NorthPoint ASTROLOGY JOURNAL: Your Guide to Planetary Energies for January 25-31, 2016, by Pam Younghans

Photo: Wing-like aurora over Fairbanks, Alaska, USA on January 21, 2016

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IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in learning more about Chiron, called “the Wounded Healer” by astrologers, please check out the February-March issue of The Mountain Astrologer magazine! You’ll find an article entitled “Chiron: Healing the Child-Self,” penned by yours truly.

My article examines the “other” wound suffered by Chiron — the psychological shock of being abandoned by both parents in his infancy — and how we can learn about (and heal) our own core fears by understanding Chiron’s placement and aspects in our charts.

I hope you enjoy the article and gain some valuable insights into your own chart!

MERCURY goes direct on Monday at 1:49pm PST (9:49pm GMT), drawing to an end the planet’s 3-week retrograde phase. For the most part, this directional change supports our moving ahead with our plans and goals in some area of our lives, based on what we’ve learned during our review process over the past 21 days.

However, we have a bit of a snag in the line at the end of the week. For the third time in six weeks, Mercury will align with Pluto (on Friday) and square Uranus (on Sunday). These aspects keep us up in the air, perhaps not having clear knowing of what we should do — or want to do — next. But, they can also help us gain helpful insights into our own motivations and desires, so that our path going forward will bring us greater fulfillment.

At this point, it may be hard to remember what was going on last week, much less last December — but if you keep a journal, see if you can find some links between these three time frames: the first set of Mercury-Pluto-Uranus aspects on December 19-20, the second set on January 20-22, and the third set at the end of this week, January 29-31. Those links, if you can find them, may offer further understanding of the process of self-discovery that is underway in your life.

JUPITER is the other major player on the astrological stage this week. A mildly uncomfortable Sun-Jupiter aspect on Wednesday can bring forward the differences between our need for freedom and autonomy (Sun in Uranus) and our desire to “do the right thing” (Jupiter in Virgo).

With Jupiter then aligned with the North Node on Thursday, the Virgo drive for perfection and its need to find practical solutions are emphasized. However, since Jupiter is retrograde, the support provided by this alignment is primarily to help us inwardly assess what we believe in and how we might better put that belief into practice.

NEXT SATURDAY — the day sandwiched between the strong Mercury aspects — starts off on a softer note, due to a compassionate Venus-Neptune sextile. Perhaps this soothing aspect will help ease some of the remnants of the opinionated Mercury-Pluto alignment from Friday night.

But, all things considered, we should probably expect some ups and downs Friday through Sunday, and be willing to be flexible in our goals for those days. It will be far easier and ultimately more productive than trying to keep things under control. After all, the whole point is to be open to new ideas and new directions, and that openness requires that we release our hold on the old forms.

LAST WEEK! If you missed my recent teleclass on the first six months of 2016, you can still purchase the audio replay and slideshow pdf for one more week. Just send an email to with “Teleclass Replay” in the subject line, and I’ll reply with instructions.

In peace,

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  1. Hildegard says:

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  2. Hildegard says:

    ‪We are being inundated with propaganda to get us to accept the new “Golden Age”. This is a very comprehensive analysis of David Bowie’s ‘farewell gift” to the masses. It SHOULD be a wake up call to everyone who’s sold their soul to be where he was, but do you think it is? At this point, I can only believe he was a pathetic human being who experienced a horrifying death as a result of his stupid life choices.

    David Bowie & Rihanna’s Occult Golden Age REVEALED (2016): Dimension of Chaos‬

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