PressTV: Zika virus spreading explosively, warns WHO

Thu Jan 28, 2016 3:37PM

World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Margaret Chan (2nd R) ©AFP
World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Margaret Chan (2nd R) ©AFP

The head of World Health Organization (WHO) has voiced alarm over the Zika outbreak around the Americans, saying the virus is “spreading explosively.”

Speaking at a meeting of WHO member states on Thursday in the Swiss city of Geneva, Director-General Margaret Chan said that the UN health agency is deeply concerned over the situation as the level of alarm over the virus has become “extremely high.”

She said the mosquito-borne virus has gone from a “mild threat” to “alarming proportions.”

The WHO chief also called for an emergency meeting on the virus, which is taking hold across South and Central America and the Caribbean, on Monday to determine if the outbreak should be declared an international health emergency.

Meanwhile, WHO Assistant Director Bruce Aylward has emphasized the importance of coordination among the member state to prevent viruses from spreading.

“This is an important consideration of the director-general in calling (the meeting) is to ensure that there are no inappropriate measures taken by member states in terms of travel or trade. That is a major consideration of the director-general,” Aylward said on Thursday.

The Zika virus is suspected to cause serious birth defects. It is linked to microcephaly disease, in which babies born to women infected during pregnancy have abnormally small heads.

Elsewhere in her remarks, the WHO chief said the relationship between Zika and birth defects has not yet been fully established but is “strongly suspected.”

There is no sure prevention or treatment for the disease and affected countries are reportedly doing their best to eliminate the breeding grounds for Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, which bite all day long.

Aedes Aegypti mosquitos are photographed in a laboratory of control of epidemiological vectors in San Salvador, on January 27, 2016. ©AFP

Cases of Zika virus have so far been reported in nearly two dozen countries.

Brazil has been the country hardest hit by the outbreak. There is currently no specific treatment for the virus and no way to prevent it other than avoiding mosquito bites.

US media reports say at least five people in the New York area have also been diagnosed with the virus.

There is no sure prevention or treatment for the disease and affected countries are reportedly doing their best to eliminate the breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

At this point, no specific travel advisory has been issued by the WHO, but national centers could issue travel advice to their own citizens, based on the evidence they have.

Zika virus was first isolated from a monkey in Zika Forest, Uganda, in 1947.

In Brazil, three people were reported dead due to the Zika virus in November 2015.

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7 Responses to PressTV: Zika virus spreading explosively, warns WHO

  1. Tracy says:

    What is Bill Gates doing in this photo??? That’s what is called posing a question to start the contemplation process folks.
    I did a search on “Bill Gates connection to (WHO) World Health Organization, take a look down this list and I encourage all to do their own search ~

    • Jean says:

      I saw him there, too! He is directly involved in vaccines and I understand he has been indicted in India for the killing and maiming of so many of there children. Hugs, ~Jean

