Montague Keen, Sunday, January 24, 2016

In the past, I warned you of the plans to bring in Military Martial Law. Well, your Mr Obama put that in motion on the 22 January.

Breaking News at Infowars

This is a huge wake-up call for humanity. They are not playing games and have now put into action their take-over plan. It was done when everyone was concerned about getting home in the great snow storm. Remember, they used the very same tactic in the blizzard of 1913 to get the Federal Reserve Bill accepted. They always use the same tactics.

Obama, the Khazarian Puppet, will be given unlimited powers to send the US Army to any country they choose. Make no mistake, this is a globalist take-over and the globalist army will suspend what few rights you have left. Preparations for this have been ongoing for many years. THEY ARE PREPARED . . . ARE YOU ?

To understand the enormity of the situation, I ask you to read . . .


It will open your eyes to the extent of this evil take-over of humanity and the Earth. Do your own research and prepare to defend yourselves.

Remember, ISIS was set up by the US and the UK. It was financed and armed by them. Now, they use it as an excuse for the globalist takeover. They have been preparing for the mass persecution and annihilation of humanity for centuries. They despise you and what rid of you. Yet still you serve them.

Veronica has fluid in her lungs. It is painful and debilitating. We will resume normal communication when she recovers.

You need rest, my love. You have a mission to fulfill. Please take care.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

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