KrisAnne Hall: What I Saw in the FBI Video, January 29th. 2016

She doesn’t leave them a leg to stand on! Good for KrisAnne! Hugs, ~Jean

Published January 29, 2016

To find out what happened on March 5, 1770, Click Here.

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16 Responses to KrisAnne Hall: What I Saw in the FBI Video, January 29th. 2016

  1. wolf727 says:

    I have been following this. I have spent the whole afternoon commenting on YouTube sending out information links to American sheeple informing them that it is the federal government who has been behaving outside the law by owning land which they should not have own in the first place beyond 10 square miles of Washington D.C.
    I am not American but it truly angers me how American sheeple can call protesters at Oregon ‘terrorists’ for fighting for the Constitution. It truly makes me sick!
    I have even received a warning from Google for some infringement – probably for spamming out so much information.
    Sorry. It angered me so much reading comments from American sheeple calling these protesters – their own country men – as ‘terrorists’!
    You know, Jean, I truly despair. I just don’t see how we are going to win this. The elites have mainstream media – a powerful force.

    • Jean says:

      Well, Wolf, when you feel despair, you need to stop and think about all the good things that are happening. In fact, this crisis is a wake up call to many, and it isn’t going away. The Feds are in big trouble over this one ๐Ÿ˜‰ Remember the recent post called How you know when your society is in collapse?

      Take a look. Find another positive article to cheer yourself up ๐Ÿ™‚ Hugs, ~Jean

      • wolf727 says:

        Thanks, Jean. I truly hope the Feds get into real trouble over this for murdering a brave man supporting the Constitution and farmers’ rights to live on land in prosperity and peace.
        Thanks. I will look up the post you mentioned. And thanks for making me feel positive. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Jean says:

          They are going to try to walk right by it. Do you see anyone in the MSM speaking of this as if they have done anything wrong? But the fact is, we now know . . . and we will not forget. . . Wolf, I’ve been alone for a very long time, and I eventually learned how to make myself feel positive: Just try to step back and remember something good that is happening. Sometimes, particularly in the beginning, this is hard to do . . . but then it begins to get easier and easier . . . not that I’m always successful. Or else, reach out to someone because then you realize you are not alone. My therapist called it ‘parenting myself’, something our parents should have been able to teach us, but mostly couldn’t . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • “The elites” also have their ATM machine (Federal Reserve) to create currency out of thin air … funding for any agenda that they can persuade Congress to support (AIPAC).

      Thanks so much, wolf727, for being in action–like a Paul Revere of our times. “The pen is mightier than the sword.”

      • wolf727 says:

        Thanks. Yep, spot on; the Federal Reserve can create as much money they want to finance their agendas.
        I’m a 911Truther, myself, I became member of AE911Truth and have given out leaflets in the streets. I have posted up posters on walls in the middle of the night.
        In the past for several years I would print out information Jean provided here and from other sources and I would carry them around with me in my shoulder bag in order to approach people in bars, restaurants, pubs etc and I would pull the papers out and prove to them that the narrative mainstream media was a complete lie. I would have two, three and up to about seven people around me as I informed them of information that Jean and others were saying.
        I did this for a long time because I was so frustrated and angered by lies given out by mainstream media, BBC, CNN, Fox News, Washington Post, and shocked at how the sheeple were not even questioning the official narrative given to them by the lying Establishment.
        I wanted so much to wake the sheeple up from their sleep – some listened and others continued to be asleep and look at me as if I was a crazy “conspiracy theorist” or as the “terrorist” that David Cameron was pushing for at the United Nations.
        I looked at the video you posted and agree with all of it.
        There is so much craziness going on, so much confusion, it is difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
        Anyway, thank you for your comment. Peace to you, and to Jean.

  2. As well spoken as KrisAnne Hall is, her message is understood by a very small segment of society who appreciate the founding fathers’ vision and the structures they put into place. This commendable speech needs a more compelling rallying issue–and I see the false flags attacks of 9-11 + continuing cover-up to be that issue that would get the attention and disgust of a majority who would mobilize. EXPOSE 9-11

  3. Frank R says:

    Hi Jean…………..

    Well Kris Anne nails another one. I have looked at all the videos released and I completely agree with her and others that indicate a “set up” for MURDER. I am also right with Wolf 727 in how I feel.


