A Brand New Day! The Wiz (Michael Jackson & Diana Ross)

The Reader, S., tells why she is sharing this song, and it’s amazing to me:

I was thinking about this article the other day (the first one) and i have a firm belief that it will not happen as this article says — and then this song came on the radio ,

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V837kPwWMcM [Jean adds here, that when I clicked the link on my iPad, I was told this video was not available, so don’t be surprised if you also have difficulty]

I couldn’t but help thinking about the oracle report of that day this article was about the signs we have to watch for and, well, I think this is very big sign.

It’s just not what it seems or looks like if we keep watching the signs of change, and I am watching them !

Also, please pay attention to the Oracle Report today. It’s all about beauty and joy!!!  Talk about serendipity! ~J 🙂 


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2 Responses to A Brand New Day! The Wiz (Michael Jackson & Diana Ross)

  1. Hi Jean,

    Looks like something or someone is still playing with your comms, dangit. The non-func-on-iPad URL as cited, copy/pasted via clipboard into a new tab for the purpose,

    Is playing happily through the browser right now, even as I type. It’s a Linux box in this office, as you know iirc, with the FireFox browser fwiw. (Downloaded the viddy as .mp4 and screen-shot the intro directly from YouTube for tech-proof if necessary; sure and it’s gross overkill but the tools are handy and easy so why not? 😉

    So knowing this might help in troubleshooting your gear back to full function and performance, is why. Maybe a call to AppleCare might yield the Rest of the Story…? (Just thinkin’. Apple tech support is imho some of the best ever provided the end-user; as you know in the Linux World there is no such Help Dewsk. (We got Forum sites and wikis out the wazoo instead. VERY neighborly and old-school in that regard.)

    Many hugs always, Ma’am! I do hope knowing helps resolve things in this general instance. YouTube seems to “get funnier” every week or three now, anyway. And that is all. 0{;-)o[

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