The Illusion of Freedom & Prosperity | The KrisAnne Hall Show, Jan 12th. 2016

“Let’s talk about guns!”

January 12, 2016

America, you are not free. America, you are not prosperous. And if you disagree with those statements, please listen. If you agree, you must hear how to break free and restore America, so we can once again be the land of the free!

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6 Responses to The Illusion of Freedom & Prosperity | The KrisAnne Hall Show, Jan 12th. 2016

  1. bewareofserco says:

    Although I didn’t bother listening to this show, the Vatican has already assumed ownership of every material thing on earth AND every soul on earth too, making this preposterous claim via ‘papal bull’ in the 1300’s. As far as I am aware, the Vatican has not retracted their claim, so if you want to be free and own any ‘stuff’ you’d better ask the Vatican first – just to avoid any misunderstandings!

    Fortunately for the Vatican, there are treasonous, self-serving assholes like Sheriff Ward and “Judge” Grasty in Oregon State that will do all they can to make the Vatican’s delusional fantasy into a reality – with your consent of course. Hooray for Grasty and Ward.

  2. lecox says:

    Right now, death is one of the few ways we have to enjoy real freedom for a little while. That could change some day; we could reach a better balance between the physical and what lies beyond than we have now. The first step is for more to become aware that there is something that lies beyond the physical – and is actually the source of it.

  3. Frank R says:

    Hi Jean…………..

    A late comment but I wanted to let you know that this video is NOT AVAILABLE for download at all anywhere on the net and not listed at her site. I have tried for 2 days to download at You Tube and it fails every time. They are blocking it from being saved.

    Hugs………..Frank R

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