RT: Zika virus suspected of causing brain damage to babies to spread throughout Americas – WHO

ZERO mention of the fact that spraying with glysophate creates the same damage! 

We can’t get distracted because the huge source of the damage to babies is Monsanto’s glysophate tied to a GMO food system.

Published time: 25 Jan, 2016 09:27Edited time: 25 Jan, 2016 17:31

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The mosquito-borne Zika virus is set to spread in all countries across the Americas, except Canada and Chile, the World Health Organization has warned.

Women planning to travel to areas where Zika is circulating should consult their healthcare provider before traveling and on return, the WHO said.

In Brazil 2,700 cases of birth defects are suspected to have been triggered by Zika and authorities urging the Brazilian women to postpone childbirth.

After the number of reported cases skyrocketed from 147 in 2014 to more than 2,400 in 2015, six Brazilian regions declared the state of emergency.

The Zika virus can be transmitted through blood and has also been detected in human semen, the WHO has stated. The mother-to-child transmission, both during pregnancy, childbirth or breast-feeding, is still to be examined.

The organization added, though, that it remains to be confirmed if the disease is sexually transmitted.

Zika is spread by the same mosquitos that carry dengue and yellow fevers.

There is currently no vaccine for the virus, which can cause fever, rashes, joint pains and conjunctivitis within days of being contracted.

For the majority of those affected, the virus leads to a short illness – up to a week, but in some cases, could cause death.

It is suspected that the virus causes brain damage in unborn babies, resulting in microcephaly, a birth defect which sees babies born with abnormally small heads and later experiencing developmental delays.

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3 Responses to RT: Zika virus suspected of causing brain damage to babies to spread throughout Americas – WHO

  1. Suggest that aware folk lurking here might want to start correlating the “spread of the Zika virus” with the rollout of the new vaccines intended for injection into pregnant women if they have not done so already. Jim Stone nailed that action from the start, btw, with only a single mid-course correction. To wit, from URL (archived and still available):

    A woman who is currently pregnant showed me her medical schedule. The vaccine is not MMR. It is Diptheria, Tetanus and Influenza in Mexico, and in Brazil it is Tetanus, Diptheria and Pertussis (Tdap). It will be VERY important for people who have posted MMR (this got reposted a lot) to change this to Tdap. I have confirmed that Brazil just got a new Tdap shot, which is the likely culprit. This report will remain unchanged, except for MMR to be replaced with TDAP. I knew it was a three way vaccine and errored with MMR, that is not what it is. THIS REPORT WILL NOW BE CORRECTED TO REFLECT THIS.”

    Then later on down the page,

    [graphic image of Brazil NIH journal text inserted in the original, text thereof quoted verbatim here:]

    “…this serious situation, in late 2014, the Ministry of Health announced the introduction of the Tdap vaccine for all pregnant women in Brazil. Argentina, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, Israel, New Zealand, and Belgium – among other countries – also implemented maternal vaccination programs for pertussis during pregnancy, following the examples of the US and UK.

    [end graphic text image quote. Emphasis is mine.]

    Mr. Stone carries the matter forward on a later page, URL as follows:

    “A couple quick things – I consulted a $500 peso doctor about the zika virus in Brazil. He was aware of it, and said this: (which is exactly what I said), Zika is similar to Dengue and cannot possibly cause a birth defect in any way shape matter or form. The claim it caused 2,400 shrunken skulls in Brazil is fraudulent, and because genetic defects can’t account for that many shrunken skulls within a two month time span in newborns, there has to be something else doing it, (perhaps) a sabotaged vaccine. He then said to never get a flu shot, especially during pregnancy So now the zika virus report is approved by at least one (very good) doctor.”

    This from a country where average-ability street-level doctor shops can be found in every city and most towns for (iirc) 20 pesos per visit plus a little extra for safe, effective Native Aztec medicaments and a few centavos per stitch to close a bad cut.

