REPOST – view it quickly!

Did FBI Fake LaVoy Finicum Shooting Video ???

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  2. Tracy says:

    So does this mean Mr. Finicum is alive? This video is leading us to deduce it [the whole stand off] was “all” just a false-flag?? Do I recall seeing an article on Jim Freestone at the start of this stand-off that said the same thing?? (I can’t seem to find it)
    Can someone please help me out? Thank you 🙂

    • Jean says:

      NO, he is dead – in cold blood, but the facts as they are presenting them are total lies! Hugs, ~Jean

    • Tracy says:

      Thanks Jean, I got it now “the usual suspects” responsible for this murder of Mr. Finicum – aka: foreign agents who work for D.C. trying to cover their hiney (and as usual doing a lousy job at that – thank goodness for us). The truth be told.

  3. Peter Eyre says:

    I feel that this could well be a false flag event……..Finicum swerves left to avoid the road block ahead and then one person moves out of the road block directly into the path of his vehicle which is now traveling almost sideways. Finicum came very close to sideswiping that person but did not have control of his vehicle and thus could not be blamed.
    Finicum get out with his hands raised and walk back……and yes he reaches down a couple of times and one can see a policeman approach from the road block with his gun raised at Finicum…..however, and this is really strange……somewhere in the forest coverage to the left appears another cop/person who was some distance away from the road block suddenly appears from nowhere and walks towards Finicum with his left arm at full extension and yet does not appear to be taking aim in the conventional way….more like a taser…..he then lowers his left arm and appears to drag whatever it was in the snow and then moved forward and crouch…….as the aircraft camera pans around the back of the road block one can clearly see the footprints of the guy that nearly got hit by Finicum’s car and also the footprints in the snow showing Finicums movement from the car to when he dropped down. My question would now have to be…..who was the guy who came from within the forest and not the road block? Why are there no additional footprints to show his movement from the roadblock into the forest………no doubt they would say he had just walked into the forest to have a pee!!!!…come on folks something rather strange happened and who knows what……maybe he was tasered……freeze frame it and watch for yourself and also ask why at the critical moment of avoiding the road block did the camera go off scene and then have to refocus…..looks like a classical false flag……who was Finicum anyway? Could all of this have been a staged event?…..we will never know

    Peter Eyre

  4. Deborah says:

    Oregon standoff, new info
    I ignored several reports on this until this was sent to me, which sums it all up extremely well:

  5. Deborah says:

    Special Agent in Charge of Oregon Occupation Greg Bretzing Linked to National Security Breach, Fraud and Corruption in Salt Lake City

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    Good Monday Morning to Everyone!
    Here is an analysis of the edited video by US Federal government elements… What does this say to you…
    Edward freeman whoRU reidhead

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