  2. Ines Radman says:

    The incredible and highest amount of pesticides used in Brazil has caused this newborn baby issue and some sort of allergic reaction to this specific mosquito, in order to cover up the mass poisoning of populations, they genetically created this virus to take attention away from the real issue and to divert their attention from the fact that pesticides that are banned in most countries today are being used in greater and greater quantities. Jon Rappaport wrote about this. This post is like other fear mongering posts. By putting our focus on this, we only create more of it. Fear mongering is about generating fear although most truthers consider it their responsibility to write about the very things we don’t want. What they fail to understand that every thought we create, we also manifest, so if we focus now on this problem, we only manifest more of it collectively. I prefer to write/post about things we are empowered to do and can do to make a difference, this must get really depressing for you to post all those weapons/tanks/gun photos/ in the posts, using subliminal messaging to create even more of what you don’t want. I have learned through my short life, that whatever I focus on, I will get more of it, so rather than focus on what I don’t want, I focus on what I do want. No wonder you are not well, I wouldn’t be either if I was posting all that negativity and fear. I thought your new blog was about co-creating. Well, maybe you are co-creating but it’s evil, darkness, and all the things we are trying to remove from this reality. That’s all you do, each time you post something that is not good for us, we only give it more energy and it manifests for them. We are doing their work…they have occult knowledge, they know us better than we do, they create subliminal messages for us to think/focus on and we actually create their desires, not ours. This is the REAL deception. WE are creating the reality they want us to using us as their projectors. Think about it. I’m the first one to write about this, now take everything you know about the elite and add up the messages they send out, we take that message, ponder on it, focus on it, obsess over it and we create the reality. We are a bunch of idiots thinking we are smart. We are smart but we got it all wrong. WE are creating their reality by giving us certain information/messages/symbolisms and WE create through our thoughts.
    If you understand this, then you should be healthy because you have the power to heal yourself simply by talking to your cellular structure. Command your body to heal, see it heal, feel it heal, but if you have ANY fear about anything in your life, nothing can change. FEAR is what holds everything back. You have such a big heart, you have destroyed your health over your belief and desire to help others, but you are actually feeding the machine and creating a collective punishment so to speak. If we can meditate and change, we can also create wars and epidemics because it’s not about negative or positive thoughts, it’s THOUGHTS period.
    I don’t know how you are going to feel reading this, I don’t expect you to post it and I would prefer you didn’t because this is between me and you, but believe it or not, I still care and love you, I still worry about you, I see you going down because you give to others more than you give to yourself. That is not love…love is putting yourself in first place, putting your own house in order first and then sharing with others. Don’t destroy yourself…you’re not responsible for anyone..I struggled with that concept too, I thought I had to be down and under, sacrifice, give away everything to do good but I learned that I go down with the ship as well…and this girl just ain’t ready to do that. Take care of owe nobody nothing. You are a sovereign, you are powerful, so post about power, post about divinity, bring the readers vibrations up and not bury them with low energy news.
    Have you ever considered the possibility you are not well because you are generating all that dark energy by posting more fear of what is going on? Just thinking out loud.

    • Jean says:

      Ines, you are still making judgments about others, about whom you know so very little. That is your choice. As a matter of fact, I am not going down, but I am getting better. I don’t want to read this ‘stuff’ from you. I haven’t asked for your advice or your opinion, and if you understood spirituality, you would not give it. Please do not come here again. Hugs, ~Jean

      PS There is nothing that exists between me and you, but only that which you, on your part, have created.What you express is not concern; it is judgment, pure and simple.

    • Jean says:

      Rance, this is, indeed, very interesting, as I could ‘read’ how you have worked through so much in order to free yourself from the past, a yoke that is upon all of us. I believe we will get no help because Source understands that we must grow up, and this is what the cabal has cleverly kept us from doing, while at the same time abusing the heck out of all of us.

      I’m glad to see you understand that as we grow up/leave a childish state, we must assume mature responsibility for our own Selves. There is no way we can/should make a mistake and hide it under the carpet, not in the new reality. There are so very many who haven’t even begun to understand that mistakes are life’s lessons to us – and we must each be allowed to make them and not be embarrassed by them — and also learn that we can recover from our mistakes. After all, the process is one everyone must go through, so why not share our successes and failures?

      At the same time, here on my blog I try to offer information, my personal experiences, etc., without judgment, without telling others how or what they must do. We-can-only-change-ourselves was a lesson I learned many years ago, and then we can let our light/truth shine. Perhaps others will want to follow; perhaps not. I cannot be responsible for others, and I can tell you this understanding is a great relief. This, of course, does not mean I won’t help others or that I won’t accept help. There come times when we all in these kinds of situations, but they should not continue, because then we may create an unhealthy, co-dependent relationship.

      Well, I think much of what I am saying here is in support of your words, and I am very glad you took the time to share them.

      Many thanks and hugs,

  3. Rance says:

    [originally written Feb. /14]

    [Jean. I apologize in advance for this long reply to this post. I wrote this some time ago while I was struggling with these same ideas expressed by Ines and yourself. This is a long opinion. Please don’t post it if you don’t think it is relevant to the discussion. I included the whole thing because I think it IS relevant, however. Anyway, I hope you get a chance to read it and that you find it helpful. This thought process helped me clear some self-doubt issues.
    Thanks. Rance

    Martin Luther King Jr. said: “Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice. Justice at its best is love correcting everything that stands against love.”

    Why do I believe these messages are important?