    Moreover: Today (January 25 2016), on URL,

    Mr. Stone has blished a thoroughgoing d-e-e-p exposure of the matter – key MSM coverage and all. It is becoming plain that not only the Tdap shots are part of the problem, but that Bill Gates’ GMO mosquitos are “in there” too. (But the BBC did not tell you that; the lessons learned after that famous 20-minute advance announcement of Building Seven’s collapse on Ninesey-‘Levvensey Day sure must have gone deep.)

    Nonetheless: Smart, caring and well-qualified people sure are all over this one now. Please open a new tab on URL, Gentle Reader, for the Rest of the Story.

    Then: PLEASE share share share! And PLEASE don’t buy ANY Disease Shots, ESPECIALLY when PREGNANT! And that is all. 0{:-|o[

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Rev. As you can see, I published this! Hugs, ~Jean

      • Beloved Jean,

        You have done an Old Turtle proud. More importantly, though, this info fanning-out around the globe is exactly what can most readily keep the Foul Ones from their expected fulfillment – no mistake, accepting ignorance of such matters these days merely piles-on the agony all around the globe.

        I think the most important thing to keep in mind re Friend Stone’s way of operating his site is that *sweet* archiving feature built into the site’s structure. One need merely edit the front page’s full-length URL as demonstrated in order to increment back through the multiple front pages so archived in any order one may choose, doing a quick keyword search on each page one pulls-up, to efficiently piece together the fragmented key bits of any major breaking/ongoing story covered there in that manner. (It started with ~probablycantseethis1.html or ~a1.html iirc and proceeds forward from there.) Defeats page-defacing and -altering hacks, that technique., though, ALWAYS resolves and serves-up the CURRENT page in realtime.

        Question: Supposing every other pregnant woman visiting the Doctor’s Office and offered ANY on-the-spot Tdap/DTP/what-have-you shot (on any terms, full-voluntary to full-on coercive) simply declared, “NOT until the PROBLEM with that VACCINE likely causing MY baby’s being born with a shrunken head and NO BRAIN as THOUSANDS of OTHERS have been born ALREADY is resolved, thank you! It’s been published and documented, did you know that? Or do you maybe really WANT ME to GIVE BIRTH to one of those USELESS FREAKS TOO????” – or similar words tailored to that specific effect.

        Thought: Those of us with First Nations, Asian, Latina and/or Black friends would do right to make certain the True Word on this vital matter is quietly passed along, “Rainy Day People” style, imvho. Remember how the SARS virus was exposed as having been lab-tailored in the US to semi-selectively kill Asians first and foremost? China and Japan sure do, as likely do the Vietnamese as well. IMVHO the aim of THIS round is no different – the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia is for WHITE MEN and the women who submit to them, one MUST remember. (It’s a Cultural Thing.)

        Suggestion: Those intrepid Expectant Ones who are subsequently relegated to Psychiatry’s tender grasp in retaliation for their refusal to chance harming their own child would imvho do very well to then ask at the appropriate moment (ever-so-calmly AND with full eye contact, for best effect), “So tell me, Doctor: Does the psychiatry that you practice, as you practice it, ever actually recognize a HEALTHY human mind?”

        The which honest query having been reacted-to in the most telling of ways imaginable in YT’s personal presence, twice in a row. Wanna’ see the top of Doctor Shrink’s head blow right off like a bomb and stick to the ceiling like glue? Here is the True Weapon. YT was all but bully-shoved right out of that big-money False-Heart Medicine House shortly after asking the Chief Psychiatrist that very question as-described – and soon got right onto the root of the REAL problem (an Op Mockingbird-induced, five-decade chronic multiple-pathogen bioweapon infection from US National Security Hell, one may recall) once safe at home once more.

        Eternal vigilance: Illegitemi non carborundum! Many hugs and much love always, my sister Global Information Warrior! Can say no more. So that is all. 0{;-)o[

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