1) Zika virus and 2) Burns, Oregon – important info! ~J

Someone needs to message Jim and tell him about GLYSOPHATE!!! ~J

NOTE: I have added some important information at the very end. Maybe someone can get it to Jim and to Ammon, as well. ~J

from Jim Stone

New line: It’s not zika, it is a mosquito Gates released, OOPS, no, it is not that, it is an STD!

The zika scam is falling apart, because Brazilians have proven it is not zika causing the birth defects. So the people who caused the problems to begin with are now toe dipping various scenarios in the hope one of them that is not the real truth gains a foothold in the public conscience.

First it was Zika. Then it was a genetically modified mosquito Bill Gates released (that alone should get Gates put away but figure the odds of something great like that happening,) and now they are saying it is something new that is being spread via sex. And if you go out into the infosphere, it is all being pushed simultaneously, (gee gotta look for the new line today) but one thing you will never hear is that Brazil got a new Tdap shot for only pregnant women that coincides perfectly with these new birth defects, and is the only probable culprit that is present in 100 percent of the cases.

I have already consulted a very reputable doctor here who I will not mention the name of to protect him, and he himself fingered the new vaccine as the probable culprit when I told him Brazil received a new Tdap shot that coincides with the timing of these new birth defects. He stated in no uncertain terms that there is no conceivable way the zika virus could have ever caused a birth defect and that something else that was not natural was at play, and he was suspicious that it was indeed caused by the intent of evil people.

He was well aware of the new secretive vaccine formulations being used to re-program the macrophages in the immune system to be aggressive against the body and do many types of damage, (especially brain damage) and that this was being done in a clandestine way. He then warned to never get a flu shot, the whole 9 yards, (I was actually surprised because he is very well papered) and that speaks volumes, because it indicates that even the well papered doctors are waking up.

One thing of interest in all of this that should be front and center for everyone is the fact that Gates did indeed release a totally new genetically modified mosquito which is based on the Ades mosquito, which happens to be the world’s most dominant variety of mosquito. This means that you will almost definitely at some point in your life be bitten by a mosquito that is the creation of Bill Gates. The only two countries in the Americas that don’t have the Ades mosquito are Chile and Canada. How arrogant does someone have to be to release something that pervasive into society? Good question.

In all of this, remember one thing: Gates may be Jewish, but he seldom (if ever) sees a synagogue and probably does not give a damn about the greater Jewish community. In the case of people like Gates, it would be foolish to assume he would not do something evil just because a Jew might be affected by what he does, he is the mountain of evil above it all and even the Jewish community should be very afraid of that particular man, and if there is one single event that can prove Gates is no friend of the Jewish community, his release of this new mosquito, harmless or not, ought to say it. He made even them his guinea pigs in a way that showed an arrogance which was reckless beyond belief, what more can I say?

Jan 25 2016

Do not miss the Zika virus update in today’s news:

Brazilians not buying Zika excuse for babies with shrunken brains

Over 4,000 babies have now been born in Brazil with shrunken brains since November 1 2015. Brazil normally gets approximately 150 cases of this type of birth defect per year, which means that if this all happened in less than a three month time window, abnormal births of this type have increased by approximately 13,000 percent. HERE IS A KEY REPORT FROM THE BBC, WHICH PROVES EVERYONE WHO IS SAYING THE ZIKA VIRUS IS CAUSING IT IS LYING, IT CANNOT POSSIBLY BE ZIKA, THEY KNOW IT, AND THE BRAZILIANS ARE NOW LOOKING FOR ANSWERS ALL THE WHILE THE MSM AND GREATER MEDICAL COMMUNITY IS STILL TRYING TO SCAM IT OFF ON ZIKA.

From the BBC on Jan 21 2016:

Brazil says the number of babies born with suspected microcephaly or abnormally small heads since October has now reached nearly 4,000.

In the worst affected area, about 1% of newborns have suspected microcephaly.

The Brazilian authorities believe the increase is caused by an outbreak of Zika virus. Just 150 babies were born with microcephaly in 2014.

The brain condition can be deadly or cause intellectual disability and developmental delays.

Colombia’s health minister has advised women there to delay pregnancy.

Brazil’s health ministry says there have been 3,893 suspected cases of microcephaly since October, when the authorities first noticed a surge, up from 3,500 in last week’s report.


The link with Zika has not been confirmed, but a small number of babies who died had the virus in their brain and no other explanation for the surge in microcephaly has been suggested.

Now I will translate this: There was a zika outbreak in Brazil. There was a huge surge in shrunken baby brains in Brazil. ONLY A SMALL NUMBER OF BABIES WHO DIED HAD THE VIRUS IN THEIR BRAIN. This means A LARGE NUMBER OF THE BABIES WHO DIED HAD NO ZIKA IN THEIR BRAIN. OUTPUT: The zika cases were coincidental, with the real problem completely unknown. This quote from the BBC blows the zika scam wide open, the next line of the BBC report is accurate:

Zika is generally mild and only causes symptoms in one in five people. It is spread by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which also spreads dengue and chikungunya.

