Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer interviewed by Joyce Riley of The Power Hour

Even back in 2011, there was a problem, a big problem, but we’ve now become aware of just how big the problem really is! ~J

Uploaded on Apr 26, 2011
Texe Marrs link:…

Joyce Riley hosts a powerful interview with Glenn Palmer, Constitutional County Sheriff from Grant

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7 Responses to Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer interviewed by Joyce Riley of The Power Hour

  1. Nancy says:

    Link not found.

  2. Nancy says:

    Now it comes up…. I was incorrect. I was trying to connect from the first page on my inbox.

  3. kibitzer3 says:

    Thanks for this, Jean. How good it is to hear from a Sheriff in a neighboring county up there in Oregon, to know that that whole state has not sold out the United States to the New World Order crowd.

    May Sheriff Palmer be supported by the people of his county in whatever he chooses to do , to return his ‘neck of the woods’ to the rule of law.

  4. Deborah says:

    Was The Whole Militia False Flag Staged Event In Oregon To Cover A Pre-Determined Blood Sacrifice During The ‘Grand Climax’?

  5. SacredPeaks says:

    Jean, Thank you for sharing this talk with Sheriff Palmer!
    This interview is highly relevant to what is going on with all the federally so-called “managed “ lands. Environmental protection of endangered species or other euphemisms like “fire management” are being used to prevent access to public lands. The reality could be nothing further from the truth. If, and when TPTB want the resources they will “come in and take it!” I’m in the process of putting another transcript together that talks about the corruption from top to bottom and the real motives behind the Oregon situation.

    I missed this article by Preston James from 2 days ago, but I believe it is relevant to the situation. Note his reference to mining interests and the Secret Space Program. Feel free to share, or not as you see appropriate.

    A Complete Disconnect
    By Preston James, Ph.D on January 28, 2016

    Also, Michael Jay, Scott Bennet, Kerry Cassidy, Mike Harris, Jim Fetzer (briefly at the beginning of the 2nd hour) and others discuss the different angles of the Oregon situation and some of the implications behind the quest for and domination of land and natural resources.

    Truth Unite with Scott Bennett: OREGON SHOTS FIRED

    • Jean says:

      SP, everything I try to do on my blog, for the moment, is being impeded. I’m gotten Scott’s report out and a couple other posts. I think it is wise to take a few hours away. Thanks for your efforts and hugs, ~Jean

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