UPDATE – important!: The Watchman News 01/21/2016 Burns Oregon Standoff Pete Santilli Ammon Bundy Meets With The FBI

January 21, 2016
UPDATE: A reader, to whom I offer our thanks, has taken the ‘meat’ out of this long video, one in which the sound is often very bad:

Ammon Bundy’s phone meeting with the FBI reveals over 100 ranchers have been affected by the BLM/Refuge takeover tactics and policies. 40 were flooded out and put out of business. The land then was sold to the BLM for pennies on the dollar while placing the ranchers into complete ruin. The local fire department is not controlling burns and protecting rancher’s land or property. In fact, they have actually endangered the safety of the ranchers and their property. (Note: The same thing has been happening in AZ, CA and several other states). The BLM is not helping ranchers to manage their land which is what they were established to do. Instead they have restricted access and use to the resources to the point where ranchers no longer have a lively-hood – causing many people to leave the area. Ammon said the ranchers feel they have been treated like a nuisance. At least 100,000 legal cases have been fought against the BLM by ranchers. Why so many cases? Ammon questioned the FBI and the Sheriff’s actions. The FBI representative said they were called in by Sheriff Ward – not the people. Ammon says there has been a long history of abuses and it has gone too far. The US Justice Department put the Hammond’s in prison with trumped up charges that they had already served time for. The actions of the BLM have economically destroyed the lives of Harney County residents. The BLM was formed in the late 1940’s and by the 1980’s the BLM started taking over the land. The question was asked has anyone asked the FBI to investigate the US Attorney for prosecutorial misconduct? No, not specifically. (Not yet). In general their appears to be a widespread lack of understanding of the Constitution, jurisdiction and rules for proper engagement. It was pointed out that many of the LEO’s present in Burns have not even read the Constitution even though they took an oath to defend it. Constitutional Attorney KrissAnne Hall stated, “No where in the Constitution is there anything written that authorizes the existence of the FBI.”

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One Response to UPDATE – important!: The Watchman News 01/21/2016 Burns Oregon Standoff Pete Santilli Ammon Bundy Meets With The FBI

  1. Captain says:

    In an age when cops are stopping and robbing citizens under false drug claims, and other supposedly legal crimes, this is worth knowing:

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