other day ( the first one) and i have a ferm believe that it will not happen as this artical says then this song came on the radio ,

    I couldn’t but help thinking about the oracle report of that day this artical was placed Jean ,about the signs we have to watch well i think this is very big sign .
    It’s just not what it seems or looks like if we keep watching the signs of change and am watching it !

    Hugs Susanna

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