UPDATE 3: from OPR



UPDATE: (8:00 p.m.) Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley released a statement Tuesday evening:

I am pleased that the FBI has listened to the concerns of the local community and responded to the illegal activity occurring in Harney County by outside extremists. The leaders of this group are now in custody and I hope that the remaining individuals occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge will peacefully surrender so this community can begin to heal the deep wounds that this illegal activity has created over the last month.

The locally elected leaders and state, local, and federal law enforcement are to be commended for their close coordination in working to address this crisis.

UPDATE: (7:53 p.m.) Kieran Suckling with the Center for Biological Diversity has spent the past two weeks in Burns following the occupation. Suckling issued a statement following Tuesday night’s news of one death.

“I’m saddened to see this standoff culminating in violence,” Suckling said. “But the Bundys and their followers showed up armed to the teeth and took over lands that belong to all American people. We hope and pray those remaining at the compound surrender peacefully and immediately. Here’s hoping cooler heads now prevail in southeastern Oregon and we can return to a semblance of peace and civility.”

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4 Responses to UPDATE 3: from OPR

  1. emilgottfried says:

    Total lies…they offered to meet with the FBI any time and were instead ambushed. And they aren’t terrorists, they are protesters working to restore states rights and stop the government from selling it along withe the ranches they confiscate by imminent domain and sell to China for a uranium mine.

  2. bewareofserco says:

    This is how the events of Tuesday night (26th Jan) have been reported in the ‘Daily Mail’. A craftily loaded piece of writing IMO.

    Looks to me like Bundy’s main spokesman LaVoy Finicum (RIP) was the main target of this planned “hit”.

    Obviously, we are going to be told that the militiamen fired first and the Feds only acted in “self defence”!

  3. bewareofserco says:

    According to this report, Bundy was speaking to his wife on the phone after his capture and telling her that Mr Finicum was; “cooperating with law enforcement officials” – then, sometime later it turns out that he’s been shot dead!!! Sounds like a similar kind of extrajudicial EXECUTION that was performed on one of the alleged ‘Boston bombers’ who was apparently run over and killed AFTER being photographed alive in police custody!

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