My comment: Ok so a do nothing virus is going around that only makes one in five people get mildly sick, with no symptoms in 4 out of 5 people. This virus has been known about since before 1948 and has never been known to cause birth defects. Since this is a proven mild virus with no history of causing birth defects, AND because a LARGE MAJORITY of babies with the new birth defects have no zika, then Zika is not causing it and someone is definitely beyond all doubt just using Zika as an excuse for something else, which strongly suggests a motive, and who would have a motive for blaming a huge surge in birth defects on a known benign virus that is not even present in a majority of cases? YOU GUESS, the answer ought to be obvious.

Since it can’t possibly be Zika with a majority of the affected babies having no virus, let’s look at a real possible cause then: A new TDAP shot Brazil made mandatory at the beginning of 2015, which coincides with perfect timing with a whole bunch of newborns being born with defects. That’s right, in late 2014 the Brazilian minister of health announced a new Tdap shot to become mandatory for all expectant mothers as soon as Brazil received it, which ended up being in early 2015. No zika found in a majority of messed up babies, but ALL MOTHERS WITH MESSED UP BABIES GOT THAT NEWLY FORMULATED SHOT WHILE PREGNANT. Troubleshooting 101, the answer is obvious.

The fact the papers are scamming Zika as the culprit should say it all, “GEE, it was not the World Health Organization, the Gates foundation, or anyone else in the New World Order that craves a stupid subservient population, NO, it is this practically benign virus doing it all, NO, DON’T EVEN LOOK AT OUR VACCINE, WE HAVE THE ANSWER, IT IS ZIKA, ZIKA, ZIKA and to HELL with the fact that a majority of the messed up babies had NO ZIKA. We won’t consider that because WE NEED OUR SCAPEGOAT.”

I find it interesting that this new shot was formulated for ALL PREGNANT WOMEN after the vaccine/autism scam broke partially mainstream, and I would bet that in America, there are countless cases of shrunken brains, but in America practically all pregnancies get looked at via ultrasound, and when a defect is seen, the mother is practically ordered to get an abortion thanks to “Obama care” and federal funding of “Canned Parenthood”. Practically all will. This won’t hit the stats, and the ones who do get born can just be subverted via a scamming press – who needs to report it anyway? A few “Zika” stories can be fronted by the press to cover for any cases that do get spoken about. I am actually amazed the scale of this was allowed to make news in Brazil, evidently the media containment there is not final.

So now they will get their stupid vaccine destroyed babies, (the ones partially brain damaged but not enough for it to actually noticeably shrink their brains, which would be the majority) and they can truly and duly blame genetics, after all, the baby really was born stupid.


This has to be stated because it did happen –

Anonymous sent:

Hello Jim…zika virus is being caused by genetically engineered mosquitoes, placed in Brazil by Bill Gates, et al. to combat dengue fever. Sent you the link a couple days ago… it is legit. Since Brazil is the B in BRICS, this is the big payback…pinheaded children. Just shameful. And the rest of us could be next victims of a new virus simply from getting a mosquito bite. Please check out what I am telling you. Hope this gets through…

My response: Gates did release a new GMO mosquito in the affected areas, so this cannot be ignored, and people need to know about it. I still think it is the new Tdap shot because there is no zika virus in a majority of the affected babies, which is why I have not focused on this mosquito.HOWEVER (and it is a BIG however,)

The mosquito Gates released was likely to be a long term dream of his he had for forced birth control and forced vaccinations, which he has been working on since 2003. In the forced vaccination scenario, the mosquitos are genetically programmed to produce the “vaccine” permanently once released into the environment, so they would not have to release new mosquitos again EVER, their effects would simply become part of nature.

It is CLEARLY CLEARLY not Zika causing the shrunken brains, the tests have already proven that, and all that remains of the zika scam is planted doctors and media trolls that are pushing it. I do not believe Gates or any of the rest of the global “elite” would actually release a weapon that could bite them and cause these problems, which is why I have fingered the Tdap shot. Could I be wrong on this, and could it really be the new Gates mosquito that is delivering something other than the proven phoney zika? Let me just say this: If Gates really was arrogant enough to release something that nasty into the wild, he and every association he has should be put in a meat grinder and fed to pigs. That is the only thing that type of people understand.  

*  *  *  *  *

Burns, Oregon

Hi Jim,

Thanks so much for all of your hard work. Below is an email I had a very hard time forwarding. It’s the first time something like this has happened to me.

