UPDATE 1, 2, 3, 4!: Updates from the Refuge via Facebook



1:02 pm EST

Militia members are expecting a group of Navy Seals to parachute in to the Refuge to come to their aid. The goal is now to hold on to the Refuge until the Seals arrive.


12:05 pm EST

Multiple checkpoints have been set up by the FBI along key routes in and out of the refuge. Only ranchers who own property in the area are allowed to pass, but only after providing identification and submitting to a vehicle search.

12:20 pm EST

Most, if not all, media vehicles have pulled out and left the Refuge.

12:21 pm EST

FBI using the same type of spy plane over the Refuge now as they used over Waco – a military version of the Britten-Norman Islander, developed for roles such as utility transport, casualty evacuation, counter-insurgency and light attack, forward air control, patrol and reconnaissance.

UPDATE 2 – 11:59 am EST

12:01 pm EST

Militia in the process of digging trenches. Government drones are flying overhead to gather aerial footage.

I imagine getting this word out is extremely important. . . ~J

UPDATE 1: 11:49 am EST

Despite 6 witnesses who saw LaVoy Finicum get shot while he was unarmed, with his hands above his head, MSNBC is now reporting that FBI officials are claiming that LaVoy “jumped out of his vehicle brandishing a firearm and was shot and killed.” THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE LIE. Federal Authorities are also claiming that they do not know who fired the “shot or shots” that killed LaVoy. Shot or shots? They riddled the man with bullets. Eyewitnesses say he was shot 6 times, including 3 times after he had fallen to the ground dead.

NOTE: stated at 6:43 am EST

Militia at the Refuge just told media that LaVoy Finicum was unarmed when he was shot and that his personal firearm is still at the Refuge where he left it before leaving for the day.


Citizens for Constitutional Freedom Support Group

7 hrs ·


I’m Live with a contact at the refuge…. will post updates as I get them…

3:46 am EST

Vehicles incoming… FBI in the process of surrounding the compound. Some of the militia have fled. Others are remaining to take a stand. Some of the men are giving final farewell messages to their families.

3:59 am EST

The roads leading out of the Refuge have been blocked off. There is no way out.

4:00 am EST

It appears that cell communications have been jammed.

4:16 AM EST

I’m back in contact… Feds have still not moved in yet. Militia taking up positions.

4:24 am EST

Jason Patrick from the Refuge has reached out to KTVZ to say that the people in the Refuge want a peaceful resolution and do not want the FBI to come in guns blazing.

4:39 am EST

Communications with the compound continue to be difficult. Service continues to be sporadic.

4:49 am EST

Jason Patrick on the phone with the FBI which is claiming to offer “safe passage” through the front entrance to the Refuge.

5:03 am EST 5:22 am EST 6:00 am EST

No new updates. Signals from the refuge appear to be jammed.

5:15 am EST


5:32 am EST

Militia members are still in their positions. FBI still has refuge surrounded.

6:20 am EST

Jason Patrick has told the media at the entrance of the refuge that the militia is prepared to defend themselves.

6:38 am EST

A member of the media has entered the compound and is now embedded with the militia.

6:43 am EST

Militia at the Refuge just told media that LaVoy Finicum was unarmed when he was shot and that his personal firearm is still at the Refuge where he left it before leaving for the day.

6:45 am EST

Militia members told media that they will shoot to kill if the FBI launches an armed invasion into the compound. “This is armageddon”.

6:46 am EST

Confirmed: the militia has moved a front loader to block the road into the refuge. Jason Patrick is continuing to speak to reporters at the front entrance.

6:53 am EST

Multiple militia report FBI vehicles moving in… militia members moving to positions.

6:56 am EST


6:57 AM EST

People at the compound overheard saying they hope they are not slaughtered like the people at Ruby Ridge and Waco. They are extending love and well wishes to one another.

7:01 AM EST

My connection has gone dead. Hoping for it to be restored ASAP.

7:36 am EST

FBI holding latest positions have not moved in further. More media arriving. No fighting to report at this point. Fed vehicles still at a distance with lights off. At least 5 media outlets on the scene, including CNN.

8:16 am EST

Everything at a stand still. Militia at the refuge are still angry over the murder of LaVoy and are in no mood to surrender.

9:12 am EST

Unfortunately, nothing new to report… I’m still checking in with my contacts but nothing else has happened. I’m sure the people at the refuge are getting tired from having been up all night. For those who made fun of them for asking for energy drinks early on, now we can see the sense in the request.

9:48 AM EST

Some of the militia have been able to eat breakfast and refuel with coffee. Media are walking around bugging the militia members to sign permission forms to use their faces on camera… a request that is not being met with much interest from the people who are preparing for a gun fight with federal agents.

10:31 am EST

Gunshots heard in the distance. Not sure who shot. Some speculation that other militia may have arrived.

10:44 am EST

No additional shots heard. Militia in position.

11:17 am EST

No significant developments. Some women chose to remain in the compound to fight along side the men.

11:20 am EST

Some media are leaving the area after having been warned off by the FBI. WKTVZ has posted that the FBI warned them that they will be provided no protection. This is a bad sign. If the FBI is trying to get the media to leave, they must not want footage of what is going to happen.

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3 Responses to UPDATE 1, 2, 3, 4!: Updates from the Refuge via Facebook

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  2. Ken says:

    Hello Jean, thanks for all you do. Nobody said the evolution would be easy. As you know, Drunvalo stated, just when all seems lost a way will be found (paraphrasing). Universal Law will usurp this man made compost of “government laws”. It still is amazing the depths these psychopaths will go to maintain their plantation on this prison planet. Unfortunately it is probably what is required to wake the sheeple from their stupor. I am glad to say and see that everyday more and more people are awakening to John Carpenter’s “They Live” depiction which is in fact the reality of our landscape.

    Thanks again for all you do, your diligence and caring is waking up and saving a lot of people and giving them the chance to ascend. As can be clearly seen, we are nearing the finish line. Keep the faith dear Jean.

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