Syria Lies Dept: 60 Minutes Declares the Russian Intervention a Flop



Taking no chances, CBS also manages to denigrate the brave Syrian Arab Army, just about one of the most heroic forces fighting ISIL and other brutal terrorists in the Middle East.


The Treachery of The Western Media

There’s a mystery at the heart of American journalism. How can normally mediocre ignoramuses—I refer to the rank and file of US media, especially television (yes, in case you haven’t noticed, the overwhelming majority of US journalists are ignorant and arrogantly proud about it, too)—suddenly become virtuosi of insidiousness and underhanded manipulation—which requires some brains and a talent for finesse— when it comes to squeezing the truth out of any story that interests the empire? Who does the actual massaging? The editors? The owners? The highest councils of the ruling class via their multiple indirect channels, think tanks and pundits? Are the on-camera reporters who impersonate journalists briefed beforehand on what questions to throw at the victims? Are they coached about the proper intonations to use…the pregnant pauses, the studied reaction shots? Or has the profession reached such a level of robotic indoctrination that the practitioners really need not much ad-hoc preparation to perform their loyal duties to the deep state, having become accomplished actors?

On 10 January 2016, the American CBS tv newsmagazine 60 Minutes—the network’s flagship— showed a segment purporting to describe the scale, purposes, and effect of the Russian military intervention in Syria. 

This report, focusing on the Latakia air force base, which the Russians have substantially overhauled and hardened, was filed ostensibly by one of their regular correspondents, Mike Whitaker. I say “ostensibly” because Whitaker is only the tip of a large enterprise of deception with many hidden and anonymous participants. CBS is, after all, along with the rest of the American and in general Western television networks, a major disinformation factory serving the strategic needs of the Anglo-Zionist empire.

The object of this repugnant exercise in blatant propaganda was to reinforce America’s current disinformation campaign slandering the Syrian government, and more broadly Russia, correctly perceived by the Anglo-Zionists as the chief supporter of Bashir al-Assad and a major competitor in world affairs. As usual, the not too subtle (but by repetition effective) high-handed falsifications sought to convince the clueless American public of the following:

(1) That Assad is not popular and rules by terror. Ergo, Assad must go, or, better, end up like Gaddafi;

(2) That Assad is not motivating the people, and therefore, to better fight ISIS, he must leave;

(3) That Assad himself caused this war by being a tyrant, and that by his ruthless, criminal attacks on civilian populations—notice CBS’ Whitaker obliging mention of the “barrel bombs” fraudulent charge (1)—he has alienated his people and the international community of nations who now rightfully demand his departure;

(4) That the Russians are in Syria not to fight ISIS but to prop up Assad, and to do some imperialistic chest-thumping of their own.

Leaving aside the fact the last invidious imputation is a case of irrefutable projection—the empire’s media henchmen cannot conceive of anyone doing something for decent or even noble purposes—the proposition that fighting the enemies of Assad and helping him to stay in power at the same time are mutually exclusive is fallacious upon simple inspection.

Click Here to continue reading and to view the videos in this extremely well done article. 

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One Response to Syria Lies Dept: 60 Minutes Declares the Russian Intervention a Flop

  1. American people, invested in truth, will find none from the corporate news media, spouting their twisted untruths, prompted by the Pinocio corporate US GOVERNMENT, INC. on the BOOB TUBE!
    Perhaps, the fact that many wise American people, interested in raising their heads above the smog of lies comming from the so called control run-its, that set new (supposed), regulations, mandates and phoney, corrupt laws, in their agenda to a one world government, are waking to the truth about losing their freedom and liberty, and deciding that their mind and their body is theirs, and only theirs, and they don’t need some bullies to try to take over what a loving Creator freely gave.
    People, don’t ever give up the most prescious gift you posses!
    And search for the real truth, which you will never find in the media, the so called Federal Government ( actually we have no representation, therefore no government), or lawyers ( do some research about why the 13th amendment to the constitution was removed and repaced with the 14th, which stated that no member of the bar association shall ever have a seat on, or be a part of any united States government!

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