    I don’t assume that they will have the same level of importance to everyone that reads them. In fact, they may seem irrelevant to most or all who read them. We are all operating within our own fields of perception and influence, so whether or not something seems important to you depends on where you are with that. As one looks out beyond what he may think of as his personal field of influence, he may not consider any of it within his ability to affect or may not care about it in any case because it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with his personal life. (We all have limits on our time and energy, after all. If this is not true for you, then this truly is not relevant to you.)
    So we may have no incentive to look to the big picture, either because we don’t think it matters to us or because we don’t think we can do anything about it in any case. This is another way of saying that there are limits to our fields of perception and influence and that we know, or believe we know, what they are. Unfortunately, when we assume these limits or accept them as fixed, we are left with the condition of relative helplessness unless we don’t believe that the big picture can affect us.
    Many of us believe, or have been told, that they “create their own reality”, but (usually) if they believe it they act and think from a standpoint that is rather narrow and refers mostly to their perceived limits of their fields of perception and influence. Either the “world out there” doesn’t affect them or it doesn’t really exist except as a construct and extension of their own consciousness. So, even though they may believe or be taught that they are responsible for their worlds and their lives, this responsibility is really just a choice of how to perceive their world and to change their minds about it if they don’t like it. (How’s that working for you?) There is no doubt that an attitudinal shift can be useful and have a very positive effect on all aspects of one’s personal life. Nor do I wish to dismiss the connections between “mind” and the “outer world” which have been indicated through personal experience, anecdotal evidence, and study by many in related fields. The point is that a narrow view of your fields of perception and influence is a narrow view of the self. It is basically egocentric. (Denial is a form of, or consequence of this kind of identification, in my opinion.)
    The greater world exists. Whatever the energetic nature of it is, it is still happening (I believe). Those suffering from whatever conditions on the other side of the world are as real as those in your family and friends. Taking that into account is really an action. It is an expansion of your field of perception and, by extension, a realization of your field of influence- i.e. an expansion of awareness or consciousness. It is an expansion of self, a realization of Self, a more inclusive identity. In other words, this is a kind of “ascension”. It is not, however, a means of divorcing yourself from the world and escaping to a state of constant “Nirvana”. It implies real responsibility. To identify with the greater world in a loving, concerned way is to experience compassion, an integral attribute of a loving, expanded being. This is a positive incentive to engage with the world beyond your present field of influence. I don’t mean to preclude other aspects of self that don’t seem to have anything to do with the physical world. These levels of experience are there as well. I just mean to say that we cannot exclude the parts of the outer world we may not like, either because it is also a part of the greater self or simply because we are intimately related to it by cause and effect.
    There is another related issue with respect to “reality creation”, etc. It is often thought or treated as if information has a negative or a positive quality in itself. This leads to attitudes that are critical of the messengers of information as if they are responsible for the way the receiver feels about it. While it is true that a good manipulator can evoke emotion to the content of a message which may lead to the tendency to experience the information in a negative way, I think it’s important to understand that there are two involved in the exchange of information, the sender and the receiver, if you will. Each one is likely to impart or attribute emotional content to the message, but part of expanded consciousness is the recognition of one’s responsibility for his own emotions with respect to any given situation. While that may be difficult to manage at times, it still remains true. To the extent that you do not believe that you are response-able for your emotions, you may re-act instead of merely processing information as just that- information.
    The tendency to filter information based on the way you feel about it rather than the content of it is really another form of denial in my opinion. Don’t want to go there. Close the door. Turn out the light. That’s not my reality. Actually, if your first response is to react in this way, then it is quite likely that you have recognized, unconsciously at least, that this is part of your reality but are unprepared to deal with it as such. (Another personal opinion coming from my own experience with my own fears.) Those who may believe they are on an expansion path will probably get this, but may not always be aware of it when it’s happening. Those who don’t think of themselves in this way will probably just go and get another beer, oblivious to the world getting ready to bite their ass- – or not.
    If we do not engage compassionately with the greater world, however, it is not likely that we may escape its effects on us. It is still happening. In fact, I would say that a denial or egocentric stance is a course of intent which allows the world to happen to us. On the other hand, an expanded self with a corresponding sense of responsibility is a being that believes that she is happening to it (the world, that is) because she includes it as an aspect of Self- compassion. That is the essence of self-empowerment, another integral attribute of a loving, expanded being.
    So if it seems that the whole idea of “creating our own reality” doesn’t seem to be working for us, maybe it’s really just a case of error in choice of identity. We all create the world, but the world does not end at our skin. Ideas of unity recognize our interconnectedness as real, but because we still identify ourselves almost exclusively as bodies interacting in a chaotic world, we still experience exactly that. To turn into ourselves or act as independent, isolated “reality creators” is not only illogical, but the denial of the very thing we aspire to become as evolving consciousness.
    Then there is the majority of us who don’t (yet) see ourselves on a path of personal evolution at all, who are really just concerned with getting through to the time when we can finally enjoy our idea of Nirvana- retirement, the good life in our last days. The world outside of our personal fields of perception and influence is basically considered to be beyond us to affect in any remarkable way. It is much easier to accept that we cannot change things and to ignore anything we deem to be unchangeable. But like I said, the world is still happening, whether we like it or not.
    In the very small minority, however, there is a group of people who are not confused in any major way about who they are (which they may be wrong about. Confusion and wrong-mindedness are not the same thing.), what they want, and how to go about getting it. Whatever the rest of us may believe about the world, these people have definite ideas about the reality they wish to create and I would suggest that those of us who remain in whatever form of denial or ignorance are playing a role that suits their version of reality to a tee. They know they are responsible for their thoughts and actions and are proceeding in a very organized fashion to achieve their ambitious ends. We often refer to these as the elite, but I am really talking about those at the very top of a small peak of human power and influence who are riding roughshod over the whole of earthly existence at present, with our tacit permission, I might add.
    There may well be agents at play who are working diligently to avert the destruction of the earth and humanity, but up to this moment and for the last few years, any actions that may have been taken or claimed to have been taken have not materialized in any definite or provable way. I truly hope that we do have such able beings working in this way. We certainly are in need of a boost of some kind. Sadly, it seems that deception is coming from every direction now, so discernment is becoming more difficult as it becomes more necessary. But that’s not really the point, is it?
    What is an evolution? In particular, what is an evolution of consciousness? I think I described what I believe it to be in the above paragraphs. So is this objective accomplished by any form of cocooning that leaves it all up to someone else to achieve? How is my consciousness expanded by the actions of someone else? That is more the condition of childhood, dependency.
    Of course, it is also possible that we must be somewhat less constrained in order to move forward on our own initiative. In other words, we must be at least minimally enabled. This is not an unreasonable argument for the necessity of extraordinary help, wherever it may come from. If we do receive such help, I sincerely hope that we recognize the point at which we no longer require it and return to self-determination, a condition of the human civilization which arguably does not now exist. I also hope that this danger of increased dependency is recognized by those who would claim to “help us” and will act compassionately to wean us from it as soon as possible.
    [Note: there is plenty of evidence that we are getting such help. For instance, I consider it nothing short of a miracle that we haven’t blown ourselves up yet. The other stuff we’ll have to also cheer for, but like I just said, that’s not the point I’m trying to make here. This is an argument for participation, vigilance and diligence.]

