Zionists Want Multi Cultural Europe And Jewish Only Israel

Published on Dec 11, 2014

They do. They believe they have a right to their own country, regardless if they choose to live there or not. Whites however, have no choice and will never have freedom of association again. No vote or say, just manipulation and propaganda into submission.

Zionists – They are not White. White is not a skin color. White is a shortened term for European, Australian, South African and American people that provided the civilization you currently live in.

Zionists – They believe in the Anti White Proposition. What is the Anti White Proposition? There can be no all white countries anywhere on the planet and there can be no all white areas in those formerly all white countries. Its a scam. Its genocide.

What do you think? ~J

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6 Responses to Zionists Want Multi Cultural Europe And Jewish Only Israel

  1. lecox says:

    The video is totally ridiculous.
    This violence that plays out between us is a provoked action by “soft-spoken” people who stand in the background. Perhaps the lady speaking is one such person. But usually they stay hidden and let the more foolish speak for them.
    The video does not help explain anything, solve anything, or even describe anything. The events depicted are not obviously associated and are not evaluated as to context, frequency or in any other way. I can only assume that a message of this type is either from or incited by the type of beings who do not want to see this resolved; who prefer a general chaos, as it better hides their ill deeds.

  2. Frank R says:

    Hi Jean…………

    Of course this will change if we ever get back the control of the media and we can tell people the truth. Failing that it has to be handled “THE OLD FASHIONED WAY”.

    Hugs…………………….Frank R

  3. TONY LANE says:

    whenever people put forward their idea’s on this subject, it becomes automatic that they are called a conspiracy theorist, so this seems to render what we say null and void, I do not like this word it seems to demean whatever we say in the eyes of the uninformed, and I have always believed that wherever their is a rumour there is also an origin, so lets begin with the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY, they control the Vatican and the Royal families they make all the turns and call all shots, and most of the elite families were funded by them including JP MORGAN and the ROCKERFELLERS, and the also started the federal reserve even if you do not see their name up there, if we look carefully at a man called WARBURG, now where in the hell did he come from, answer he is or was the ROTHSCHILD front man, they like to hide in plain site so that you will only think that they are a mediocre rich millionaire, they were first showing their influence in the early 1700’s, but their first real show of power was after the Battle Of Waterloo when word was sent back to London by a Rothschild agent that Wellington had lost the battle, and this enabled the ROTHSCHILDS to make the biggest killing ever made on the London Stock Exchange, even though many of the dealers could make a valid case against them, there was royal interference that should not have been allowed, although there were unable to reach a proper conclusion, this family owned the bank and the UK. I do not know if the world went to sleep after 1815 because this should have been a wake up call for EUROPE and the whole world, there was a possibility that the federal reserve could have been stopped, we have all heard of the TITANIC the ship that sank, because i do not believe in coincidences, I believe that is was the sister ship the OLYMPIC that sank and not the Titanic, because the Olympic had two accidents and one of them was a collision with a naval vessel, where it received massive damage to the rear, a full repair was near impossible and could not be insured so it limped into Dublin port alongside it’s sister ship the TITANIC to give it a makeover which turned out a very clever lookalike even down to some of the inner and outer portholes being altered to look exactly alike, when the titanic made its maiden voyage or should I say the Olympic, three men who opposed the federal reserve who were making their journey home, were JOHN JACOB ASTOR,BENJAMIN GUGGENHEIM, and ISADOR STRAUSS, there were several others but these men were the main contenders, with John Jacob Astor being the most influential among them. well it turns out that their part of the ship was separated from the other parts by steel gates, well I don’t need to tell you that they never got out alive, added to this the owner of the white star line did not sail with the titanic on its maiden voyage as Is normally the case even if he was in Paris with his Misstress, one other thing was very strange was why were surviving members of staff kept in warehouses for over a week to be interviewed, and is it possible that things would be different today if the federal reserve did not get started, but there is one thing I am certain of and that is that JP MORGAN and the ROTHSCHILDS would kill all those people just to take out their main opponents.

  4. Debbie says:

    Hi Jean,

    I stumbled across this old story last night and wanted to share it with you….I never gave Bernie Sanders much thought until I read this, not that I would support someone who wants to raise taxes 90% and issue more freebies….but it seems Bernie was way ahead of his time – he knew about the coming NWO, or so it seems, and he wanted to use government to reign in ruling elite….of course, it was useless since they already controlled our government, but here it is…very interesting I thought:

  5. Captain says:

    I believe this is the name of the Israel group who forces those members of Congress (40+) who do not have dual citizenships with Israel, to swear allegiance to Israel over America, under bribes and threats of blackmail and/or loss of campaign funds. ( All NSA data is routed thru Israel, who designed the software, so they are spying on all Americans, in effect.) That one black southern Congresswoman who would not support this ‘lobby’, lost her campaign funding, and is now out. She exposes this Israeli-con on Youtube>)

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