Feds Laugh & Applaud Theft of Private Land

Published on Jan 20, 2016

“WE’RE THE BAD GUYS. WE COME IN AND TAKE THIS LAND, AND WE ALWAYS TAKE IT FOR LESS THAN IT’S WORTH.” Have you ever wondered if federal bureaucrats have guilt about stealing from people? We’re going to show you a retirement party for someone hailed as “the Acquisition Queen”, where they brag about stealing land, stealing a mine for 5% of its appraised value, and bragging about what they will take next.

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One Response to Feds Laugh & Applaud Theft of Private Land

  1. harri says:

    This is one posting is one of the most invasive video If I can say so in regard with Oregon, shared also with my long post last time you kindly published. It is good to see it reemphasized with this posting. Completely outrageous, if someone still do not comprehend, do not know what that actually means you should put things into context and see it through the lens of Oregon stand of. Illuminatzi sociopathic structure have no feats sometime obviously on the ground in their arrogance, mania and pre- potent behaviour. This will bring them down eventually, it is typical action that moves throughout the centuries as catalyst for mass reaction revolt and final decisive battle with evil. It is classical actually…
    I am working to connect next time Bashar’s prediction accurate one, with some QHHT revelations that sees too next 20 years most exciting time onto this plane of existence. This years is planting years of the seeds that will come eventually fructifying somewhere between 15 and 20 years a head.
    Good luck everybody!
    MV Harri

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