    Now I have had previous issues with Veterans Today refusal to tell other stories correctly. The article I am referring to has since been removed and another article inserted by another editor who is disputing Dean and Duff. They cannot even agree with each other before putting out their BULLSHIT DISINFORMATION.

    I am done with this site. They are CONTROLLED OPPOSITION designed to mislead us and I am asking everyone to stop reading any of their articles and tell others as well. THEY CANNOT BE TRUSTED AT ALL.

    Each day that passes where the good guys, if their are any, do not take full control of the media, it gets worse for the world. TAKING CONTROL OF THE MEDIA “EN MASS” IS THE ONLY VIABLE SOLUTION. That is why I have been screaming this from the very beginning. I am really getting sick to my stomach but I won’t quit even if it kills me.

    Love/Hugs………….Frank R

    • Jean says:

      Frank, I saw that post, and I was totally disgusted. It was shameful, lacking in knowledge, and filled with brutal thinking. A man lost his life, and basically they said this was what the should have expected. I really want nothing to do with Veterans Today anymore. They took about the military going to be there for us . . . but, frankly, while I think there are military who will be there for us, I don’t think these people really have a clue about how and when. It’s all meant to confuse us, slow us down in making preparations, etc. Now . . . you take care, Frank . . . the story hasn’t ended just yet. . . we have a ways to go ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. lecox says:

    I get the VT daily feed, and saw that Jim Dean – based on the “evidence” in the “FBI video” – was quick to dismiss exaggerated stories of LaVoy’s death. The date discrepancy on the video has been explained by the assertion that aviation uses GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) as its worldwide time standard. This seems to be true.
    Even though LaVoy was “asking for it” with his talk and his habit of being armed, to me this video, be it staged or real, shows a man gunned down in cold blood. I can only imagine that he left his vehicle in the hope that its other occupants would be left alone.
    I am surprised at Jim Dean’s position on this; perhaps he will modify it later. Since when has the FBI been a trustworthy source of data about any domestic violence event? Part of the problem is that this goes back to at least the JKF killing, if not much earlier. It’s basically a sure bet today that J. Edgar Hoover was involved in that killing and was for all intents and purposes a psychopath. Until the FBI is willing to come clean on all that, why should I believe its version of any event it is involved with? Because they will gun me down if I don’t believe them? That’s the way criminals think, not good and honorable people.
    Jim Dean feels this event was way overblown by the various groups supporting the occupation. I don’t enjoy following such events, either. They are theatrics; I don’t see them as opportunities to learn the truth. The truth is that life IS theater. And people with bigger guns have been shooting down people with smaller guns for a long long time. And long time ago the people with the smaller guns figured out how to make the ones with bigger guns look like criminals. And though we’re all agreed now that it’s a terrible thing to do, somehow that doesn’t prevent it from continuing to happen.
    I have been studying some rather esoteric data on how this universe works. It is not particularly pleasant reading and listening. This universe rewards criminals with physical things. The more criminal you are willing to be, the more physical things you can probably get hold of. They won’t make you happy, but they make it look as if “crime pays.”
    If you are going to protect, defend and sustain any game here in the physical universe, you are going to need some pretty big guns, or some very major spiritual powers, or preferably a combination of both. The big problem is keeping the guys with the big guns honest. They always tend to turn criminal because that’s who they’re fighting.
    Thus, a being that must support and protect his body, and those of his family, has a problem staying honest – as he needs physical things to do that. Yet most beings do stay relatively honest. And honest beings don’t want to deal with criminals, and don’t trust them. Why should they? So why should we trust the FBI at this point?
    We know that the attractiveness of physicality paired with the desire to have everything done for oneself is a spiritual killer. Today we have to deal with a lot of people who are spiritually dead. And many more who aren’t yet, but are painfully unaware, and so on the verge. We know that spirituality is where the fun is; always has been. So what are we to do about all these lost beings? If we abandon them, we may feel better for a while, but one day they will find us again. The truth is that – as spiritual beings – the dead ones, the seriously criminal and the nearly so totally rely on those spiritually better off than themselves to solve this for them. Though they may once have been great beings, they have ended up the ones who have strayed farthest from the truth and done the most to threaten all of our eternities. We must find ways to remove them from power. It may require some force, but it mostly requires exposing them, separating them from the armed groups they have been influencing, and then providing them with some sort of workable exit route. It is not yet clear to me that any group in this universe is capable of this, though some may be getting close. It will almost certainly be a group or a coalition that does this. Considerable organization and internal discipline is required. If they succeed, they will deserve our gratitude, but they may also require our participation. I don’t see any other way.

