How The Bush Family Made Its Fortune From The Nazis – The Dutch Connection


How The Bush Family Made Its
Fortune From The Nazis

The Dutch Connection

By Attorney John Loftus
©. 2000-2002 John Loftus

John Loftus, is a former U.S. Department of Justice Nazi War Crimes prosecutor, the President of the Florida Holocaust Museum and the highly respected author of numerous books on the CIA-Nazi connection including The Belarus Secret and The Secret War Against the Jews, both of which have extensive material on the Bush-Rockefeller-Nazi connection.

For The Bush family, it is a lingering nightmare. For their Nazi clients, the Dutch connection was the mother of all money laundering schemes. From 1945 until 1949, one of the lengthiest and, it now appears, most futile interrogations of a Nazi war crimes suspect began in the American Zone of Occupied Germany. Multibillionaire steel magnate Fritz Thyssen-the man whose steel combine was the cold heart of the Nazi war machine-talked and talked and talked to a joint US-UK interrogation team. For four long years, successive teams of inquisitors tried to break Thyssen’s simple claim to possess neither foreign bank accounts nor interests in foreign corporations, no assets that might lead to the missing billions in assets of the Third Reich. The inquisitors failed utterly.

Why? Because what the wily Thyssen deposed was, in a sense, true. What the Allied investigators never understood was that they were not asking Thyssen the right question. Thyssen did not need any foreign bank accounts because his family secretly owned an entire chain of banks. He did not have to transfer his Nazi assets at the end of World War II, all he had to do was transfer the ownership documents – stocks, bonds, deeds and trusts–from his bank in Berlin through his bank in Holland to his American friends in New York City: Prescott Bush and Herbert Walker. Thyssen’s partners in crime were the father and father-in-law of a future President of the United States.

The allied investigators underestimated Thyssen’s reach, his connections, his motives, and his means. The web of financial entities Thyssen helped create in the 1920’s remained a mystery for the rest of the twentieth century, an almost perfectly hidden underground sewer pipeline for moving dirty money, money that bankrolled the post-war fortunes not only of the Thyssen industrial empire…but the Bush family as well. It was a secret Fritz Thyssen would take to his grave.

It was a secret that would lead former US intelligence agent William Gowen, now pushing 80, to the very doorstep of the Dutch royal family. The Gowens are no strangers to controversy or nobility. His father was one of President Roosevelt’s diplomatic emissaries to Pope Pius XII, leading a futile attempt to persuade the Vatican to denounce Hitler’s treatment of Jews. It was his son, William Gowen, who served in Rome after World War II as a Nazi hunter and investigator with the U.S. Army Counter Intelligence Corps. It was Agent Gowen who first discovered the secret Vatican Ratline for smuggling Nazis in 1949. It was also the same William Gowen who began to uncover the secret Dutch pipeline for smuggling Nazi money in 1999.

A half-century earlier, Fritz Thyssen was telling the allied investigators that he had no interest in foreign companies, that Hitler had turned on him and seized most of his property. His remaining assets were mostly in the Russian Occupied Zone of Germany (which he knew were a write-off anyway). His distant (and disliked) relatives in neutral nations like Holland were the actual owners of a substantial percentage of the remaining German industrial base. As innocent victims of the Third Reich, they were lobbying the allied occupation governments in Germany, demanding restitution of the property that had been seized from them by the Nazis.

Under the rules of the Allied occupation of Germany, all property owned by citizens of a neutral nation which had been seized by the Nazis had to be returned to the neutral citizens upon proper presentation of documents showing proof of ownership. Suddenly, all sorts of neutral parties, particularly in Holland, were claiming ownership of various pieces of the Thyssen empire. In his cell, Fritz Thyssen just smiled and waited to be released from prison while members of the Dutch royal family and the Dutch intelligence service reassembled his pre-war holdings for him.

