Kris Anne Hall – #scteaparty2016 . . . This lady speaks the truth!!!

“Our problem is not liberal vs. progressive. Our problem is not Republican vs. Democrat!” 


I knew there was something about KrisAnne . . . we both agree on this sooo totally! ~J

Published on Jan 27, 2016

KrisAnne Hall is an attorney and former prosecutor who travels the country teaching the Constitution and the history that gave us our founding documents. KrisAnne is a disabled Army veteran, a Russian linguist, a mother, a pastor’s wife and a patriot. Born and raised in St. Louis, MO, she received her undergraduate degree in Bio-Chemistry from Blackburn College in 1991 and her J.D. from the University of Florida, Levin College of Law. She is a former Russian Linguist for the US Army. and worked as a state prosecutor and with a prominent law firm defending religious liberty and First Amendment rights.

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3 Responses to Kris Anne Hall – #scteaparty2016 . . . This lady speaks the truth!!!

  1. Peter Daily says:

    Kris Anne asked what’s the difference between public servants who violate the constitution from ignorance and those who do it from wickedness. The former can be educated; the latter need to be reformed or removes, which is much tougher.

  2. usnveteran says:

    “Arm Yourself With The Constitution” – Publius Huldah:

    [I have followed Publius Huldah’s Blog for several years and I highly recommend checking-out all the educational resources on her blog ( ) — also a search on YouTube for her lectures. I really hope to be able to attend one of her lectures this year. She is a U.S. Navy Veteran, former J.A.G. attorney.]

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