    • Jean says:

      Larry, we must participate, even if it’s just to acquaint ourselves with the truth . . . this Constitution ‘thing’ is the key. It is very simple, and KrisAnne is helping me to understand in ways I did not. Much of the discussion today about the execution-style murder of LaVoy should be focusing on the Constitution, but it is not . . . not yet.

      Thanks and hugs,

    • Larry,

      I’m a former Scientologist.

      In words you understand, Larry, we should “Make accurate ethics assignments–follow the ethics formulas for the particular ethics conditions.” What is the ethics formula for those who are ENEMIES? …for those who are in TREASON?

      What is the ethics responsibility of high-tone entities to confront and expose low-tone entities? Declare to those who are ENEMY that they are ENEMY. Declare to those who are in TREASON that they are in TREASON.

      How much of problems (what is so in the WOG world) does the Church own, Larry? IMO, we have all allowed things to get to this point, and we all own the problems.

      Workable exit route: For those who “own” their ethics assignment and take on moving throught he ethics formula… (I’d like you to finish the sentence)

      For those who refuse to acknowledge (own) their ethics condition … (I’d like your view)

      For those who own their ethics condition and indicate intention to remain ENEMY … to remain TREASON … ?

      A public campaign by the Church, IMO, to expose the low-tone entities is long overdue. R-factors which led me to break from the Church are the seeming blind eye … the seeming lack of confront. The WOG world has amassed sufficient data on the low-tone entities–and presumably the Church knows even better the product of operation of these entities– that a clarion call by the Church for exposing the low-tone entities would be welcomed and embraced.

      We had a public effort to expose the psychiatric industry. Why not a public campaign by the Church to expose 9-11, Federal Reserve, chemtrails, weather warfare, etc.?

      In all the tech, “providing them an out”, publicly, would move the conversation toward survival.

      Imagine that Russia/Putin and the Church (separately) expose the low-tone entities. Then the Church maps out … “provides them an out”.

      Were we at this same juncture 13,000 years ago, and the ancient atomic war was the Samson option (rather than own their depraved condition … be accountable) on the part of the dark entities?

      • lecox says:

        I appreciate hearing from you and what you have to say about ethics.
        I can’t speak for the church. It has to survive in a very antagonistic environment.
        It has to stay out of politics to retain its current tax status. And I would guess that church leadership considers assigning ethics conditions to prominent non-Scientologists would not be a viable activity at this time, even though LRH has suggested doing it. But that’s just a guess.
        What I would like to see would be for the people whose job it is to keep criminals under control to learn our justice system and start using it. Conditions assignments would be a big part of that.
        The “workable exit route” I had in mind was more along the lines of some alternative to a public lynching, which is what so many are calling for. The LRH idea for handling psychopaths is basically quarantine. And he has mentioned that lots of space is therapeutic. Like a desert area. Or maybe another planet. Those actions might be possible, done by proper authorities.
        What did LRH say about justice in the hands of homo sapiens? “I have found that man cannot be trusted with justice.” (HCOPL 12 July 1980R The Basics of Ethics) “When the tech of ethics isn’t known, justice becomes an end-all in itself. And that just degenerates into sadism.”
        So going that route will require a lot of training, a lot of enlightenment. I don’t see any way around making our leaders into Scientologists, or at least students of LRH. So there is a lot of work to be done.
        A lot of people view the church the way they view ET. They want ET to handle the big problems. But what is ET’s reply (where there has been one)? “Grow up as a society. Learn how to handle these matters as a part of the routine of living.” And I agree with that.

        • There is politics and there is criminality. Tax status should not be threatened by exposing criminality. Is it “politics” to expose the criminality of psychiatrists? Can you imagine the positive image for the church when they take a stand about 9-11 CRIMES?

          Let’s not confuse criminality with politics.

          • lecox says:

            I suppose you’re right about that. But society has them inextricably confused, and they are very entwined because one of the main reasons governments exist is to protect citizens from criminals.

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