(UPDATED) UPDATE 8, 9: Sickening, but I’d been told the militia were infiltrated. . . ~J



4:07 pm EST

I know that you are all looking for more updates, but there really is nothing new happening out at the Refuge right now. The militia members are all waiting for reinforcements or support from other militia members, which apparently is not going to happen. Nice job, “patriots”.

For the rest of you who are true patriots, there are things you can be doing RIGHT NOW to honor the memory of LaVoy Finicum and to keep the momentum of what Ammon and Ryan Bundy were fighting to accomplish. First, contact ALL of your state and federal legislators to tell them how outraged you are at the heavy-handed abuse of the federal government – not just against ranchers and property owners in general, but for the awful thing that they have done to LaVoy and the other patriots. Your congressman does not follow your Facebook status. He/she responds to the demands of a very passionate and energized constituency. Stop whining about how politicians don’t listen and start MAKING them listen to you. Call, fax, email… and then do it again! Get your friends and neighbors to do their part as well. Get off your butts and TAKE ACTION NOW! Thomas Paine wrote about the “times that try men’s souls” and that sunshine patriots are worthless if they can only be counted on when it is convenient for them. I know you guys know how to use your fingers to text and type comments… NOW use those fingers to dial a phone number to your representatives and GIVE THEM A PIECE OF YOUR MIND!

ACT LIKE AN AMERICAN AND DO YOUR DUTY NOWhttps://www.opencongress.org/people/zipcodelookup


3:49 pm EST

The “leaders” with the Pacific Patriot Network, Oath Keepers and III% called on their members heading to Burns to stand down. The leaders want to “collect facts” regarding the arrests and shootings. The militias have ordered that no mobilization occur until they have had time to talk to federal officials to get the facts of what happened.

Do you remember that scene from Braveheart when William Wallace waved his banner to request reinforcements and the clans turned their backs on him and left him and his men to be slaughtered? That sums up what these “brave militias” have done. https://youtu.be/5wo9IC9yBdU?t=3m13s Never leave a man behind. Never..

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6 Responses to (UPDATED) UPDATE 8, 9: Sickening, but I’d been told the militia were infiltrated. . . ~J

  1. bettiebee says:

    Jean, you may want to listen to this update from this afternoon 1-27-16 at this link as to how things actually went down. Victoria was in the vehicle at the time of the shooting. She is giving a live testimony. Tom Lacovara went to Oregon to see what really was going on and was ‘ousted’ by Santilli and others and told to leave. Tom stayed for a little bit and was shocked and became very upset with what he saw with so many infiltrators that he left before this went down.
    Tom has been educating the public it seems, forever, on the Constitution and is very, very sad.
    Here is website. http://dirtyunclesam.com/

    • Jean says:

      I already published the video this morning, but I didn’t know this about Tom. Yes, it’s incredibly sad, but we are in a process, bettiebe, and I hope people are beginning to wake up and learn. I am so very much on board with KrisAnne Hall who is also teaching . . . and doing a great job!

      Thanks and hugs,

  2. Captain says:

    Witness Account of the Murder of LaVoy Finicum

  3. Alma says:

    what about this video ??

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