Be well & take good care,

**Personal note–“SOMEONE” does NOT want this info. out. It took me EIGHT TRIES to get the text at the bottom completed but every time I’d look at it again, it would be gone. It only worked after I sent it to someone else & asked them to send it back, then I added the rest. The most sensitive part they don’t want you to know (that kept disappearing) is about the FBI & elected officials being FOREIGN AGENTS. It’s from a commenter (at bottom, in blue) below the vid. Post far & wide!

*BLM, is actually classified as an: Agent of Foreign Principle, under the intergovernmental Personnel Act. (They DON’T have authority & neither does the FBI)

FBI negotiator refuses to investigate gross complaints against federal agencies: Oregon Occupation intensifies

BURNS, Ore. (INTELLIHUB) Although a plethora of information can be found on Intellihub.com about the constitutionality of the Oregon Occupation and the root of the problem, the FBI can’t seem to find any information on what’s really going on and is unwilling to investigate federal agencies, period.

We are putting this video out there as an open letter to the federal government hereby requesting investigation into the unconstitutional wrongdoings currently taking place in Harney County.

During a phone meeting with the lead FBI negotiator known only as “Chris,” Ammon Bundy said:

The FBI does not have anything really to do with the situation it is the people their county and their land. The federal government simply needs to adhere to the Constitution of the United States, adhere to the rules in Article 1, 8, 17 and comply. Bundy explained to Chris how the locals are not happy that the FBI is there.

“You have a standing army in town,” Bundy said.

At one point the negotiator even threatened Bundy with an investigation of his person, rather than to even focus on the task at hand.

Additionally the FBI negotiator failed to provide his last name upon Bundy’s request.

“Get your investigators out here. Get interviewing these ranchers,” Bundy told the FBI.

Main page image credit: Via shuff1111/YouTube First commenter below Bundy’s comments posts something VERY REVEALING:

Ideas Time wrote:

Here are a couple of comments I picked up off the internet that I think are worth sharing. Hope Bundy can use the info.

“BLM is a Foreign Corporation.

BLM is actually a sub-corporation of UNITED STATES INCORPORATED,

a private foreign owned off-shore corporation since its last incorporation

in 1925, copyrighted, trademarked and registered in Puerto Rico.

Under the Reorganization Act of Washington District of Columbia, by it’s own private business charter, neither the BLM, nor any other federal/corporate agency has lawful/legal authority, jurisdiction or interstate nexus within the 50 state geographical landmass.

*BLM, is actually classified as an: “Agent of Foreign Principle”, under the intergovernmental Personnel Act.

*In other words, they don’t represent the Constitutional Republic or the interests of the American People but rather, a foreign owned principle i.e., the international banking/military corporate cartel of London City, England known as Crown Corporation as their supreme authority. Principle, under the intergovernmental Personnel Act.

*In other words, they don’t represent the Constitutional Republic or the interests of the American People but rather, a foreign owned principle i.e., the international banking/military corporate cartel of London City, England known as Crown Corporation as their supreme authority.

AskALL Law enforcement, FBI and Elected Officials for a copy of their FARA, Foreign Agent Registration Act, Failure to Produce upon request is a Felony Crime, Punishable by 5 years in prison and a $ 250,000.00 dollars Fine, + 5 years in prison and a 250,000.00 for every year they have Failed to Register,
Once a Oath of Office is taken Citizenship is Relinquished, and must register as a foreign Agent of the United Nations.
USC Title 8 sec 1481,
USC Title 5 sec 331, 332, 333
CFR, Coded Federal Regulation, Foreign Relations, 92-12, 93-12
You may Arrest them for Failing to Register.

Jean’s additional information:

Go to Dun & Bradstreet’s website:  www.dnb.com.

Type in “OREGON, STATE OF” in the Company Search/Site Search engine bar at the upper righthand side of the webpage.

Next click on the “Search the site” button.

This is the link to the first page of listings for the OREGON, STATE OF:


Link to page 2:


Additional information on US Government Corporations can be found in the pdf link below:

Here are a few that are listed – all corporations!

US Department of Defense (DOD)-03042139

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)-878865674

Federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM)-926038563

State of Oregon-932534998


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4 Responses to 1) Zika virus and 2) Burns, Oregon – important info! ~J

  1. ebolainfo says:

    Interesting, I was inclined to pursue the link between the Zika trials in Brazil started on April 2015 and the increased incidence of microcephaly however I have NOT seen any causal link, just temporal.

  2. Deborah says:

    Deadly virus leaked from US laboratory in Donbass – DPR Army and Intelligence
    US Attacks Russia With Biological Weapon, Many Dead

  3. anon says:

    along with babies & brains there is the surge of anancephaly (no brain babies) born in the Yakima Valley & then this baby in India: (WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3412269/Baby-girl-born-India-half-head-gigantic-eyes-bulbous-couldn-t-closed.html)
    Could be some new GMO additive to the industrial agricultural business….

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