Comment on the Amount of Gold the US actually Owns

China to Start Yuan-Based Gold Price Fix in April: Game Changer?

A Reader says: 

J quote……….

“I remember reading that the US will be invited to ‘play’, and if they cannot pay in gold, they will still be able to ‘play’ but the cost will be increased significantly”.
You also commented at the top of the latest ‘Oregon’ update…there is no gold.

According to an Abel Danger article written recorded 2010/2011, you are correct…THERE is NO GOLD.

There have been various suggested numbers, bandied around…
1) Gold has been oversold to the tune of $4.5 trillion.
2) Gold paper contracts oversold at a ratio of 100 to 1…. i.e….. 1 oz of physical gold has been sold 100 times over in the paper market.
So for each 1 oz of gold, there are one hundred “buyers” claiming it as their own !
3) Gold paper contracts have been oversold at a ratio of 300 to 1.

Stating the obvious, selling 1 oz of gold to 300 people will net the “seller” a considerable sum around $260,000 depending on the cost per oz.
That is $260,000 STOLEN/UNLAWFULLY ACQUIRED and, I am talking about just …..1 oz !

The ‘Masters of Finance’ have all the hallmarks of criminal insanity, seemingly masked by an insouciant indifference.
THEY….”APPEAR”….to have …..STOLEN ….ALL the GOLD.

The gold manipulation situation was catastrophic in 2011.
The Abel Danger article is available in audio.
It is mind bogglingly appalling.

The “white knights” in the Gold Market are GATA….’Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee’.
GATA has worked tirelessly, for years, to bring the….. gold-manipulation-cess-pit… the attention of the “authorities” and, the public.
The CFTC ‘Commodities Futures Trading Commission’ an oversight “organisation” appear to have turned a blind eye.

The link above features the GATA founder Bill Murphy talking about the gold “situation”.

The traders/players in this game have been said to consider their own perfidy, amusing and, the “marks”/victims not worthy of consideration.

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3 Responses to Comment on the Amount of Gold the US actually Owns

  1. Ilex says:

    I believe there are tons of gold in the Grand Canyon per Bix and I have a gut feeling that it may belong to China from deals long ago. Our military guards it safely.

  2. Captain says:

    Gold will always have a value; however, the degree of value fluctuates.
    The real dilemna is that the US Fed Reserve ( not a US govn’ agency, but a consortium of private, mostly foreign, mostly jewish/zionist, bankers ) ‘controls’ the US gold reserves, and many traitors in Congress just voted down an audit of the gold.
    The fact is that most US gold reserves are now counterfeilt bars with tungsten cores, courtsey the Bush/Cheney Klan. China discovered this when the debt a few years back was paid with the bogus bars.
    The gold reserves in the WTC tower. for the NESARA, announcement was recovered (robbed) by same klan. Remember that when the gold reserves were recovered, that is when Guilliani called off the search for survivors – the firemen refused, and rioted – and Guilliani called in (his special) police to remove them from the site.
    One can only guess that the Bush (almost 300,000 acres) getaway compound in Paraguay houses a lot of those bars.

    • Jean says:

      The real dilemma also seems to me to be that if they have no gold, they cannot function properly in the new financial system. They are hamstrung. They have stolen all possible gold and are now, it would seem, at the end of the line. Not so?


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