    But consider this: the present state of the world, one of increasingly more fascist governments; military dominance; drowning pools of legislation; dumbed down education and health systems; careless degradation of our air, water, soil, food, minds and bodies; pervasive surveillance of the general population under the pretense of national security; genetically modified and patented organisms for the sake of profit; transhumanism; weather control; chemtrails; Haarp; disinformation and false history; multiple secret and compartmented agencies of control and more control; war, war, war; all of this has come about as a result of our constant acquiescence to social conditioning disguised as help, protection, improvement, something we are led to believe we cannot live without, something that will remove the threats to our survival. You get the idea.
    In the end each of these things has only led to worsening conditions in almost every area. Even in those areas that we believe that not to be true, where convenience, entertainment, or technology advantages seem to justify the course of action taken, if we truly examine the nature of these developments, we see that there has been an insidious movement towards ever greater dependency. If one is dependent, the one who he depends upon has control over the fate of the dependant to that extent. Power, at least in a worldly sense, is created by this kind of control.

    (It is noteworthy here to mention that statutory law has the opposite value to freedom that common law has, in that statutory law seeks to limit your freedoms while posing as a form of protection, while common law recognizes and gives credit to individual responsibility as essential to freedom and sees intervention in human activity that is not provably harmful by knowledge and intention as basically unlawful. In other words, statutory law is unlawful because it breaks common law or natural law. This is my view of things. We will soon, I hope, be having a worldwide debate on this topic. If we don’t, we will constantly be hamstrung by false laws as we attempt to recover our freedoms, which is nothing less than resuming responsibility for our own growth, evolution, or expansion of consciousness.)