The British and American interrogators may have gravely underestimated Thyssen but they nonetheless knew they were being lied to. Their suspicions focused on one Dutch Bank in particular, the Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart, in Rotterdam. This bank did a lot of business with the Thyssens over the years. In 1923, as a favor to him, the Rotterdam bank loaned the money to build the very first Nazi party headquarters in Munich. But somehow the allied investigations kept going nowhere, the intelligence leads all seemed to dry up.

If the investigators realized that the US intelligence chief in postwar Germany, Allen Dulles, was also the Rotterdam bank’s lawyer, they might have asked some very interesting questions. They did not know that Thyssen was Dulles’ client as well. Nor did they ever realize that it was Allen Dulles’s other client, Baron Kurt Von Schroeder who was the Nazi trustee for the Thyssen companies which now claimed to be owned by the Dutch. The Rotterdam Bank was at the heart of Dulles’ cloaking scheme, and he guarded its secrets jealously.

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5 Responses to How The Bush Family Made Its Fortune From The Nazis – The Dutch Connection

  1. Peter Eyre says:

    What I find Ironic is the fact that the Bush family are Nazi’s anyway…..there real name is Scherf compliments of George H. Scherf(f), Jr. who became the 41st U.S. president so it is inevitable that the family were raised and supported on the backbone of Nazi Germany.

  2. psykeskaos says:

    Sadly the Bushes and Clintons etc all eat at the same table of Rothschilde..this does not surprise me one iota. Even grassroots becomes corrupted because the only way anyone can become a political or other factor is if they pay homage to the true source of the world’s modern woes.
    Yes I have read in the past the Thyssen connection. Here we go..Dutch..who also gained wealth from the slave trade. My father in law worked under Dulles. He is now 25 years dead..he had begun telling me of the LSD experiements and more. He was in the process of revealing when I lost my husband and sons in a fire that is more and more looking like intent. My father in law died on Imbolc Feb 1 1990. I have nothing to gain or lose by mentioning this. He had retired from the Company in 1974 3 months prior to Nixon’s resignation.
    My father in Law also worked under Bush Sr. He said Bush was the most dangerously stupid man in power and that we will not know the damage done until too late. Note that Bush orchestrated the Ping Ping diplomacy between Mao and Nixon. Clinton sealed the deal in the 90s by supporting Most Favorite Nation status through the UN in 93 or 4. Then in 1997 he gave China nuclear tech. And now Obama is said to be poused to give land in the hearland, Iowa Missouri Kansas to China for payment of debt. Most favored Nation status gave China the right to charge us 38% on tariffs of goods. Think of the raw resources such as Iron ore etc we ship..and they process it, send product back paying only 2%.
    To paraphrase Bush..A thousand points of light for a New World Order.
    By the all electric house..Exploded according to a neighbor.

    • Jean says:

      I’m trying to get people to understand that the entire government is against us. It isn’t just one side; it’s both sides. Until we realize this and come together they will continue to divide us – and conquer us!!! Thank you so much for sharing your personal story. It is so very important that we all do so! Hugs, ~Jean

  3. Peter Eyre says:

    Absolutely correct Jean…..all potential Presidential candidates and any senior political figure are all funded and supported by the New World Order/Illuminati.

    The vast sums pumped into their respective campaigns all come from the same Zionist source and obviously come with strings attached to favour their cause!!

    They remain in a win win situation at each and every election with their political puppets having to swear allegiance in supporting Israel over and above their own country…that my friends is truly an act of “Treason.”……some call it kissing arse but at the end of the day they are all traitors!!

    Some may say what is the point of voting at all and I would agree its rather pointless!

    The cure is to implement “Common Law” by the people for the people and to this day still remains the paramount law of the land.

    Government Law is what they call Statute Law and is in actual fact totally illegal unless it compliments Common Law and it suffice to say that under Common Law no judiciary or Judge is required… can simply go to any town or city where you are not known……obtain a group of 12 peers unknown to you…..sit down in the town centre and have those 12 people listen to your case and decide your fate……its that simple!!

    Did you also know that every member of the Bar swears an allegiance to the Crown and not to their own country which again is an act of “Treason.”

    Simply solution get rid of them all!!!…….they all earn too much anyway!!.

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