    Dependency is the opposite of consciousness expansion, in my opinion. Dependency on laws, governments, institutions, organized religions, false prophets, or what have you, is to an evolving being as an over-bearing or abusive mother is to a stunted child.
    Please don’t misunderstand me. I don’t mean to say that sharing and interdependence are not valuable, desirable aspects of society. In fact, these things are reflections of our recognition of our connectedness and a desire to include others, to cooperate, especially if such characteristics exist from a stance of mutual value and compassion rather than, for instance, some hierarchical organizational advantage.
    The danger is that we don’t recognize the difference between dependency and cooperation towards common goals. Failing to recognize this will leave us open to evermore manipulation and deception at the hands of those who know very well what they want and the part they want you to play in it.
    If this is all well in hand and being taken care of by unseen allies, then perhaps we may get away with a “wait and see” posture. But surely there is nothing lost by paying attention or by attempting to understand where we are being taken. As a child grows up, she comes to understand that her life is best led by learning, by accumulating sufficient knowledge to make decisions that will improve the quality of her life. She then recognizes an essential responsibility to herself. To the extent that this is not achieved, this child will acquiesce to greater dependence. Metaphorically, this is what I believe humanity in general has done or allowed. In fact, I believe that this is the essential lesson facing us now. It is a choice whether or not to grow up or to allow others to dictate our fate. The view of this fate from here is not good. However, I believe that, should we accept the challenge and our own responsibility for ourselves, the smaller as well as the expanded versions, then we have a real chance of turning it around and making the world we have all dreamed of at one time or another.
    While it is understandable that an overload of information, most of which may be completely false, may overwhelm you or deplete your energy, I don’t think this is sufficient reason to ignore real information or not to gather it in an intelligent filtering process. As I defined it above, I believe self-awareness and worldly awareness to be closely related. To ignore the world as it is is not a practice of self-enlightenment. It is more akin to turning off the lights in your dirty, smelly kitchen, something you can do something about, and turning on a weak flashlight so that you can observe the beautiful flowers in your neighbour’s beautiful yard.
    Fear is certainly a weapon of controllers, but I think the objective of fear-based control is equally served in the avoidance of the source of it as it is by shriveling in the face of it or wallowing in it. In any of these cases, effective response is absent.

    So, back to the original question: Why do I think these messages are important?
    For one thing, they are a means of engaging you in my own process as well as the one we are all sharing as (somewhat) conscious beings on the planet. As this process unfolds, we will become more aware and responsible for the outcomes, or we will continue to retreat from a clear view of ourselves and our role in the unfolding. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you see it, there is no way not to participate. We will share the world in whatever condition we bring it to.
    While I take the greater world into account, I have my own particular focus and views. I analyze and interpret things. This interpretation is subject to judgement, knowledge, and availability of accurate information, some or all of which may be absent at any given time. That’s not much of an incentive to pay attention, I admit, but it still represents my best input and I see this input as the most important role I can play at this time.

    I tend to focus on financial affairs because that is the area that most people seem to be having trouble understanding and it is abundantly clear to most that this is the area where control over us all is chiefly exercised. It is also the area that can be the most confusing and where we are very likely to be misled.
    My intention is to help us avoid distraction and misdirection when certain “solutions” are put forward, from whatever quarter. A source that you may trust may still be false. Our sense of justice and faith in those we trust may be offended, but the fact remains that we are prone to believe things that are not true, usually because we so much want to believe them. That tendency is at the core of our predicament now. It’s how we came to be in this mess. Faith in the false: false religion, false science, false history, and false leaders in every field, dedicated to perpetuating the false in order to take advantage of our tendency to believe the false because it sounds so good. What do you think? Does that sound about right to you?

    If we can achieve clarity about the ways we are being deceived and how we have allowed ourselves to be deceived, then I think it will be clearer to us how we may actually remedy our condition. For me, this starts with an understanding of how the monetary system has been the primary tool in our enslavement to meaningless ways of living, in service to nothing and absent of true meaning.
    We are so far removed from our own natures that, even when we finally remove the impediments to our real advancement, it may take some time to re-discover our purpose. Be that as it may, we will never achieve our potential under a system that creates scarcity and pits all of us against one another in an artificial economy of advantage and combat.
    The true benefit of a just economy goes far beyond our collective physical well-being and equality as human beings. In my opinion, it is an essential first step towards the goal of our evolution- full conscious awareness of who and what we really are.

    • Jean says:

      Rance, I wrote you a very long response in thanks for your sharing here and in an effort to support your wrods. It managed to totally disappear! I’m sorry about that, but these crazy things keep happening at the moment, and I’ve learned I must flow with them. Hugs, ~Jean

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